Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jason Young: A Chameleon In Hush Puppies?


A chameleon was allegedly what Allen Fisher, Michelle’s father, called Jason. He is to have said Jason was what you wanted him to be.

I have to wonder if his feet hurt during those hours Jason Young allegedly stayed at the motel in Virginia. When they photographed his feet, he had blisters on them and that, according to a podiatrist, is usually from wearing improperly sized shoes. Was he wearing his size 12 Hush Puppies then or the alleged size 10 shoes? I don’t know. (Well at least we won’t hear tales of Bruno Magli shoes!) They discovered bloody prints of Hush Puppies and size 10 Franklin athletic at the crime scene on Birchleaf Drive in Raleigh, NC where he’d resided with his wife.

The Hampton Inn in Hillsville, Virginia was where Jason Lynn Young says he was at the time his wife, Michelle Fischer Young, was brutally murdered. But, he is seen leaving a side door heading toward a stairway exit of that motel around 11:58 PM on November 2 2006 and at or about that same time he allegedly made a phone call. And a newspaper carrier saw an SUV that looked similar to Jason’s vehicle parked near the Young’s home at an angle like it was there to load or unload something. This sighting was between 4 and 5 AM on November 3. The carrier also stated all the inside and outside home lights were on, which was unusual.

Security camera videos in the lobby area show him twice wearing ‘different clothes’ within hours of each other. (Hmm, another flashback there, Nelson Serrano was twice seen on lobby security cameras in Atlanta, GA., only he was wearing same clothing!) The first viewing of Jason was 10:49 to 10:51 PM and he was wearing a light colored, long-sleeve pullover shirt with buttons. Another viewing shows him wearing different clothing. Still, at 11:59 pm they see him again in the front desk area wearing a dark colored long-sleeve pullover with a lighter colored thin stripe on the chest area. And he is headed toward the side entrance on the southern end.

However, it seems the hotel exit door from the southern end (which led to the parking lot) was kept open by a rock (Blast, yet another flashback! Does Misty Cummings and the brick ring a bell?). These videos were from November 2 2006 and November 3 2006, the latter was the day Michelle’s body was discovered. Also on that fateful day of November 3 it was dicovered that someone had pointed the security camera, that would’ve shown who used the stairwell, up toward the ceiling. So anyone going up or down the stairs couldn’t be seen.

The state contends that Jason Young left Virginia, drove back to his home in NC, heavily medicated his 2-year-old daughter with a liquid extra strength adult Tylenol (her DNA was found on the dropper) then brutally beat his pregnant wife to death in their bedroom. They discovered two different bloody shoe prints on a bed pillow. I look for defense to heavily question this evidence and use the 911 call where her sister states she moved a pillow. One was from a Franklin style athletic shoe which had a number 10 inside in the bloody print; they declared the other print unidentifiable until 2008 when it was found to be a Hush Puppies brand shoe. The Hush Puppies style had been discontinued and could have been either a ‘Sealy’ or ‘Bellvile’ model of the Hush Puppies. Later discovered was that the out sole design of the shoes was also used in the Hush Puppies ‘Orbital’ model. Records show that Michelle and Jason purchased a pair of Orbital Hush Puppies In July 2005; these shoes were size 12. We know he was back at the hotel at 7:40 AM November 3 because he made a call to Meredith Fisher at 7:40 AM.

Other conundrums in this case are at the crime scene. When Meredith Fisher received a call from Jason asking she go to his and Michelle’s residence and check for fax printouts about a purse he’d purchased, she did so. The purse allegedly was bought as a belated anniversary gift for Michelle.
(How sweet of him to consider giving his wife an alleged non existent purse since he was allegedly having an affair and phoned or text his mistress 980 times within a month from Oct 4 2006 and Nov 3 2006. )

Back to the conundrums, when Meredith arrived at Birchleaf Drive she discovered Michelle dead and tiny footprints all over the bedroom, she also found the baby under the sheets of her mother’s bed. Michelle’s baby girl had apparently walked all around her mother’s deceased decomposing body and the room. Of course Meredith called 911. Over the next few days, weeks, months and years police discovered more about what had taken place in and outside the home prior to and before the murder. One conundrum was the bloody shoe prints on the pillow. Another was the amount of blood in the bathroom and a trace of blood found on the hallway carpet between the baby’s bedroom and Michelle’s bathroom.

Also, a set of Meredith’s car keys was found on the hood of Michelle’s car parked in the garage. They discovered Michelle’s car keys in the kitchen on a counter. And too, bloody shoe prints were found on planks of the deck boards and these prints were from a Franklin athletic shoe.

Even more confusion is that the baby’s feet had little to no signs of blood on her feet when she was found inside the home with her deceased mother.

Much evidence will be heard in this trial. Including eye witness account of Jason purchasing gas but driving off without getting his $5.00 change. And evidence of Jason’s DNA on the master bedroom wall sixteen inches from the floor and that could show it was put there as he and Michelle fought during the beating. Also, his DNA was found on a jewelry box. Computer evidence will be a big part of the trial also since Jason allegedly did searches on anatomy of a knockout, head trauma knockout, right posterior parietal occipital region, and ischemia. The one he should have carefully read (if he’s the killer) was the search query on ‘divorce.’ I’ll be interested how many clicks he made on that particular search and how long he stayed on each site/article.

This will not be a dead-on-cue trial for sure. It’s one filled with circumstantial evidence and one where the jurors will have to pay close attention to all the evidence presented to reach a verdict.

I pray for eventual Justice for Michelle Young.

Still, guilty or not, I wonder ‘if’ Jason did kill his wife and leave his child to find her body, does he still think his mistress was worth it; since Oct 28 2006 he allegedly stated in one of his text to her- ‘but you are so worth it, even if it's only for a 'blink' in time.’


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Murder of Crystal Gigliotti


I was absolutely heartbroken when I read of a Crystal Gigliotti’s being found dead by her mother in the early morning hours, around 2:30 a.m., inside her apartment at 4524 Newby Drive in Durham Co., N.C; Crystal’s three-year-old baby son was in the home. Police said Crystal was found lying in a pool of blood; the thought of her baby possibly seeing his mother like that makes me ill. The day, Wednesday, May 4 2011 that she was found, her mother had advised the officers that someone had slashed Crystal’s car tires two nights before she was found. She had gone to Crystal’s home because her, (mom’s) husband had gotten a call from Crystal’s ex-boyfriend, Silvestre Alvarad Chaves, about Crystal and he’d mentioned slashed so they felt she should check on their daughter.

Police said they had received three previous calls about disturbances in the past year. Two of those calls were in March and April 2011. The police in Memphis, TN charged Mr. Chaves with offenses not related to Crystal’s death on May 7 2011 and they booked him in at Shelby Co., TN jail. His booking shows he was due in general sessions court in TN (a misdemeanor court) on charges of fugitive from justice w/o warrant at 8:30AM Tuesday May 10, 2011. I presume at that time they will put him on hold for Durham N.C. since the media reported that Monday, May 9 2011, Durham Co., N.C. police charged him with murder. When they will transport Mr. Chaves from TN to NC for arraignment on the murder charge, is unknown.

No details are out yet with how Crystal died. However, law enforcement stayed at the apartment and collected evidence from it and the SUV in the parking lot for several hours. I have this sick feeling in my stomach that since Mr. Chaves allegedly mentioned ‘slash’ when he called Crystal’s dad, and the report she was lying in a pool of blood, that her killer slashed her throat. We will have to wait for Medical Examiner’s report before we know for sure. I pray not, what a horrific way to die; I also pray that her son was asleep and did not see his mother’s body that way.

I really wish people who have domestic violence, and obviously Crystal was, in their relationships had a copy of Time’s Up: A guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships by Susan Murphy Milano it could give them so much valuable information how to escape and protect themselves.

You can read about this horrific murder at:  and

Monday, May 9, 2011

Elijah James and Danielle T. Brown's Death


I’ve written a couple posts and shared them here on the disappearance of Danielle T. Brown and the arrest of the man believed to have been responsible. However, I want to share another one. Leon Co., Fl police have charged Danielle’s alleged killer, Elijah James, with first degree murder but at this time he is fighting to have his arson trial verdict, in the state of Georgia, overturned.

Danielle’s demise happened sometime after 11:30 PM Friday, February 5, 2010 and before 5AM on Saturday, February 6, 2010. Danielle and Elijah had been friends since 2006, and were allegedly once intimately involved. Mr. James has a history of arrest for drugs and other offenses (allegedly including violent crimes) before and since they had become friends.

Elijah’s prior drug arrest doesn’t reflect on the person Danielle was though.

The night of February 5, Danielle was taking Elijah to a residence that belonged to his mother on Kings Post Way located in northeast Leon Co., FL off Miccosukee Road. Come to discover, this residence was allegedly empty and had no working utilities; which begs the question - why did Elijah want her to take him there? Did he know his mother no longer lived at the house and was in fact living in Pavo, GA? Did he really intend residing at that home since she’d advised him he was no longer welcome to stay at her and her mother’s house with them? Or was it a ruse to cause Danielle to disappear? It’s been said dissidence existed between the two on that fateful day. Reportedly, the Leon Co., police did find some things belonging to Danielle scattered in the yard at that house. And too, when her cousin called Danielle at or about 11:40 the night of Feb 5 she stated she could overhear Danielle and Elijah arguing. Allegedly, the phone call was abruptly disconnected; voice mail answered any later calls to Danielle’s cell.

Mr. James was apparently as busy as a bee that early morning of Feb 6, 2010 as his lawyers have been since his arrest for arson, and since his trial and sentencing. During those early morning hours February 5, 2010 he allegedly managed to take Danielle’s life, hide her body and pick up his cousin before driving her car to a store and buying beer. Was it celebration time? It was said that he was pushing stuff around on the back seat and advised his cousin to wait before getting in the car - so, was he covering up the blood later discovered inside the car? From Feb 6 early morning hours and Monday, Feb 8 2010, Mr. James had a grand time visiting family, sleeping and going to the Lowe’s store with family members to purchase, a gas can, a sponge, the carpet cleaner, a bottle of windex cleaner, a new chainsaw, pair of gloves, trash bags and a shovel. The new chainsaw was said to have been needed for his work as a tree doctor.

During this time he had possession of Danielle’s car.

We know that because he’s seen on the store camera video when he and his cousin purchased beer. Oddly at some point in time Monday the 8th,  Mr. James was no longer in her car, he was seen walking near the Pavo, GA dump; Danielle’s car was found at the dump burned. How, I ask how did he lose possession of the car Monday? Some unknown person or persons stole it from the family member’s home where he was and took it for a joy ride then drove it to the dump and torched it? I highly doubt that scenario. Forensic evidence during his arson trial in GA showed they discovered blood inside the car trunk and in the interior. Also, a gas nozzle was found in the car inside a sponge. Ut-oh, Mr. James just happened to have needed a sponge and gotten one at Lowe’s along with a gas can! That is evidence of guilt to me.

Although defense tried, the ‘someone else did it because two other people were seen in the car’ strategy, Elijah James was found guilty of theft and arson and sentenced to 20 years in a Georgia prison. However, his court dates are far from over; he has a first degree murder trial to attend. Despite Danielle’s body not having been discovered yet or how the appeals process goes in his bid for a new trial, he will go to trial in Leon Co., Florida for Danielle’s murder.

In Mr. James’s bid for a new trial, in GA., he says the verdict in his arson trial is contrary to evidence and no evidence supports the verdict and sentence that he was given. (Boy do I smile at that piece of astoundingly ridiculous defense news!) I hope Superior Court Judge James E. Hardy will see through the illogical aspect of that claim and deny his motion at the hearing set for June 13, 2011 at the Jail-Justice Center courtroom. If the judge does decide he deserves a new trial then, sadly,  they will likely delay the murder trial.

Elijah James really needs to make up his mind about that car. His claim was, (when LE spoke to him during their search for her as a missing person) that Danielle dropped him off at the house off Miccosukee, Rd., in Leon County and left driving her car. He said he then hitchhiked and a white man who only called himself Chuck picked him up on Miccosukee Rd. and gave him a lift to Pavo, GA. I asked myself then and still do ask, if that is a truth then how did he regain possession of Danielle’s Buick LeSabre? He was surely in her car when he picked up his cousin and at that store buying beer. If she was alive and gave him permission, then why was her blood found all inside it? Why was a piece of her driving license, and her cell phone found on the side of the road in GA?

I await a date being set for  this murder trial and Justice for Danielle T. Brown.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Pledge During Casey Anthony Trial


Casey Anthony’s murder trial and what I have come to believe an obvious need she has for the 'attention spotlight' to be on her, only her, will not consume me. Thank God for the mute button on televisions and videos, and the ability to drop view to the toolbar on computers! Although I will give some of my listening attention to the testimony in the trial, I will not miss all my favorite Zeus radio shows or ignore my blog or favorite internet sites. I will pay attention to other people who have crimes committed against them; those people are ones whose voice deserves hearing. Casey Anthony and her need will not define my internet life. My internet life is not about her. When the medical examiner and forensic experts testify, I will un mute my view of the trial to hear the 'testimony of truth'. My internet life is about truth and not Casey’s apparent mendacious tales, but I will listen to Levi Page’s evening radio shows for updates on the witnesses testimony. I will however, if an end ever comes, watch the juror’s verdict and gladly focus my total attention to Justice for Caylee. Caylee is the only one who deserves my time and attention!