Monday, August 31, 2009

Current Events: Upcoming Trials of Lemaricus Davidson and George Thomas


The trial of Letalvis Cobbins is over; a jury gave Cobbins LWOP in August of 2009 but the State of Tennessee and Judge Baumgartner’s duties aren’t over. Today, August 31, the Judge is in Chattanooga, Hamilton CO, TN, presiding over a search for jurors in the case against George Thomas. Thomas is also a defendant in the Christian/Newsom murders and the State is seeking the death penalty.

George Thomas and Letalvis Cobbins, along with Cobbins’s girlfriend, Vanessa Coleman all was arrested the day after they discovered Channon’s body in a large trash can. According to Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson, his brother, told Thomas he had to ‘prove’ himself. Perhaps like the days of old and the mafia ruling their paid killers, Thomas had to prove loyalty to Davidson. Perhaps Davidson had illusions of grandeur in his mind and thought himself the all-powerful one who could dish out orders of rape, torture and murder and have them carried out posthaste. I don’t know; I do know that Cobbins allegedly said both Davidson and Thomas left the house that fateful night that Chris Newsom was shot, burned and left where he lay on Cherry Street beside the railroad tracks. And I read that Vanessa made a statement Thomas had admitted the shooting of Chris Newsom to her.

Normally, I do not look forward to anything happening on September 21 of any year. That date has been ingrained in my mind since I was a small child, and not for good reasons. But this year that is different because this year, jury selection in the Lemaricus Davidson trial is set to begin.

On September 1 they will give out over 900 questionnaires to potential jurors in the Davidson trial. His trial was set to go live September 21, 2009 but Judge Baumgartner stated he felt it’d be near two weeks for the jury selection process. Here’s hoping they go live with opening statements and witness testimony by Oct 1, 2009 with Davidson’s trial; Thomas’s trial, hopefully, will begin on schedule on October 28 and again, hopefully, the public will have an opportunity to view both trials live on local video feed.

If in fact these two did violate and kill Chris Newsom and participated or committed the crime of rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian then I hope they get the death penalty. Channon and Chris had a right to live and their rights were, in many ways, violated and denied.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Current Events: Thoughts on Letalvis Cobbins's Verdict

I have watched many criminal trials in my life but I have to say the Christian/Newsom murder trial of Letalvis Cobbins is on my top ten lists of most horrific of 'adults killing adults' that I’ve watched. What the jurors and public heard was so tragically horrific that I do not believe I could write in a blog piece of what all took place the night Channon and Chris died. Therefore, I won’t say anything about the horror and terror Channon and Chris endured before Cobbins and his alleged co-killers took their lives.

This young person, Letalvis Cobbins, helped destroy so many lives with his vile, hideous actions. Not only did he help destroy Channon and Chris’s life but that of their parents and siblings and his family too. When his older sister was testifying for his behalf during the sentencing portion of the trial, my heart broke for her. She and her siblings lived a hard life of parental drug abuse, violence and pushed from this family member to the next. That the sisters love their brother is evident, and that they begged for this jury to save him is natural. Yet the cold fact is, Cobbins participated in kidnap, rape, and murder of two wonderful young people. Letalvis’s sisters bettered their life, and he could have also.

Letalvis did not have to follow his alleged co-conspirators in a night of rape and murder; he could have saved Channon. Letalvis, in a cowardly act, decided his personal safety (if what he said about Lemaricus saying he’d shoot him was true) meant more than her life. In fact, Letalvis did not have to follow his alleged conspirators from the car jacking scene to the house; he could’ve driven to the police station and told them what had happened and saved both Channon and Chris from the hideous nightmare they endured.

Cobbins deserved to go to prison for life, in fact he deserved the death penalty.

However, as much as I despise Letalvis Cobbins as a human being and his self-serving vile actions, I am, with mixed emotional hesitance, a little pleased the jury saved his life and decided life-without-parole; he will learn some hard lessons in prison. I say that I’m a little, very little pleased not for his sake, but for his siblings and other family members. They literally destroyed two lives on January 6, 2007, and two families are continually living with the heartache of their loss. The actions of Cobbins and his alleged co-conspirators impacted three families. One family can visit their family member in jail, hear his voice, his laughter and look into his eyes. Channon and Chris’s family will never hear their loved ones again, never hear their laughter or look into their eyes.

Channon’s family is living with guilt they shouldn’t have because they feel they let their daughter down and did not save her. My heart breaks for them; I want to take away that guilt; no way they could’ve known what she would endure when she last left them; no way could they have saved her. I pray the ‘if only’ doesn’t haunt them the rest of their life. I personally know that ‘if only’ vice; I’ve been there, lived it, and it’s emotionally draining and painful. Chris’s mom feels she let her son down because the jury did not give Cobbins a death sentence; she should not feel that emotion; law enforcement did get Cobbins, the justice system worked; they brought him before a jury to answer for his crimes, and due to the guilty verdict will never walk in freedom again. Mrs. Newsom found the strength to endure all the days and nights and meetings with police and prosecutors to fight for her son’s rights; when the battle became emotionally weary and physically draining, as I imagine it was, she looked deep inside and found the strength to keep fighting. She and Mr. Newsom along with the Christian family have battles to fight ahead of them with the three other trials on the docket; I have no doubt they all will find the emotional strength to stand in for their children and continue their battles for justice.

About the older brother, Lemaricus Davidson and his alleged actions the night of Channon and Chris’s death, I can’t say I want him to live; his trial is coming up next so I don’t know what I will feel except what I am now feeling - emotions that resemble hatred just from what I have heard in Letalvis’ trial. I feel total disgust for Letalvis, disgust for what he did and for what he didn’t do; disgust for his choice to take the road of criminal and not the road of a law abiding productive human being, but at this point my feelings for his older brother are on hold.

The trial of Letalvis Cobbins:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Current Events: The Trial of Kathryn Nadal

The trial of Kathryn Nadal is in closing arguments today. Yesterday, an investigator said Kathryn said she heard her baby whimpering and she went into the room to find Shorty on the bed licking the baby's genitals. She said she pushed the dog from the bed and went to a neighbor for help. She claimed the dog was again on the bed when she returned. DNA testing under one of Shorty's nails was too small to retest but they couldn’t exclude the baby’s DNA. (I assume they tested it but all of it was used up in that one test). Other witnesses had said that no bloody paw prints were anywhere in the house. Oops. Dogs clean themselves. But in one article connected to the case, Mr. Dega, Kathryn's neighbor, stated he saw no paw prints either. I don't know if the dog could've cleaned himself that quickly - seems residual blood would still be on the dog the day of the mutilation. But six days later, I can see why they would discover none.

Sure seems it's a battle of the experts. Two testified for State and both said the small Dachshund could not have caused clean wounds such as the baby had. A defense expert says a dog of Shorty's size and breed could've made the injuries. No weapon with DNA was found in the home. However, they discovered kitchen shears in Kathryn's bathroom. The news site mentions nothing in the articles of the shears having DNA on them.

I can't see how (from what I've read) Kathryn could not have blood on her clothing. According to one doctor, the baby had a severed artery in its leg and due to that, one leg may be shorter than the other as he grows. I think that since Holden had a severed artery then it wouldn't take long for him to bleed to death . . . and the paramedic did testify the baby was very pale.

Maybe I keep wanting to know more because I just don't see how Kathryn had time to clean herself up, discard clothing (where they couldn't be found), clean the shears and go to a neighbor for help and Holden not have bled to death. I keep wondering exactly what the paramedics did to stop the bleeding. Did they move the skin, clip away any, or did any come off on the bandages they used? Did the doctor who first treated him? The information in the write-ups doesn't give enough evidence in my opinion for any decision (by me) on she did/she did not do it. So, I will delay the mention of I think she is guilty or not guilty until I know more about what was said in court. I will say her shooting up the night before this happened doesn’t give me any supportive thoughts for her and her motherly abilities.

I just pray this jury listened carefully to all the evidence and comes to a just verdict. I hope enough evidence was presented.

An Aunt of Holden's (the dad's sister) stated that while at the hospital, Kathryn kept telling her dad (the father's dad) 'Don't have me, I didn't do this.' (That have should be hate?)

I keep thinking back to another dog mutilation case where they sent both parents to prison and later the defense discovered pictures that weren't presented in court or shown to the defense and they proved beyond any doubt that the parents did not mutilate their daughter.
I also keep wishing this woman was innocent, and that she simply was not strong enough emotionally to deal with a baby with colic to stay off the drug habit. But I can’t say with surety that she is innocent of the charges. I’m not sure if she is found NG that she should have another baby either. I just don’t want to think a mother could do such horrific things to her flesh and blood, her 5-week-old baby. But, I do know if I had all the facts to ponder and debate in my mind, then I’d reach a non prejudice or bias decision that I could live within my heart and mind. And one I’d believe would give justice to all concerned here.

One thing I can say for sure, if this woman did this horrible thing to her little baby, I don’t think she needs to ever walk in freedom again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Current Events: The Trial of Kathryn Nadal

Just a few updates I read in article about the evidence heard in the trial.


On Day 1and Day 2 of trial:

Camden Gothia testified his wife partied the night before her son was mutilated. She'd left on pretense of going shopping with a friend but went to a dope house. The jury also heard that Camden and Kathryn disagreed about circumcision. Camden was against it but Kathryn wanted it and had contacted a doctor to see how much it'd cost a few days prior to Holden's mutilation.

Camden said he and Kathryn have since parted ways.. they lived together and she was the one who wanted a dog. Mr. Gothia stated the dog would lie beside the baby but was never aggressive nor did he try to harm Holden.

Today, day 2, the jury heard from paramedics that attended to Holden at the home and it was said he was very pale and started to cry when examined. One said he couldn't determine the baby's sex. Also one paramedic said that the baby had a 6x6 inch injury on its upper thighs. And during the ambulance ride Kathryn only touched her baby once. He did say she asked if her baby was going to live during the ambulance drive.

At the hospital, Kathryn was asking how long the surgery would last and left the hospital to go have a beer with a friend. The Prosecutor, Oncken, stated that when Holden was in the ambulance a neighbor had to tell Kathryn she had to ride in the ambulance with the baby.

According to Allen Isbell, Nadal's attorney, the alleged sharp weapon was never found in the apartment. (But neither was the torn and bloody diaper Nadal claimed her baby was wearing).

Isbell said police examined the sink and the garbage disposal and found no DNA or blood evidence.

(Seems to me the blood evidence was all on the bed beneath Holden - I can't imagine why any would be anywhere else- perhaps he is saying Kathryn would've gotten boody. I've read nothing of whether she had blood on her when she reached out to her neighbor for assistance. But, I suppose I can see why the question needs answering. How did she mutilate her son and not get bloody? If she showered why isn't there blood in the drain or bathroom? ) Apparently to answer some questions an expert on dog behavior is to testify for defense.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Current Events: The Trial of Kathryn Nadal

On March 13, 2007, a knock sounded on Edward Vega’s apartment door and when he opened it Kathryn Nadal, a neighbor, stated something was wrong with her son, Holden. Mr. Vega entered Mrs. Nadal’s apartment with her and found her 5-week-old son, Holden, lying in a large bed with blood surrounding his lower extremities. Kathryn stated her Dachshund, Shorty, had attacked the baby while she slept. Mr. Vega said he didn’t see any blood on the dog or dog prints anywhere. He also said he didn’t see a torn diaper. Mr. Vega called for an ambulance and grabbed a clean diaper and held it against the baby’s genitals until help came.

Animal Control took Shorty to a Veterinarian, Dr. David Rundell, for an examination. The Doctor stated he found no evidence of human blood on the Dachshund nor any human tissue in the dog’s mouth. Dr. Rundell also stated the wounds he viewed in the pictures of the child wasn’t due to an attack by an animal; the wounds weren’t ragged and appeared to have been caused by a sharp instrument. Shorty, allegedly falsely accused, has since been adopted.

The day after the attack on Holden, Kathryn tested positive for cocaine and methadone and allegedly had a history of prescription drug abuse. On May 15, 2009, they formally charged Kathryn Nadal with the mutilation of her son.
Today August 10, 2009, a jury will hear opening statements in the case against Kathryn Nadal. Her son, Holden, is with his father, Camden Gothia, and still on the road to recovery from his wounds.