Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Justice System, It’s Time John Robert Kastner Goes to Trial


Please no more delays! The trial is set for Aug 16, 2010 and that date should stand.

John Robert Kastner has played the system for past 25 months. He was appointed a lawyer because he filed paupers’ status, fired that lawyer, got a local lawyer, John Byrd, to defend him, fired him when it was nearing time for trial, then hired himself as his lawyer in Jan 09, fired himself in April of 09. The public defenders’ office is now back on the case. Please Judge, do not let this man play the system again. The local lawyer, John Byrd, who I was advised volunteered to take the case, had mentioned Kastner would plea insanity. Is Byrd back on the case? I do not know. Who knows what will happen next.

Recently, Kastner learned what he told LE the night of the shootings will be heard by the jury. I definitely hope all his alleged fantasy lies about coming into wealth and sharing it with the school athletic department will be heard also. He allegedly had a propensity to tell a whooper for sure!

A little background:

All of the alleged fight and John and Lori being shot took place as young children slept in a nearby bedroom.

On June25, 2008 the police were called to a home due to a report of home invasion and shooting. Little did they know when they arrived they’d find former Oklahoma Supreme Court Attorney, Lori Moon Kastner dead in her bed from two gunshot wounds. One was later found to be a contact wound. Kastner allegedly told a detailed story of how an intruder, a dark-complexioned white or American Indian man, was standing at the foot of his bed holding a gun, his gun, when he woke. He, Kastner, struggled with the intruder and during that struggle he was shot in the hand.

An interesting tale, huh? - It gets better; Mr. Kastner allegedly told LE that the intruder shot his wife as she slept and when he heard Lori moaning shot her a second time. After the struggle, the intruder proceeded to run from the home, leaving a living witness and the gun behind. The intruder apparently stopped in the kitchen during his flight and grabbed a bag with monies in it along with the children and Lori’s passports. The passports were found neatly placed outside on the driveway of the home.

Then Kastner’s story changed.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Domestic Violence: Fortunately, the Victims Lived


Tuesday, July 13, Salih Kocher waited in his car on the corner of Meredith Drive and Beaver Avenue and followed his wife, Ayah Moneer, into a parking lot. Kocher then exited his car and with flowers in hand (that, allegedly, in Muslim faith, is something one give to someone who is about to die ) and walked toward her. He then broke the driver’s side window and dragged her from the vehicle. "Today is the day you are going to die and I'm going to die," he was said to have told Ayah. He told her this while holding a meat cleaver to her throat then attempted to push her into his vehicle. Fortunately a witness to the violent act called 911 and kept the dispatcher updated on what was happening until police could arrive on the scene. During the struggle for her life, Ayah received lacerations on her hand. But Ayah kept talking to Salih and he dropped the meat cleaver but he continued dragging her by the hair across the lot toward the courtyard.

When police arrived, he was arrested then charged with kidnaping, domestic assault with a weapon, and burglary causing bodily injury. And since Ayah had a restraining order out on him he was also charged with the violation of a no-contact order.

If it is a truth that Salih has consent to kill his wife, I hope she takes the initiative and keeps herself safe from him or others who wish her fatal bodily harm. I would also highly recommend she read an article written by Anny Jacoby: Fight or Flight Response: We All Have It… Anny is a Certified PDR (Personal Defense Readiness) Instructor. The article can be read at her online blog site:  Salih needs to familiarize herself with the steps to defend herself and learn self-protection techniques in the event of another attack.

Tuesday, July 13 a Staten Island woman, Tammy Robinson, felt Douglas Parsley was unfit to drive because he’d had too much to drink. The two argued, and Tammy, with her daughter and a friend of the daughter, got out the car while they were at a gas station in Holmdel. Douglas proceeded to drive away and attempted to run over his wife and the children. Parsley then fled the scene. Police were called and they spotted Parsley’s car. When they tried to stop him, Parsley failed to stop and the police gave a chase. Once they apprehended him, he was charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and drunken driving. Parsley is under a $100,000 bond. Apparently he also had active warrants out on him from Aberdeen Municipal Court for driving with a suspended license and Atlantic City Municipal Court for disorderly conduct.

I hope he stays in jail for a very long time and Tammy finds safety away from his violent nature.

Both of these women need to run; it’s imperative they run as safely as they can from their abusers. ‘Time’s Up’- A Guide How to Escape Abusive and Stalking Relationships by: Susan Murphy Milano can help them do just that.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Intimate Partner Domestic Violence Deaths


You can open the paper any day of the week and read of violent crimes but the ones of domestic violence ending in death of one of the parties involved are the ones that caught my eye recently.

Tuesday, July 13, in the Queens’ area of New York firefighters were called to a Springfield Garden home to battle a fire. Inside the home they discovered a 26-year- old deceased pregnant woman, Linda Anderson and her 2-year-old child, Ayden Hayes. The child was transported to the hospital but died later. During the investigation of the fire they discovered the origin of the fire was near the couch. Neighbors said they couldn’t the smoke or flames but could smell it.

The person who called in the fire was Jimmy Humphrey, Linda’s ex-boyfriend and the alleged father of her unborn child. During police questioning Humphrey allegedly admitted he’d pushed Linda down and knocked over a bottle of nail polish remover onto a candle which set her on fire. He called in the fire but he gave the wrong address. He also admitted he ran home to sleep. I have to wonder if the nail polish remover incident was a deliberate act. If the fire was unintentional then he could’ve easily put it out and called for help for Linda, her son Ayden, and perhaps have saved her unborn child too.

Humphrey is charged with arson and assault but at his arraignment on Friday did not enter a plea.

The next court appearance is set for August 2.

Tuesday, July 13 a call to 911 concerning a vehicular accident sent police to the Gravely Springs community of Lauderdale Co., Al. There they found the body of Tammy Woods in her car and dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Tammy Woods, it's believed, went to the home to collect a few of her belongings but an argument ensued between Tammy and her estranged husband, Tony Randall Woods. LE believes Tammy ran for her life and Tony fired at her as she attempted to drive away; Tony fired at least five times, striking the car in the door, window, trunk and a tail light. The two had numerous domestic violence issues in the past.

Tony is charged with capital murder and is in Lauderdale County Detention Center without bail. He was arraigned on Wednesday and attorneys were appointed.


Wednesday, July 14 in Huntsville, Madison Co., Ala., a 911 call sent police to Dan Tibbs Road. When they arrived on the scene, LE discovered the deceased body of Mary Jeffries. Her husband, Arthur Jeffries allegedly advised that he’d shot her. Domestic violence issues had been an issue in the past between the two. Arthur was charged with murder and is under a $50,000 bond.


Do I believe these women’s deaths could’ve been avoided? Yes. In at least two of the cases, they’d had previous domestic violence issues. Had Mary Jeffries and Tammy Woods read ‘Time’s Up’- A Guide How to Escape Abusive and Stalking Relationships they could’ve learned how to safely walk away and not look back. Had Linda Anderson read the book she’d have known how to spot the violent attribute her boyfriend possessed. Jimmy Humphrey has allegedly admitted he hit her; that admittance, considering she was pregnant, tells me that he had no caring for the unborn child or real love for Linda. I have to wonder if he’d abused her in the past, before that fateful day she died.

But what really bothers me are comments under the articles in media with some D.V. cases, including Tammy Woods death. Comments from posters allege that divorce is costly for men more than the wife and blame the spouse, court system, family court judges and others for spouses turning to murder. Claiming many women trap men into marriage and control the situation when children are involved! That type comment infuriates me and is totally ludicrous. Guess what, it takes two to say the vows and it takes two to make a baby! In fact, the reason women are being murdered is no ones’ fault but the murderer himself. His inability to control his anger is the reason, not the courts! Yes, the courts do need a wider look at, especially in child abuse situations (and too, when a husband abuses his spouse the children experience emotional abuse also) but that’s not to say the courts are the cause of intimate partner murders.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Domestic Abuse and Stephanie Lewis


Domestic Violence is more than marital discord. It’s serious and often creates scenarios where a police search for missing spouse or girlfriend, presumed deceased. One such instance is Danielle T. Brown of Leon CO., FL. Her body has yet to be found. Her alleged killer is in jail for torching her car.

Fortunately for Stephanie Lewis of Jackson, TN., the outcome was that her life was spared - barely.

Stephanie Lewis’s estranged husband, Derrick allegedly kidnaped her from The Jackson Clinic Friday, July 2, 2010. Her Country’s Independence weekend celebration wasn’t spent enjoying good food and setting off fireworks with friends and family. She had fireworks of her own to deal with; mainly, surviving hours of horror in a hot closet of a vacant home with no electricity while she was hogtied and gagged.

Of course they looked at Derrick first as the POI because back in April of 2010 he was alleged to have attacked Stephanie, have charges brought against him and then bond out of jail.

When the police located Derrick Friday night he ran and they gave a chase on foot; after capture and during questioning he told them where they could find Stephanie. They di d find Stephanie around 2:00 Saturday morning at the location he advised she'd be, but she was dehydrated from spending hours in the dark hot closet, without water. We are yet to discover what else Derrick Lewis put her through in the hours before LE took him in for questioning.

Fortunately, the previous bond has been revoked; a bond of 500,000 has been set with the aggravating kidnaping charges though. Eluding a police officer should be added to those charges, if they haven’t already. And I feel he shouldn’t be allowed to bond out, to me he’s a flight risk since he ran from LE when they located him; more important, to me, he is a risk to Stephanie’s safety.

Sadly, prison time (if a true bill is found by the grand jury and in trial he is found guilty on all charges) will not be long enough, he won’t spend that many years locked behind bars. Not only will the sentence he’s given not punishment enough, it’s also possible Stephanie will not be advised of his release when his sentence in over or he is paroled. Nor will it mean he won’t stew while locked up and continue blame Stephanie for his faults.

Stephanie could do well to check out Susan Murphy Milano’s book, ‘Time’s Up’- A Guide How to Escape Abusive and Stalking Relationships. Although LE knows the history of Derrick Lewis’s abusive past - again sadly,  it doesn’t mean they could find anything substantial should Stephanie go missing in the future and become another of the many unfound missing persons like Danielle Brown.