Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Police Officer Related DV Death of Leslie Morin


Sometimes police officers break the law. On Monday, December 12, 2011 Jose Gonzales III, an officer with the Alice, Texas police department broke the law in a big way. He committed the ultimate sin. Murder. Jose was dressed for work when he drove to the home in Annaville where his ex girlfriend and common law spouse Leslie Morin was staying with her son and mother. Leslie and her mom hid in the closet when Jose arrived but he broke the door and entered the home, pulled her from the closet and shot her numerous times before taking their 8-year-old son and leaving. Leslie had left Jose, ending their relationship approximately two weeks earlier.

Gonzales fled to a home in Alice but LE was able to talk him into freeing the child and finally giving himself up to them. He exited the home with hands in the air to face his punishment. At least he gave up voluntarily and didn't start a gunfight with other officers. Or shoot himself.

Leslie's father, a pastor, has allegedly stated the family has forgiven Jose. I wonder if Leslie's mother is included in that statement. I don't know if I could. Her daughter was shot in front of her. Multiple times. That's rage. Allegedly no known domestic violence happened in the couple’s home prior to Leslie’s leaving. But surely something happened to cause her to fear for her life and leave. Subtle hints from him perhaps?

Jose Gonzales has been charged in the murder and given $250,000 bail. He, according to his lawyer, can't afford that bail. Good! The lawyer says Jose is still in shock and is emotional. Yeah, well, his son and Leslie's other child are likely still in shock and emotional also. Too late for regrets Mr. Gonzales!

Friday, November 4, 2011

The You Shoot Me, I'll Shoot You Back . . . Later, Mindset


I get upset anytime I read of children being the innocent victim of violence. Drive by shootings happens daily across this country. Durham, NC is no exception and that was proven in a harsh and violent way recently.

On the afternoon of Oct 23 Troy Lee Howard and two children 1-year-old Au-Nestii Hagans and 3-year-old Anaryiion Hagan were struck by bullets in a shooting on Driver Street. The children were inside their home and Howard was outside at a neighbor’s home. When police arrived they were told '3 masked men' drove up in a car and began shooting. However, at that time the police did not know if Howard was the intended victim or not.

Apparently a few days earlier on Oct 17, Tavarez Brown of Spruce Street was on Fern Street when he was the target of a shooting. Allegedly the shooting was perpetrated by John Tarver. So Brown decided you shoot me, I'll shoot you back. Later. So, on the Oct 23rd Tavarex Brown allegedly gathered his buddies, Jaunarais King and Arthur Clendenning and drove over to Driver Street and began shooting at John Tarver. The bullets missed Tarver but did hit the 2 children who were inside their nearby home. John Tarver shot back but his bullet struck Troy Lee Howard instead of his intended victims.

Residents of the neighborhood complained that shootings were becoming commonplace yet noone would give names of anyone who could have been involved. When police made a public plea -Help us help you - they received tips of possible shooters’ names.

Now, after the arrest of the alleged shooters, it seems a cousin of the victim Troy Howard says Arthur Clendenning was not a part of the foray of the 23rd. Allegedly Clendenning was at a home across the street from the Hangan's house. Even mom of the children. Dominique Hagans, says he couldn't have been one of the 3 shooters in the car because he was with her sister across the street and was the one who called to report the shooting. (Okay fine, but was he involved any way in some other manner such as contacting Brown and advising Tarver was outside his home?) I'd like to know how long he had been at Chandria Myers home. Had he arrived at the time the shootings happened or was there already? He could've been in the car, exited, then hotfooted it over to Myers home to make himself a part of an after the fact reaction and not the shooting action. Remember folks LE was told the day of the incident there were 3 Masked Men in the car - So if it wasn't Clendenning in the car, who else was involved?

The sad fact of all this is, all four of the accused have previous convictions on drug charges and Arthur Clendenning, Tavarez Brown and Jaunarais King also have convictions for carrying a concealed weapon. Brown was convicted of a couple assault charges previously. He was on probation. John Tarver was also on probation. Had all four still been in jail perhaps these children and Mr. Howard would not have been shot.

Even sadder is that two small babies were victims’ of others violent lifestyles. I am glad Mrs. Hagans is moving her children away from that street. They need to move forward and not be afraid in their home. I 100% agree with her comment as stateed in
- "People just need to sit down and think about their actions sometimes. They actually don't affect (just) themselves. They affect other people (and) other people's families and children."

I'm also glad tips came in to police. I hope each of those involved goes to prison and serves a long full sentencing term without parole and is not given a short term sentence then probation. It's time to stop the violence in that neighborhood. Apparently two previous shootings occurred there over last 6 months when the victims were sitting on their porches. The residents need to move past this, whether Clendennings is an innocent bystander of the incident where Howard and the children were shot or not. He has a violent past so let him deal with his own legal problems and take back your streets! Gather neighbors and friends and make a pack to involve police with cleaning up the neighborhood of violent offenders. Keep the tips coming. Make it known, If you come on our street, to our neighborhood with your weapons and intent to harm, we'll turn you over to police - Then you are on your own. If the people believe Clendenning wasn't one of the shooters and knows who the alleged 3rd person in the car was, they need to call LE and advise them. After all, the police can't read minds. Let the cops do their job.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Topeka 8

The past few days I have been unable to put feelings in word with this horrific event. Even now, I feel I haven't expressed myself the way I want over this. I feel I could never really do so but thought I must try to at least say something on the matter - for the victims’ sake.

Due to all I have read and heard about the sham of a city council and the mayor I call these 8 persons ‘Enablers’. ( And it’s hard to call them persons) They need tee-shirts printed, declaring ‘I am one of the Topeka 8 - You Do Not Count. The 8 are facilitators of domestic violence and in essence have become abusers themselves. It’s not alleged but a fact -the vote the 8 cast this month takes away the victims’ right to assistance with the horrors they face. It’s said 30 abuse suspects were freed after the decriminalizing of domestic violence. And I am angry.  I hope the citizens of Shawnee County, Kansas are angry too. I have a right through the constitution to speak my opinion of these ‘things’ called Topeka mayor and council members and I am doing so. You, too, have a right to contact them and speak your anger about this demoralizing victims of domestic violence. The victims have been thrown to the wolves.

I laughed when I googled Topeka, Kansas and came across their city government pages.

Here is a list of what is on the page listed above:

Types of crime we can offer assistance with:

Domestic Violence
Identity Theft
Sexual Violence
Criminal Damage
Child Abuse
Hate Crimes
Workplace Violence

All the above can be struck through. Because You Do Not Matter. This list needs to be wiped off the web page because it’s a farce. None of the list is applicable now, not since the Topeka 8 legalized domestic violence in the name of allegedly saving money. Each one of the crimes listed are part of how abusers operate. Not all abusers, but far too many to not strike through the crimes listed. Women and children of Topeka Kansas and yes, even men are no longer protected.

I cringe when I think of a child in Topeka crying because mommy and daddy, or mom and her boyfriend are screaming at each other. I think, maybe the abuser hitting the child’s mommy- demoralizing her verbally as mom cringes in a corner. I think of an elderly person silently screaming inside, why are you doing this to me? I wonder if she is thinking, I am your mother while she is being screamed at, threatened or hit. Perhaps both the child or elderly citizen reaches for a phone then yanks their hand back as if being struck by lightning because it dawns on them- There’s No One to Help. No One Cares. I Do Not Count. You want the names of the Topeka 8 abusers who do not care about the children or elderly, nor the spouses, girlfriend/boyfriend who are abused? Warning! Be ready to be shocked, Women Are On The List. Go Here:

Keep this abuse by the mayor and members of the city council forefront in the news. Do Not Forget come election time.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Religiously Motivated Medical Deaths Among Children

There is a tension between competing rights in cases that involve faith-based medical treatments. The First Amendment declares religious liberty and the states' duty to protect the welfare of children are competing issues. As advances in medicine evolved into an accepted science, claims of religious liberties became more prominent. With time, public views on the matter have supported that the courts are the place to solve such matters; particularly when they result in the death of a child. Subsequently, the court has become the foundation on which these tensions are resolved, or in many states, unresolved. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, nearly 30 states have specific exemption laws that permit parents to allow their children to die if they were using prayer as treatment. You don't need to have a criminal justice degree to understand the complications that this controversial topic has caused within the legal system of America.

Although public consensus seems to favor decisions of the courts to punish these parents, there are many places in the United States where the laws simply do not support that opinion. This is a cause for concern in the state of Idaho where two children have recently died as a result of faith-based healing beliefs.

In fact, according to an online article from the KATU by Dan Tilkin, in March of 2011, two very sick children died in Caldwell, Idaho. The children were from two separate families and likely died from pneumonia, although the medical examiner is not sure since they were never actually taken to a doctor. The article stated that “for more than 99 percent of the community of Idaho, not taking their children to a doctor when he or she is sick could be considered a crime.” For one group, however, it is perfectly legal in Idaho for parents to choose prayer as treatment for sick children, even if they are gravely ill. If the child dies, the parents are not prosecuted. Idaho is not the only state that has been in the news for children falling victim to their family's belief system.

The same issue surfaced in Oregon in 1998. Reports from an Oregon newspaper reported that of 78 children buried in the Followers of Christ church graveyard, 21 most likely would have lived with medical treatment; something as simple as a prescription for antibiotics. The cemetery may represent one of the biggest concentrations of faith-healing related fatalities in decades.

However, the laws are changing in Oregon. In the past two years, Oregon has prosecuted two couples for failing to provide medical care for dying children. Two other couples are currently awaiting trial for criminal mistreatment and second-degree manslaughter. It has taken decades, but the state is finally addressing the issue of neglect among faith-healing parents. Both prosecutors and lawmakers endorsed a bill on Feb. 21, 2011 that removes special protections for parents who use faith-healing instead of providing medical treatment for their children. The bill was a response to the aforementioned Followers of Christ, an Oregon church with a long history of children dying from treatable medical conditions. On March 10, 2011, the bill passed unanimously.

To have children die needlessly in a society that has become so medically advance seems counterproductive. Although we do have religious freedom and the right to choose, many of these children do not have the mental capacity or the ability to choose for themselves. They can make that choice as adults. Meanwhile states should protect these children just as they protect the lives of every other resident of the state. All in all, its important to be respectful to a group's religious beliefs, but when it can become a danger to an individual or members of society sometimes actions must be made.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bill Phillips and Fred Bailey's Domestic Abuse Assaults

These victims certainly need Time’s Up: A guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships by: Susan Murphy Milano

Bill Phillips was arrested for domestic assault Saturday, August 7, 2011. Seems Mr. Phillips didn’t want to leave the home after an argument and his wife asked him to because he proceeded to physically struggle with his brother. Mr. Phillips was summarily taken to jail and placed under a 10,000. dollar bond. The sad news is, allegedly Phillips’ son advised them he was scared his dad would get his guns and he feared for his own safety. Mr. Phillips had done so in the past apparently.

After his arrest, and free on bond Phillips went back to his wife’s home. This time he didn’t hang around to battle; he took her car without her permission. Again, LE was contacted and they came to the rescue. The police were still at the residence when Bill Phillips called his wife. Phillips allegedly seemed distraught (poor guy) and threatened to kill himself. The police put out a call to be on the lookout for him. He was spotted in Union Co., and police followed him to a bridge where he stopped the car, exited and proceeded to climb over the railing. An officer was able to get close enough and grab him before he jumped. Phillips was again charged, this time in Union Co., with Violation of Conditional Release then taken to the hospital for a possible mental evaluation. (Yep, mental evaluation - that works to solve the problem every time! Yes. I am being sarcastic.)

Mr. Phillips is an ex school board member. Sure glad to see he is an ex! I wouldn’t want such a man (I hesitantly use ‘man’ there) deciding anything connected to my children’s schooling.

Hopefully when he is released from the hospital his bond will be forfeited and his wife and son can breathe a sigh of safety relief. But I certainly will not hold my breath to see if that happens. Mr. Phillips allegedly has committed domestic abuse in the past: he also, allegedly had issues with drugs in both Knox and Union Counties. He admitted taking Ambien pills and Lexipro the day of the DV incidents.

Equally important is that it seems domestic assault in Knox Co. TN is nothing more than a misdemeanor!

I give you the alleged case of Fred Bailey's intimate partner assault as an example.

Fred Bailey and his girlfriend, Kelly Hoffman, began arguing in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Aug 9, 2011. Kelly attempted to leave the motel where they lived but Fred prevented her from doing so. At some point that day she was able to lock herself in a room but Fred’s anger allegedly hadn’t abated so he kicked the door in causing bodily injury to her and causing her to have seizures. Later that day, Kelly was able to escape and asked a neighbor for help. Police were called and Kelly was transported to the hospital. Mr. Bailey fled, allegedly taking a shotgun and 22 rifle with him behind the motel where he crawled under a camper.

LE called in K-9 but when the dog bit him, he threatened to shoot the dog. The standoff began and negotiators talked with him for around two hours before he gave up. Fred Bailey was taken for treatment for the dog bite then to jail and charged with domestic assault. He was placed on a 15,000. dollar conditional bond but didn’t bond out. (guess he was broke) Bailey goes for arraignment today but - What court division will he be taken too? Misdemeanor! What happened to the threatening an officer? ( A K-9 dog is a police officer too.) What happened to flight from arrest? Since when is domestic assault of any kind a misdemeanor?

A domestic assault that caused bodily injury is more than a misdemeanor to me! And I just bet many victims who have been physically harmed during an intimate partner violence attack would beg to differ with it being considered a misdemeanor too!

Please someone advise Bill Phillips’ spouse and Kelly Hoffman about Time’s Up. Susan Murphy Milano’s book is a roadmap for assistance with how to safely remove yourself (and your children) from toxic intimate partner relationships. It can help save lives!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Alleged 'Twilight Rapist' Billy Joe Harris Is Going on Trial


Billy Joe Harris, the accused Texas Twilight Rapist, is headed to trial in Jackson County, Texas. He is charged with rape of a 59 year-old disabled woman on January 8, 2011; and he’s charged with home invasion of that home; also a home burglary where evidence was recovered from December 4, 2010.

On September 12, 2011 jury selection will begin. This is his first trial and hopefully will set the tide flow for others to come. Harris’ lawyer, Alan Cohen, for the Jackson Co., trial is wanting DNA samples reexamined. Cohen is questioning the chain of custody handling of the samples and wondering if there could be contamination.  DNA has linked Harris to 6 of the rapes of elderly women in Texas. He is also charged with numerous counts of home invasion, burglary, and assault. His alleged crime spree of terrorizing elderly citizens spanned 2 years and through 9 counties, from Jan 21 2009 until his capture Jan 8 2011.  DNA and other forensic evidence were collected at numerous scenes; which is a good thing since the victims are elderly and their memories could naturally fade. The DNA links him to five of the assaults in Bell, Falls, and Leon counties and in Yoakum. Yoakum is where the first rape occurred on January 21, 2009. His second alleged rape in Yoakum in Feb of 2009 is when they collected DNA samples.

Oddly, Mr. Harris worked for the prison system in Texas for years so he should’ve known crime doesn’t pay. He was a food service manager and corrections’ officer for different TX prisons between 1999 through 2010. I don’t think if he is found guilty of crimes in which he is accused his food service business will be responsible for seeing he’s well fed. When Harris was in court recently for the Falls County charges he allegedly yelled bible verses and rolled his head. ( An insanity attempt? Remember, Harris allegedly told Quanell X that someone apparently broke into his home and stole his clothing then spread his DNA all over the place. I say he can play dumb-dumb if he wants, I have no sympathy for him)

His Falls County lawyers’ Hoagie Karels and Stan Schwieger entered not guilty pleas to the charges. All his lawyers in each town and county have an uphill battle, (hopefully a losing one) DNA, forensic evidence and the fact missing items from the home invasions were discovered in Harris’ home screams guilt to me.

Yoakum, TX seemed to be the Twilight Rapist favorite crime center. In that town alone he had allegedly perpetrated 2 rapes, an assault, 3 home invasions and 2 attempted burglaries. In the rape of Feb 27 2009 and the assault on November 9, 2009 DNA was collected. Allegedly one victim in Yoakum is also the one raped on 2 different occasions and it’s believed he attempted a third attack but she had moved. All the rapist victims were between 59 and 91-years-old.

my previous post on Twilight Rapist:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Two Recent Cases: Spouse/Boyfriend Allegedly Couldn't or Didn't Want To Let Go


In Houston, TX at the home of Robyn Hightower, a 22 year-old mother of 3, an apparent argument broke out over the phone between her and her abusive boyfriend, Ervin Jones, of several years. It’s said Robin wanted to end the relationship and move on with her life. Allegedly Ervin wasn't wanting to let go and later that same night stormed into the home. It’s said that another argument ensued and several shots were fired, one hit Robyn in the chest, causing her death. Ervin fled the scene.

Robyn's brother, standing outside the home with the children, heard the gunshots and ran into the home. Robyn was lying on her stomach in a pool of blood. He grabbed his sister up and rushed her to the hospital but she died a little later.

Ervin was later discovered at a gas station with a gunshot wound and was transported to the hospital. Whether or not he was accidentally shot during a struggle or deliberately is unknown. But one weapon was found inside the home. He was charged with murder in Robyn’s death. Ervin has a long history of violence, including assault of 2 female family members and murder of a man in 1989.


A mother of 2 and school teacher, Irene Mickens, had apparently filed for divorce from her controlling husband in hopes of moving on with her life. But, ( the buts always show up) on Tuesday July 12, 2011, her estranged husband and father of her 7 and 5 year old children, called her. Allegedly he told Irene in that call their daughter was seriously ill. Irene drove to his apartment in Sandy Springs but her daughter wasn't there, Jamal Mickens was and he had a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun.

Both their bodies were later found. Irene had been shot in the head.

Of note: I think Jamal and Irene's relationship was doomed from the beginning. He allegedly controlled her movements, who she was in contact with and who she couldn't see. She had filed for divorce and a restraining order in 2009 but had stopped it and tried to make a go of their marriage. Jamal had gone to anger management classes.

But back in November of 2010 she decided it was over and again filed for divorce. At that time she moved in with her sister in Charlotte and began putting the pieces of her life back together.

Both of these cases are tragic and examples of how bad relationships spin out of control. Had both read and utilized Time's Up: A guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships by Susan Murphy Milano just maybe their lives could've been saved. Why is it always too late? This book needs to be available to all victims and/or potential victims of domestic violence.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

James David Clarke and the Alleged Murder of Amber Chantel Elkins


Amber Chantel Elkins, a 20-year-old mother from Spring, Texas has been missing since July 24, 2011. Events in the search for her moved quickly.

On Monday July 25, 2011 in the early morning hour (around 3:30 a.m..) Amber’s mother, Shani Kilpatrick received a call from Amber’s cell phone but allegedly said she missed the call because she was asleep. She called the number back about an hour later and a man answered but hung up and turned the phone off. ( one report says Amber’s father received a call from her Sun evening and when he tried to call her back got no answer) After the hang up call Shani received strange text messages from someone saying they were Amber and stated she needed gas money.

Later that morning a man contacted LE to report a vehicle with a window smashed out and blood inside parked at a car wash. As law enforcement began searching for the owner they discovered it was registered to Amber and she was due in court Monday and had not shown. Amber was in a custody battle with Frank Ferrata for her 9- month-old daughter, Ava Nicole. Frank said that it’s heartbreaking because Ava calls for her mama and is too young to understand. He and Amber had lived in Midway, TX until she moved back to the Houston area.

Amber also had a new boyfriend named James David Clark, age 31, and on Saturday, July 30, 2011 Harris County law enforcement arrested him and charged him in her death. The police say they have enough evidence to charge him.

James Clarke allegedly has a long history with LE dating back several years.

At this time, Amber’s body hasn’t been found. But, Texas Equusearch has been in Spring and Humble doing an extensive search for her. The search status has changed from missing person search to recovery.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Alleged Attack by Steven Ford on Ladonia Burns


Steven Ford broke the glass door to gain entry after stomping a puppy to death and brutally attacked his girlfriend, Ladonia Burns. His brutality was, according to him, because she wouldn’t go get him more beer. He used knives to hold her hostage, beat her about her head and could’ve drowned her when he stuck her head in the toilet tank. Ford admitted to breaking in the door and ‘stepping’ on the puppy but had the nerve to blame his violence on alcohol!

There is no excuse Mr. Ford!

Mrs. Burns said beer wasn’t mentioned, he came home and began demanding she obey him. She said she went into the house. And that was when he stomped the puppy’s head, broke the glass door in front of her home, and attacked her. Mrs. Burns said he was also threatening to kill her and he may have done so if her parents hadn’t arrived.

Steven Ford is charged with assault and domestic violence. But, I sure hope they add animal abuse to those charges. He’s under a 50,000 dollar bond. I pray Ford doesn’t bond out, go whining back apologetically and her take him back. Sadly, that has happened in many cases after attacks of domestic violence even when it's as vicious as this alleged attack. Please someone purchase a copy of a book for her called: Time’s Up: A guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships by Susan Murphy Milano

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Don't Hate Casey


Yes. She, the most hated woman in America, is free. But is she? She is Free from the early morning wake up, eating at a certain time, showering only when told, living in a very small room with bars for doors. She isn't free in the sense of true freedom; she will never be. What she is, is hated throughout America and other countries by extreme numbers of people. She can't really 'Be Free'. Of course media would give a mint to have her as their talk show guest or be allowed that a private interview but I don't see that happening as it did with OJ. I don’t see it happening for a very long time.

I will not call Casey a murderer or a killer; she wasn't legally found to be one. But, I don’t call her innocent either. The verdict and the definition of innocent aren’t the same; it’s simply unproven.

I refuse to fall into that ‘I Hate Casey’ fan club. Do I apologize for it? No. I can sleep at night without thinking of unmentionable things I’d like happen to her. I do hate that Caylee died and will never grow to become a woman, to cry and laugh or feel love and hate herself. I hate that images of a skull and duct tape, a hair mass and a child's playhouse are forever imbedded in my mind.  But then, so is an image of 4-year-old, Sean Paddock, with blankets wrapped so tightly around him and duct taped (so they would stay put) he couldn’t breathe and suffocated. I don't hate Lynn Paddock either; hate simply isn't something I feel.

I do call Lynn Paddock a murderer. She was legally found to be one.

I certainly don’t wish Casey harm. I don't want innocents harmed by some crazy minded ‘I Hate Casey’ person who tries to kill her. (Just as the woman in OK was attacked because she resembled Casey and a dumb person thought she ‘was Casey’ then tried to harm her.) A form of hate such as that is defeatism and, to me, puts those people in the same category as the person they hate. I don't want to socialize with Casey or have her live in my neighborhood but I don't want her dead. I want her to live with herself.

And live with herself she eventually will.

The media attention will die. It'll die after a new hated person comes along and commits an unmentionable crime. That will happen because media attention will focus on the new hated person and she will fall into the recesses of memory. Of course as with OJ every book that is written will be major news for a while but as with OJ trial the attention with that, too, will only last a few days. (Image the hordes who would flock back over to the ‘I Hate Misty’ thread if Haleigh Cummings’ body was found.) Scratch that because Misty wouldn’t become a replacement because she was hated even as I hate Casey grew to insurmountable odds and she is still hated. Comparisons would be made to the two. Talk about no conscience, and yes, more of the pathological liar debates would ensue. 

No. I don't Hate Casey Anthony. I am one of the minority.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cases I have blogged on set for jury Trial


I’ve been trying not to write any new post about other alleged killers because I have been watching the activity concerning previous cases I’ve written about on my site. I pray for justice for all these victims.

Those coming to trial this year is: Curtis Leon Copeland, Christopher Ray Shockley, Tony Randall Woods

Curtis Leon Copeland
Capital Murder of a person under six years of age
Copeland’s trial is set for August 15, 2011
Victim: Jessie F. Fisher, age 3.
Died: March 31, 2010 in Fort Worth, TX after a short stay in the hospital suffering from a head injury, a broken vertebra, a broken hip, bruises all over his body and sexual assault.

My post on Copeland and Sharon Nicole Worthy (Sharon’s trial date hasn’t been set):


Ray Christopher Shockley
First Degree Murder
Trial date: Sept 19, 2011
Victim: Tonya Michelle Turnmire
Reported missing: June 4, 2010 Albertville, Alabama
(body found Sun June 20 2010 wrapped in blanket and air mattress)

My post on Tonya’s murder:


Tony Randall Woods
Capital Murder
Trial Date: Oct. 17, 2011
Victim: Tammie Woods (spouse)
Death Date: July 13, 2010 Gravely Springs, Alabama

My post on Tammie’s murder:

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jason Young: A Chameleon In Hush Puppies?


A chameleon was allegedly what Allen Fisher, Michelle’s father, called Jason. He is to have said Jason was what you wanted him to be.

I have to wonder if his feet hurt during those hours Jason Young allegedly stayed at the motel in Virginia. When they photographed his feet, he had blisters on them and that, according to a podiatrist, is usually from wearing improperly sized shoes. Was he wearing his size 12 Hush Puppies then or the alleged size 10 shoes? I don’t know. (Well at least we won’t hear tales of Bruno Magli shoes!) They discovered bloody prints of Hush Puppies and size 10 Franklin athletic at the crime scene on Birchleaf Drive in Raleigh, NC where he’d resided with his wife.

The Hampton Inn in Hillsville, Virginia was where Jason Lynn Young says he was at the time his wife, Michelle Fischer Young, was brutally murdered. But, he is seen leaving a side door heading toward a stairway exit of that motel around 11:58 PM on November 2 2006 and at or about that same time he allegedly made a phone call. And a newspaper carrier saw an SUV that looked similar to Jason’s vehicle parked near the Young’s home at an angle like it was there to load or unload something. This sighting was between 4 and 5 AM on November 3. The carrier also stated all the inside and outside home lights were on, which was unusual.

Security camera videos in the lobby area show him twice wearing ‘different clothes’ within hours of each other. (Hmm, another flashback there, Nelson Serrano was twice seen on lobby security cameras in Atlanta, GA., only he was wearing same clothing!) The first viewing of Jason was 10:49 to 10:51 PM and he was wearing a light colored, long-sleeve pullover shirt with buttons. Another viewing shows him wearing different clothing. Still, at 11:59 pm they see him again in the front desk area wearing a dark colored long-sleeve pullover with a lighter colored thin stripe on the chest area. And he is headed toward the side entrance on the southern end.

However, it seems the hotel exit door from the southern end (which led to the parking lot) was kept open by a rock (Blast, yet another flashback! Does Misty Cummings and the brick ring a bell?). These videos were from November 2 2006 and November 3 2006, the latter was the day Michelle’s body was discovered. Also on that fateful day of November 3 it was dicovered that someone had pointed the security camera, that would’ve shown who used the stairwell, up toward the ceiling. So anyone going up or down the stairs couldn’t be seen.

The state contends that Jason Young left Virginia, drove back to his home in NC, heavily medicated his 2-year-old daughter with a liquid extra strength adult Tylenol (her DNA was found on the dropper) then brutally beat his pregnant wife to death in their bedroom. They discovered two different bloody shoe prints on a bed pillow. I look for defense to heavily question this evidence and use the 911 call where her sister states she moved a pillow. One was from a Franklin style athletic shoe which had a number 10 inside in the bloody print; they declared the other print unidentifiable until 2008 when it was found to be a Hush Puppies brand shoe. The Hush Puppies style had been discontinued and could have been either a ‘Sealy’ or ‘Bellvile’ model of the Hush Puppies. Later discovered was that the out sole design of the shoes was also used in the Hush Puppies ‘Orbital’ model. Records show that Michelle and Jason purchased a pair of Orbital Hush Puppies In July 2005; these shoes were size 12. We know he was back at the hotel at 7:40 AM November 3 because he made a call to Meredith Fisher at 7:40 AM.

Other conundrums in this case are at the crime scene. When Meredith Fisher received a call from Jason asking she go to his and Michelle’s residence and check for fax printouts about a purse he’d purchased, she did so. The purse allegedly was bought as a belated anniversary gift for Michelle.
(How sweet of him to consider giving his wife an alleged non existent purse since he was allegedly having an affair and phoned or text his mistress 980 times within a month from Oct 4 2006 and Nov 3 2006. )

Back to the conundrums, when Meredith arrived at Birchleaf Drive she discovered Michelle dead and tiny footprints all over the bedroom, she also found the baby under the sheets of her mother’s bed. Michelle’s baby girl had apparently walked all around her mother’s deceased decomposing body and the room. Of course Meredith called 911. Over the next few days, weeks, months and years police discovered more about what had taken place in and outside the home prior to and before the murder. One conundrum was the bloody shoe prints on the pillow. Another was the amount of blood in the bathroom and a trace of blood found on the hallway carpet between the baby’s bedroom and Michelle’s bathroom.

Also, a set of Meredith’s car keys was found on the hood of Michelle’s car parked in the garage. They discovered Michelle’s car keys in the kitchen on a counter. And too, bloody shoe prints were found on planks of the deck boards and these prints were from a Franklin athletic shoe.

Even more confusion is that the baby’s feet had little to no signs of blood on her feet when she was found inside the home with her deceased mother.

Much evidence will be heard in this trial. Including eye witness account of Jason purchasing gas but driving off without getting his $5.00 change. And evidence of Jason’s DNA on the master bedroom wall sixteen inches from the floor and that could show it was put there as he and Michelle fought during the beating. Also, his DNA was found on a jewelry box. Computer evidence will be a big part of the trial also since Jason allegedly did searches on anatomy of a knockout, head trauma knockout, right posterior parietal occipital region, and ischemia. The one he should have carefully read (if he’s the killer) was the search query on ‘divorce.’ I’ll be interested how many clicks he made on that particular search and how long he stayed on each site/article.

This will not be a dead-on-cue trial for sure. It’s one filled with circumstantial evidence and one where the jurors will have to pay close attention to all the evidence presented to reach a verdict.

I pray for eventual Justice for Michelle Young.

Still, guilty or not, I wonder ‘if’ Jason did kill his wife and leave his child to find her body, does he still think his mistress was worth it; since Oct 28 2006 he allegedly stated in one of his text to her- ‘but you are so worth it, even if it's only for a 'blink' in time.’


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Murder of Crystal Gigliotti


I was absolutely heartbroken when I read of a Crystal Gigliotti’s being found dead by her mother in the early morning hours, around 2:30 a.m., inside her apartment at 4524 Newby Drive in Durham Co., N.C; Crystal’s three-year-old baby son was in the home. Police said Crystal was found lying in a pool of blood; the thought of her baby possibly seeing his mother like that makes me ill. The day, Wednesday, May 4 2011 that she was found, her mother had advised the officers that someone had slashed Crystal’s car tires two nights before she was found. She had gone to Crystal’s home because her, (mom’s) husband had gotten a call from Crystal’s ex-boyfriend, Silvestre Alvarad Chaves, about Crystal and he’d mentioned slashed so they felt she should check on their daughter.

Police said they had received three previous calls about disturbances in the past year. Two of those calls were in March and April 2011. The police in Memphis, TN charged Mr. Chaves with offenses not related to Crystal’s death on May 7 2011 and they booked him in at Shelby Co., TN jail. His booking shows he was due in general sessions court in TN (a misdemeanor court) on charges of fugitive from justice w/o warrant at 8:30AM Tuesday May 10, 2011. I presume at that time they will put him on hold for Durham N.C. since the media reported that Monday, May 9 2011, Durham Co., N.C. police charged him with murder. When they will transport Mr. Chaves from TN to NC for arraignment on the murder charge, is unknown.

No details are out yet with how Crystal died. However, law enforcement stayed at the apartment and collected evidence from it and the SUV in the parking lot for several hours. I have this sick feeling in my stomach that since Mr. Chaves allegedly mentioned ‘slash’ when he called Crystal’s dad, and the report she was lying in a pool of blood, that her killer slashed her throat. We will have to wait for Medical Examiner’s report before we know for sure. I pray not, what a horrific way to die; I also pray that her son was asleep and did not see his mother’s body that way.

I really wish people who have domestic violence, and obviously Crystal was, in their relationships had a copy of Time’s Up: A guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships by Susan Murphy Milano it could give them so much valuable information how to escape and protect themselves.

You can read about this horrific murder at:  and

Monday, May 9, 2011

Elijah James and Danielle T. Brown's Death


I’ve written a couple posts and shared them here on the disappearance of Danielle T. Brown and the arrest of the man believed to have been responsible. However, I want to share another one. Leon Co., Fl police have charged Danielle’s alleged killer, Elijah James, with first degree murder but at this time he is fighting to have his arson trial verdict, in the state of Georgia, overturned.

Danielle’s demise happened sometime after 11:30 PM Friday, February 5, 2010 and before 5AM on Saturday, February 6, 2010. Danielle and Elijah had been friends since 2006, and were allegedly once intimately involved. Mr. James has a history of arrest for drugs and other offenses (allegedly including violent crimes) before and since they had become friends.

Elijah’s prior drug arrest doesn’t reflect on the person Danielle was though.

The night of February 5, Danielle was taking Elijah to a residence that belonged to his mother on Kings Post Way located in northeast Leon Co., FL off Miccosukee Road. Come to discover, this residence was allegedly empty and had no working utilities; which begs the question - why did Elijah want her to take him there? Did he know his mother no longer lived at the house and was in fact living in Pavo, GA? Did he really intend residing at that home since she’d advised him he was no longer welcome to stay at her and her mother’s house with them? Or was it a ruse to cause Danielle to disappear? It’s been said dissidence existed between the two on that fateful day. Reportedly, the Leon Co., police did find some things belonging to Danielle scattered in the yard at that house. And too, when her cousin called Danielle at or about 11:40 the night of Feb 5 she stated she could overhear Danielle and Elijah arguing. Allegedly, the phone call was abruptly disconnected; voice mail answered any later calls to Danielle’s cell.

Mr. James was apparently as busy as a bee that early morning of Feb 6, 2010 as his lawyers have been since his arrest for arson, and since his trial and sentencing. During those early morning hours February 5, 2010 he allegedly managed to take Danielle’s life, hide her body and pick up his cousin before driving her car to a store and buying beer. Was it celebration time? It was said that he was pushing stuff around on the back seat and advised his cousin to wait before getting in the car - so, was he covering up the blood later discovered inside the car? From Feb 6 early morning hours and Monday, Feb 8 2010, Mr. James had a grand time visiting family, sleeping and going to the Lowe’s store with family members to purchase, a gas can, a sponge, the carpet cleaner, a bottle of windex cleaner, a new chainsaw, pair of gloves, trash bags and a shovel. The new chainsaw was said to have been needed for his work as a tree doctor.

During this time he had possession of Danielle’s car.

We know that because he’s seen on the store camera video when he and his cousin purchased beer. Oddly at some point in time Monday the 8th,  Mr. James was no longer in her car, he was seen walking near the Pavo, GA dump; Danielle’s car was found at the dump burned. How, I ask how did he lose possession of the car Monday? Some unknown person or persons stole it from the family member’s home where he was and took it for a joy ride then drove it to the dump and torched it? I highly doubt that scenario. Forensic evidence during his arson trial in GA showed they discovered blood inside the car trunk and in the interior. Also, a gas nozzle was found in the car inside a sponge. Ut-oh, Mr. James just happened to have needed a sponge and gotten one at Lowe’s along with a gas can! That is evidence of guilt to me.

Although defense tried, the ‘someone else did it because two other people were seen in the car’ strategy, Elijah James was found guilty of theft and arson and sentenced to 20 years in a Georgia prison. However, his court dates are far from over; he has a first degree murder trial to attend. Despite Danielle’s body not having been discovered yet or how the appeals process goes in his bid for a new trial, he will go to trial in Leon Co., Florida for Danielle’s murder.

In Mr. James’s bid for a new trial, in GA., he says the verdict in his arson trial is contrary to evidence and no evidence supports the verdict and sentence that he was given. (Boy do I smile at that piece of astoundingly ridiculous defense news!) I hope Superior Court Judge James E. Hardy will see through the illogical aspect of that claim and deny his motion at the hearing set for June 13, 2011 at the Jail-Justice Center courtroom. If the judge does decide he deserves a new trial then, sadly,  they will likely delay the murder trial.

Elijah James really needs to make up his mind about that car. His claim was, (when LE spoke to him during their search for her as a missing person) that Danielle dropped him off at the house off Miccosukee, Rd., in Leon County and left driving her car. He said he then hitchhiked and a white man who only called himself Chuck picked him up on Miccosukee Rd. and gave him a lift to Pavo, GA. I asked myself then and still do ask, if that is a truth then how did he regain possession of Danielle’s Buick LeSabre? He was surely in her car when he picked up his cousin and at that store buying beer. If she was alive and gave him permission, then why was her blood found all inside it? Why was a piece of her driving license, and her cell phone found on the side of the road in GA?

I await a date being set for  this murder trial and Justice for Danielle T. Brown.

The previous posts can be located here:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Pledge During Casey Anthony Trial


Casey Anthony’s murder trial and what I have come to believe an obvious need she has for the 'attention spotlight' to be on her, only her, will not consume me. Thank God for the mute button on televisions and videos, and the ability to drop view to the toolbar on computers! Although I will give some of my listening attention to the testimony in the trial, I will not miss all my favorite Zeus radio shows or ignore my blog or favorite internet sites. I will pay attention to other people who have crimes committed against them; those people are ones whose voice deserves hearing. Casey Anthony and her need will not define my internet life. My internet life is not about her. When the medical examiner and forensic experts testify, I will un mute my view of the trial to hear the 'testimony of truth'. My internet life is about truth and not Casey’s apparent mendacious tales, but I will listen to Levi Page’s evening radio shows for updates on the witnesses testimony. I will however, if an end ever comes, watch the juror’s verdict and gladly focus my total attention to Justice for Caylee. Caylee is the only one who deserves my time and attention!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Serial Rapist of Children is in Phoenix, AZ


Rapists are the scum of the earth to me, and calling a rapist that is an insult to real scum.

Once again a serial rapist is wandering the streets. This one, unlike the Detroit rapist who abducted young women at a bus stop then raped them, and the "Twilight Rapist’ who raped elderly women in their home, is raping children. The child rapist’s area of choice, South Phoenix, AZ.
Young girls walking to school are his prey.

Monday, April 25, this scum found another victim, a teenager, and forced her at a knife point into a vacant home. His previous victims, one in November of 2010 and another in January of this year was of the age 10 and 12. One of those victims’ was bound; as in the more recent case and other one, he also held her at a knife point, took her into a vacant home and raped her. Now, doesn’t that just make him a big man? ( Yes, that is sarcasm) I hope and pray law enforcement canvasses the area and flood it with units to protect the children.

DNA has connected the rapist in the November and January cases. A physical description of him at this time is black male in his early 20s, 5 feet 9 to 5 feet 11 inches tall with a thin build and dark skin; his hair is short. Obviously this scum slime knows his favorite area of attack. He knows where the vacant homes are and how to enter them. (A history of burglary maybe?)

If you want to read more about these cases go to: And

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Michi Nogami-Marshall's Domestic Violence Arrest and Brandon Marshall


I'll be interested to see what the outcome is of Brandon and Michi Nogami-Marshall's newest domestic violence incident. Trouble has allegedly spewed between these two for several years, both have a part in it.

Brandon’s been arrested several times with domestic-related incidents over the past few years; most of those charges were either dismissed, reduced or dropped. Allegedly his football career suffered in 2008 with a one-game suspension. Also in 2008, he received is said to have suffered a serious injury after smashing a television in his home.

Again allegedly, back in 2009 they arrested both Brandon and Michi Nogami on charges of disorderly conduct, after having a lively 'argument' and kicking and punching each other on the sidewalk. Those charges were also dropped.

Sadly, they have apparently dropped charges with too many arguments and neither Brandon or Michi Nogami have learned from them. This time Michi Nogami allegedly stabbed Brandon with a knife. Brandon had said he was hit with a vase, but his wound spoke differently.

Michi Nogami Marshall is facing aggravated battery with deadly weapon charges. Hopefully, this time, the courts will answer with, ‘no, we will not drop or reduce charges, you will go to court and answer for your crime’.

This incident will likely not hurt Brandon's career in football, many DV incidents in famous people's families don't. What a shame someone with talent like his, he irrevocably stains it with so much violence. If the DV incidents are true, not only does his stain his career, he allows and continues to participate in violence at his home.

I think these two have some serious anger going. So, Perhaps these two should agree to part ways permanently with all the 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander' ceasing post-haste.

Michi Nogami is out on a bond at this time. Hopefully we won’t discover Brandon perpetrated violence against her that night too. But, would anyone really be surprised?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The DV Murder of Michael Taylor

I have wondered at times if people who die in the early morning hours noticed the sunset, the stars,  or nature’s beauty the night before. I wondered that about Michael Taylor, a 39-year-old maintenance supervisor for Fogelman Management Group, in Memphis, Tennessee when I read of his early morning death.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 Michael was shot twice, once in the heart and once about two inches behind the right ear, allegedly during an argument. When his wife, Pamela Taylor contacted police around 9 A.M., she advised a man had been shot in the chest. The police arrived to discover her husband deceased. They took Pamela to the station and charged her on Christmas Eve with second degree murder. On December 28, 2010, they arraigned Pamela via video.

In March of 2010 during a preliminary hearing in domestic violence court, the Judge amended the second degree murder to voluntary manslaughter charge. Pamela’s bond was set for 100000.00.

According to a nearby resident in the apartment complex the visit that fatal morning wasn’t the first time police units had been to the home. His comment has me wondering if domestic violence was an ongoing issue. I haven’t discovered anything concerning it-  if that was the reason for previous police presence at the Taylor home.

The DA’s Office sent the case to the grand jury and they indicted her on premeditated first-degree murder. Missy Branham, the state prosecutor, asked for a bond increase and more restrictions to be placed on Pamela. Apparently in a few short months she’d moved several times. Pamela’s lawyer, Andre Wharton, argued that his client had kept up with the bonding agent as ordered by court and wasn’t a flight risk. Wharton allegedly stated Pamela wants her story told. Criminal Court Judge Paula Skahan increased the bond to 150000.00. Pamela has to check in with court authorities three times per week and wear a GPS monitor.

This case has premeditation written all over it to me, the reason she made the decision to shoot her husband twice is a question only she can answer. But allegedly she purchased the gun the day before her husband was shot; he was shot twice, allegedly she had the gun in the sleeve of her sweatshirt and shot him. And too, I wonder why Pamela neglected to advise police that her husband had been shot in the head as well as the chest when she made the call that fateful morning.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Disturbing Case of Extreme Compassion



Back in January a young woman was at her home and in the shower. A masked man, Christopher Bayer, welding a knife pulled back the shower curtain, pulled her out the bathroom and put her on the bed, held her down and cut her face when she struggled. Bayer is 21 and the young woman apparently around 19/20. I surmise the age since she mentioned in her impact statement that she didn’t have previous relationship with Bayer but they did go to same high school. Bayer was 2 grades ahead of her. Bayer told the police she and he were face book friends. In her statement she wrote that her family and the defendant’s family were acquainted and his family was kind, caring and supportive people. She did not verify their FB friendship.

The whole impact statement is very disturbing. I have to wonder why so soon after the attack Bayer was before a Judge and sentenced. I am worried that the victim had pressure from both families to agree to allow him to pay such a small price for his crime. And do it so soon, get it over with. He was violent, obviously knew who she was, and masked himself; probably in hope she wouldn’t recognize him. The Judge at the request of the victim and family sentenced Bayer to 6 months in jail, gave her a restraining order and gave him 5 year probation. He cannot contact her before 2019. The defendant stated she wanted him to have a chance to rehabilitate. The Assistant DA said the family wants Bayer to get psychiatric treatment; according to what I read he may have to go through sex offender counseling if the jail counselors feel he needs it.

Her impact statement details classic victim PTSD, including panic attacks and I pray she can go back to college and continue her education after they release him. She couldn’t read the statement herself, after a couple sentences her mother had to take it and read the statement for her.

This is a PDF of her statement:  

Although I believe in compassion in some cases, this ‘extreme’ compassion disturbs me. I think they should have given him a much longer sentence in jail and still be on probation after release. Bayer apologized, said he was sorry for the 'victim’s family' and his family for his actions. But that doesn’t read like an apology to his victim. Just her family.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Accused Edwin Coello’s Violence and Tina Adovasio’s Death


This is a classic case with domestic violence prominent in the accused previous and present marital history.

Hello! Warning signs!

Edwin Coello lost his police officer job in 2000 due to domestic violence allegations during his first marriage.

In 2006 Tina Adovasio contacted police about Edwin’s violence against her, they charged him, but he was allowed to plea and got a conditional discharge. In 2007 he attacked her and she was hospitalized. UGH!

According to an article written in  Tina’s mom said Coello had beat Tina a couple years ago so badly she had to get stitches and had two black eyes.

In one of the cases of Edwin Coello attacking Tina she was holding their then one-year-old child in her arms; he grabbed the phone from her and threw it against the wall a couple times. His rage wasn’t abated yet so he proceeded to knock the stereo and trophies to the floor. He admitted to this later and excused his actions, including the hole in the wall as ‘I was pissed off.’ Yep, now  isn't that just the greatest of  reasons to cause such damage, frighten a baby and cause extreme emotional harm to his wife!

In Feb of this year Tina filed for divorce and got an order of protection.

Edwin Coello contested the divorce.

On March 11 of this year Tina disappeared.

On Monday 14, 2011 police picked up Edwin but released him hours later after they asked to search his car. The cops had wanted to search his car.

On Tuesday the police were able to seize his car for search.

On Wed Feb 15 Tina’s body was found in woods in Westchester County.

Folks, if you are in a violent relationship, know anyone who is going through abuse of any kind including emotional abuse then please, advise them or see they get a copy of the book: ‘Time’s Up: A guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships by Susan Murphy Milano
Many books exists on abuse and many organizations can help abuse victims. Including the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Yes, I do recommend you contact an organization. But Susan’s book is a must get, must read book in my opinion.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nancy's Demise and The Trial of Bradley Cooper


During the last three years, I’ve read articles depicting circumstantial evidence pointing toward Nancy’s husband, Bradley Cooper, as the one who strangled her. Nancy Cooper was killed July 12, 2008.

However, it is what I’ve heard in the trial from friends of Nancy and Brad’s that have led me to believe the circumstantial evidence is painting a vivid picture and growing in strength; I’m leaning toward believing Brad was the one who caused Nancy’s death.

We’ve heard much about Nancy’s marriage and the night her friends last saw her.

On Saturday, July 12, 2008, Nancy allegedly left her home for a run with a friend, which was common for her to do. She was an avid runner and trained for marathons. However, Nancy had made plans for 8a.m. Saturday morning to paint a friend’s, Jessica Adam’s, dining room and later had plans with another friend. For Nancy to not keep her appointments were not usual. All her friends were immediately suspicious. Jessica had spoken with Brad a couple times on the phone that Saturday but it was she who called police to report her friend missing.

On Monday, July 14, 2008, they discovered Nancy’s body 3 miles from her home in an area where a newly developed subdivision was to be built, and lying on the bank of a storm water pond.

Some of the things we’ve heard at trial so far:

Nancy and Brad’s marriage was in dire straits.

Nancy often spoke with friends about her concerns of her marriage and the trouble it was in.

Nancy hired a lawyer to help her with her marital separation.

Nancy had filed for separation and allegedly had intention of divorcing Brad and moving back to Canada.

Brad had refused to separate.

Brad put Nancy on a strict weekly allowance to cover the household needs, groceries etc., but it wasn’t enough to cover all the needs.

Brad at times would follow Nancy to the gas station and put the gas in, just enough to get her where she had to go and back home, to the children’s schools, the grocery etc.. (Also it was testified to that he did this so Nancy couldn’t get cash withdrawals with the payment charge.)

Nancy and Brad had an argument in hearing of neighbors. (This wasn’t normal.)

Brad had an affair with one of Nancy’s friends.

Brad made passes at another close friend of Nancy’s.

Brad talked about sleeping with a woman to his male friends.

Brad was negative about Nancy’s paint job when he came to pick up the children the day Nancy painted at Jessica Adam’s home.

Brad did not report Nancy missing, Jessica Adam did.

A friend, Jessica Adam, saw Nancy’s purse and cell phone in her car on the passenger seat the day she disappeared. (The car was at home parked in the driveway)

After Nancy was reported missing, Brad cleaned out the garage.

They always parked both vehicles in the drive, but suddenly the car was inside it.

Brad actions, and the way he carried himself was suspicious to neighbors and friends the day Nancy went missing, and the days following her disappearance.

One suspicious thing to me, and I question, is why Brad walked over to Diana Duncan’s house and asked she help look for a ‘black dress’ Nancy was wearing Friday night. (Nancy was wearing a green dress with black designs in the fabric. Diana concluded that Brad was putting the thought in her mind that Nancy wore black so it was a black dress she searched for. We’ve heard testimony that the dress allegedly had a stain due to Nancy spilling something on it but friends attending the dinner party didn’t remember that happening.)

Nancy had a diamond necklace that she wore and never removed from her neck. (Apparently, we will hear she wasn’t wearing the necklace when they discovered her body. )

Monday, March 7, 2011

Violence Over A Parking Space


I will never understand how someone can commit horrific violence of rage against others, and due to that lack of understanding, I see negatives when reading of it. On February 25, 2011, in New York, Lana Rosas decided to stand in a parking space and wait for her boyfriend to arrive so (according to reports in news) they could dine out. She wanted to save the parking spot for him.

Oscar Fuller wanted to park his car in the spot Lana was standing in so he could (according to reports in news) attend a birthday party. According to his account he ‘politely’ asked Lana to step aside so he could park and she refused. Mr. Fuller then exited his vehicle and she began punching him in the eye and face. Fuller claims self defense and reflex action for hitting Lana so hard it pulled her off the ground and caused her to drop to the concrete. Mr. Fuller fled the scene but Lana’s boyfriend saw the altercation and rushed to Lana’s defense. He also got the tag number of the car Fuller was driving.

Paramedics rushed an unconscious Lana to the hospital; she is still in a coma and fighting for her life. Doctors have removed part of her skull due to brain swelling. As they were treating Lana at the scene and later rushing her to the hospital, Mr. Fuller calmly went to that birthday party.

Fuller says he regrets hitting her and wishes it’d never happened. He blames his reflex actions on his teen years when he was attacked and cut on the face. The scars of that cut are still visible on his face today. However, it seems Mr. Fuller has a history of committing assault and drug possession.  Fuller is a big man, 5-feet-7 weighing at least 150 pounds. Lana weighs 100 pounds and is 4-foot-11.

I do not know if the altercation was caught on a camera or if Lana’s boyfriend or some other bystander just witnessed it, but ‘no excuse’ is a good excuse for doing what he did. So far as I know, we only have his word that Lana attacked him first. He claims he is a man of God and does not hit women. I ask, if she did throw the first punch, why did she? Did Fuller threaten her and that was why he exited his car, to carry out that threat? I personally see no reason he should have left his car if he did not intend to harm her in some way.

I am a bit upset that while Lana lies in a hospital bed fighting for her life, Oscar Fuller is out on bail living his.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A 'Monster' Rapist is in Detroit

I’ve been breathing a sigh of relief since the TX rapist of elderly women, dubbed ‘The Twilight Rapist’, was apprehended earlier this month. I thanked God and felt appreciation that his victims and others who lived in fear could now go about their life knowing he was in jail. Any person who violently abuses the elderly is the lowest of the human race to me and doesn’t deserve to walk freely with the good people of this country.

My happiness over the ‘Twilight Rapist’ capture was short lived after reading of yet another serial rapist. This predatory rapist is stalking the streets of Detroit’s east side, and he uses a gun to abduct, rob and rape his victims. Several young women, aged between 17 and 33 have become victims of this excuse for a human being. Earlier on LE wouldn’t give out the number of women this lowlife had terrorized and violated. But they reported in  that he’d robbed and raped seven women since January 1, 2011. These ladies, according to reports, abducted near bus stops were taken to a secluded area. Most of the victims were walking alone but one was in her vehicle when her car was bumped from behind. She exited her car to check for damage; it was then that he abducted and attacked her.

This rapist is terrorizing the women in Detroit’s east side and I pray the ‘Monster’, as the police chief appropriately called him, is caught soon. The police have distributed several sketches of him from descriptions his victims have given them. He is a black man believed to be in his 30s with a slim build and is about 5' 9" tall. The rapes occur between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.. Fortunately, everything that can be done to find him is being done. Volunteer citizens and activist groups are watching as their family, friends and other women go to or arrive at bus stops; so are the police.

I am appalled that such disgustingly violent people live among us but also well aware it's a fact they exist. These victims are trying to live an honest life the best they can, just as the TX victims were doing, but violence of a coward with a gun disrupted their life. I do not know what the minimum (or maximum) sentence is for rape in Michigan but if a weapon is used, I feel it should be, at the least, imprisonment for life. These women deserve no less. They need to know the justice system didn’t ignore or throw away the violence against them with a five or a ten-year sentence where the rapists can be paroled after 2 or 3 years to violate another woman. That, to me, would be re victimizing the victims.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Officers Are Dying At An Alarming Rate


During 2010 the instance of police officers dying in the line of duty was up 37% from 2009 and previous years. This is not a stat to be proud of for sure. Our police are out in force daily defending us, helping us in times of need and put their life in the line of fire to protect innocent people from the vile among us who have no regard for human life. And sadly, police departments and sheriffs’ offices across the country are having to ‘downsize’ due to financial cutbacks.

Cop killings from the last week of 2010:

On December 26, 2010 in Woburn, Mass, Officer John Maguire was chasing two robbery suspects when he was shot four times. The suspect who fired the fatal shot, Dominic Cinelli, was also shot and killed. Two other suspects, the other robber and the getaway driver were apprehended later and charged accordingly. Officer Maguire was 60 and planned to retire in a year.

Monday, December 27, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, Trooper Chadwick LeCroy pulled over a car with its headlight out and exited his vehicle. The driver, Gregory Favors sped away and Trooper LeCroy gave a chase. Favors hit a mailbox during the chase and Trooper LeCroy approached the vehicle. As the Trooper reached the driver’s window, Favors fired a gun and shot him in the neck. Favors then left his vehicle with the gun still in his hand and tried to free the mailbox from his car but didn’t succeed. He then took Trooper LeCroy’s police unit and left the scene.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010, Officer Jillian Michelle Smith a 24-year-old policewoman was shot and killed. Officer Smith died protecting a 11-year-old girl from the shooter. The young girl survived but the shooter killed himself after shooting Officer Smith and Kimberly Carter. Officer Smith had gone to the apartment to take a report of domestic violence. The killer wasn’t there when she arrived but came back with the gun a few minutes after she arrived.

The First officer to die in 2011:

On January 1, 2011, I read of yet another officer dying in the line of duty and of a second officer being wounded. Reading those articles is not how I wanted to start my year.

Deputy Sheriff Suzanne Hopper was sent to a campground in Enon, Ohio to investigate a reporting of shots fired. Deputy Hopper noticed a camp trailer with a window shot out and discovered footprints. She was about to take photographs of the scene and footprints when gunfire erupted. Deputy Hopper died at the scene. A policeman, Officer Jeremy Blum, also at the scene, was hit in the shoulder by a shotgun blast. During the gun battle the shooter, Michael Ferryman was killed.

The shooters in the murders (and it was murder) of Officer Jillian Smith and Trooper Chadwick LeCroy had previous run-ins with the law. They had released Trooper LeCroy’s killer, Gregory Favors, from jail a short two weeks prior to the murder. He had 18 previous arrests. He’s in jail now, and charged with murder and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. When located, Mr. Favors was still wearing the same clothing he’d worn when killing Trooper Chadwick. He also had blood on his hands but explained it away by saying it was a fight with his girlfriend. I don’t think he’ll bond out this time. I certainly hope not anyway. I was angry that he’d use intimate partner violence as his excuse for blood on his hands! Officer Smith’s murderer, Barnes Samuel Nettles, had a previous violent episode of assault. He’d allegedly assaulted Kimberly Deshay Carter's sister and her mother in September and was out on bail when he murdered Kimberly and Officer Smith. He’d also allegedly phone harassed Miss Carter in August of 2010. Had Mr. Carter not been allowed to bond out on the assault charge, he’d not been able to return to the scene of another incident of domestic violence and murder two people.

Dominic Cinelli, the murderer of Officer John Maguire, died from a gunshot wound. Officer Maguire was shot four times during the foot chase to apprehend him. Scott Hanwright, Kevin Dingwell and Cinelli had allegedly robbed a Kohl’s Department Store. Dingwell was their getaway driver. Hanwright is charged with first-degree murder and Dingwell with accessory after the fact. Seems to me, Dingwell should not have the luxury of bonding out, but he has a very small bond set on him. Hanwright is being held without a bond. I am not aware at this time if Cinelli or his alleged coconspirators had previous arrest.

The murderer of Deputy Suzanne Hopper, Michael Ferryman, was killed at the scene. According to the news, it was stated he had a history with the sheriff's office. What that history is, I am unaware and do not know why he shot windows out the camper or opened fire on Deputy Hopper and Officer Blum. But I do know it’s frustrating that someone would commit such a senseless and deliberate cold-blooded murder. Since the gun battle and ensuing death and injury of Officer Blum, eight officers are on leave while the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation is investigating the shootings.

It’s sad that any officer dies on the job. Every time a police officer clocks in on duty, each traffic stop, each crime scene they respond to, each call they’re sent on, our officers are putting their life on the line. I’d call all the deceased officers and Officer Blum heroes. But I doubt if they’d consider themselves heroes. They’d likely say they were just doing their job, nothing more.

Officer Jillian Smith was the last officer killed in the line of duty in 2010 and Deputy Suzanne Hopper was the first officer killed in 2011. Sadly, before we celebrate another New Year, we will read of many more officers wounded or killed while on the job.