Friday, September 17, 2010

John Robert Kastner at Trial


For two days this week, in District Judge Tom Gillert's court, they asked potential jurors question after question. This went on until both First Assistant District Attorney Doug Drummond and Chief Public Defender Pete Silva were satisfied that they’d seated twelve (plus the alternates) who could reach a just verdict without any prejudicial preconceived thoughts of the events they’d read or heard interfering. Wednesday when the trial began DA Drummond, in his OS, led them on a worded picturesque road of the events of that fateful morning Lori Moon Kastner lost her life.

Mr. Silva, of course, spoke of how of how John R. Kastner loved Lori. Mr. Silva apparently is arguing that the murder wasn’t at the devilish hands of his client but an intruder who came into the Kastner home, killed Lori, wounded John Kastner and stole a bag containing $5,000.00. (I truly wish him luck showing how the evidence fits that scenario.) Mr. Silva’s statement that some people are just numb and do not react is a truth but I ask, what was Mr. Kastner numb over? He purchased a gun, showed it to his adopted daughter and lied about why. Tests fired it and made sure she knew of that also.

Prosecutor Drummond is peeling away Mr. Kastner’s alleged plot one layer at a time. Law enforcement Officers David Moore, Mark Shelton, Detective Jeff Felton and Detective Kyle Ohrynowicz all have taken took the stand to tell the jurors what they saw and were told on that fateful morning of June 25, 2008. They testified how the scene was bloody and the family pet was on a pillow beside Lori’s head licking the blood from the bed. They spoke of how if an intruder entered the home he did not do so by forcible entry. They spoke as to how Mr. Kastner was lucid when they spoke with him. Kastner’s children spoke of how they were asleep when the murder happened and how their father told them he was an Israeli commando in the past. Mr. Silva’s statement that sometimes people are just numb and do not react is a truth but I ask, what was Mr. Kastner numb over? He purchased a gun, showed it to his adopted daughter and lied about why. Tests fired it and made sure she knew of that also.

( I personally am not surprised he expressed himself clearly that morning. He wanted to stress the intruder shooting him and Lori. He wanted to be a hero because he bravely fought a man with a gun. A man, in his story, who was asking about his adopted daughter’s whereabouts. I would've been yelling at the top of my lungs that police needed to go find the person who shot my spouse and myself. And also demand they go check on my daughter’s safety since the intruder was inquiring about her as he waved a gun at me.)

Although it may be a rather ominous forecast in Mr. Kastner’s defense and hopes of freedom, DA Drummond is using Kastner’s own words against in the trial. I think it’s significant that he is doing so. Mr. Kastner had written in his own words of how there was no next week. DA Drummond spoke of how Kastner wrote in his journal of how he puts things off and hoped things would cure themself. And how time does not slow or go backward.

DA Drummond has not only advised the jurors of Mr. Kastner’s lies to his friends, family and coworkers he had the foresight to have a man named Thomas Rowan of the Israeli consulate in Chicago testify that records do not show John Robert Kastner was an Israeli citizen nor that he was ever in their military.

( I wonder if J. R. Kastner could ‘go backward’ now if he’d still kill Lori or tell his students, coworkers and friends the Israeli commando story and that the ‘713 Corporation’ was nothing more that his fantasy, an entanglement of lies.)

Mr. Kastner lied to the police about the events that happened in the predawn hours before Lori was shot back on June 25, 2008. He lied about the race of the alleged intruder, and he lied about where he was in the home when that ‘intruder’ entered the home. He lied that the alleged intruder was searching for his adopted daughter. He lied to his adopted daughter about reasons on June 17, 2008 that he’d purchased a .22 caliber gun. And he lied as to why he tests fired the gun a couple days before the murder. He lied about the corporation he’d inherited from his father, and about the donations he was to make to the school. He lied about many things when he brought his fantasy world to life. And those lies came back to haunt him, and they are his demise. If indeed the jury decides he is the one who shot and killed Lori, he deserves all the sentencing punishment the Judge issues to him. Lying to family and friends is nothing more than a moral wrong. Lying to police to cover ones behind in a murder investigation is a legal crime. Police can lie to you but if you lie to them about facts involved in a crime, it hinders the investigation and, rightfully so, you pay the price.

I surmise that Mr. Kastner is still lying and wants to entangle jurors in his web, have them believe the lies just as he caught his friends, coworkers and family with his previous web. I think he has some serious mental issues with truth telling but he is not legally insane. (Although he isn’t contending that he is insane.)

One thing I am thankful for is that I have not read or heard any evidence coming forth that Lori fought for her life. So, she really was asleep as Mr. Kastner reportedly stated when she was twice shot. I am thankful she was unaware her husband ( I do still believe, due to all I have read and heard, that he killed her) and not an unknown intruder killed her. I am thankful their children were medicated and slept through the shooting. Lori by all I have read and heard was a beautiful soul and her children and family lost someone special. The Oklahoma Supreme Court Judges lost a good person too.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Death of Diane Ward

Last September I wrote of the death of Diane Ward, the wife of millionaire James Robert ‘Bob’ Ward of Isleworth, Orlando Florida. Diane Ward died of a facial gunshot wound beneath the eye. All I could do is shake my head and pray for justice to prevail.

In the 911 call, of September 21, 2009, Bob Ward was said to have stated, ‘I shot my wife . . . she's dead .. She's on the floor of the master bedroom." When police arrived, they discovered Ward standing outside talking on his phone, he advised them Diane was in the master bedroom and the gun was on the bedside table. No other persons were at the home. They discovered broken glass and red stains on the patio and noticed red stains splattered on the back of Ward’s shirt. Upstairs near the north wall of the master bedroom, lying on her right side, was the dead body Diane Ward with a pool of blood around her head. The gun was found in a drawer of a bedside table.

Interestingly, (after they took him to the SO for an interview) when asked about the stains on back of his shirt, Bob asked if they were blood or wine. He also asked to speak to his attorney and that the number was in his cell phone. The lawyer Bob called was Liz Greene. (She’s not a criminal attorney but his bankruptcy attorney.) Bob also said he called his brother-in-law, Glenn Saare.

Since his arrest   Bob has laughed and showed off his jail uniform to his daughter and sister-in-law, made calls to his family to discuss family situations (monies) but never stated he missed his wife, shown he was grieving for her, or shown any remorse for what happened that fateful night. Mr. Ward is now out on $100,000. bond. (I don’t understand such a low bond. Perhaps it’s due to the second-degree murder charge and not first-degree. I think it should be first degree. ) During this past year Diane’s grown children, I personally believe, hasn’t shown any grief for the loss of their mother.  (Again my beliefs are due to what I’ve read and the jail house phone calls and taped visits. Listen to the ones listed below - discussions about monies and properties ) I’ve wondered many times, did they truly love her at all? Or do they love the money and material things’ Dad can give them more? Where have the tears for mom been? Where has Diane’s sister’s grief been? She has not publicly shown any sorrow for her sister’s death either that I have seen. Did she love her sister? Does she want justice for Diane? Surely she can’t believe her sister’s death was truly accidental during attempted suicide; Diane’s DNA was found on Bob’s pants and shoes. His DNA was prominent on the gun grip and trigger, not Diane’s DNA. The entry wound location was not where it’d be easy for her to shoot herself. (ME testimony video listed below) Her alcohol level was over the legal limit. These things, to me, speak volumes of Diane being forgotten in that family and of Bob being the aggressor in the shooting that caused her death.

Mr. Ward and his wife Diane with their two daughters lived in a mansion ( since sold at an auction) in the exclusive Isleworth area which was home to such noteworthy and media known people as Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. The home and Mr. Ward’s personal finances while his business, Land Resource LLC’s move to Florida from GA and went bankrupt, was a point of contention in an investigation and the federal-court suit of the now defunct company.  Glenn Saare has been fired from the board of directors of Cumberland Harbour, as have all the members hired by Bob, and a new board has taken over. The bond companies contend that Mr. Ward continued to pour monies into luxury cars, trust funds for his children, and paying off personal debts. Mr. Ward and his lawyer claimed the housing crunch and credit card freeze for the company’s failure.

The reason I mention the failure of an alleged booming business is that Diane Elizabeth Ward was allegedly soon due to give a deposition.

What I personally believe happened that fateful night is that Bob and Diane had a heated argument while on the patio. (Perhaps over the bankruptcy investigations?) Diane had too much to drink; (the ME report proves that as fact) she threw her drink at Bob while his back was turned (hence, the red stains on the ‘back’ of his shirt) and he became enraged. (Bob has an alleged history of violence against women) Bob followed Diane upstairs and a physical fight ensued. He took the gun, from her (after she grabbed it for protection) from the night stand or he retrieved it himself. (Which is what I believe, due to his alleged violent past against women) Diane couldn’t appropriately defend herself in her inebriated state but tried to fight him and he shot her?

Bob’s trial is set for Valentine’s Day of 2011. I think that date rather ironic.