Monday, March 5, 2012

Brandon Preciado and Domestic Abuse


Brandon Preciado is a young 29- year-old police officer for Long Beach. Sadly, he already has a long list of domestic violence charges lodged against him. Eighteen of them at this time. But I’m concerned he will not pay the way he should for his actions.

Although his wife, Yessenia, told the court of his abusiveness, she is reluctant to testify against him at trial. Yessenia told the court how he used his police department-issued flashlight to threaten her and about his wrapping a belt around her throat. She related how he threatened her with death. "Prepare to die," he allegedly told her. He’d bit her face. And on many occasions’ Brandon would hit her in the face. Yessenia has endured a bloody nose many times, hits with his baton, his fist and a broom and threats with a hammer.

Perciado is due in court March 18 for arraignment. He is on administrative leave from the police department. I am praying he actually goes to trial and Yessenia testifies to the horrors she has endured. Most likely, a good lawyer could get him off otherwise on a plea deal. Brandon has pled not guilty.

I hope Yessenia has heard of and read Susan Murphy Milano’s book ‘Time’s Up’ and takes action to protect herself should Brandon be set free. ( And that is a scary thought) To me, he appears to be a bomb waiting to explode. Yessenia could be in range of the flashback if she doesn’t utilize the help Susan’s book can provide her.