Sunday, July 31, 2011

James David Clarke and the Alleged Murder of Amber Chantel Elkins


Amber Chantel Elkins, a 20-year-old mother from Spring, Texas has been missing since July 24, 2011. Events in the search for her moved quickly.

On Monday July 25, 2011 in the early morning hour (around 3:30 a.m..) Amber’s mother, Shani Kilpatrick received a call from Amber’s cell phone but allegedly said she missed the call because she was asleep. She called the number back about an hour later and a man answered but hung up and turned the phone off. ( one report says Amber’s father received a call from her Sun evening and when he tried to call her back got no answer) After the hang up call Shani received strange text messages from someone saying they were Amber and stated she needed gas money.

Later that morning a man contacted LE to report a vehicle with a window smashed out and blood inside parked at a car wash. As law enforcement began searching for the owner they discovered it was registered to Amber and she was due in court Monday and had not shown. Amber was in a custody battle with Frank Ferrata for her 9- month-old daughter, Ava Nicole. Frank said that it’s heartbreaking because Ava calls for her mama and is too young to understand. He and Amber had lived in Midway, TX until she moved back to the Houston area.

Amber also had a new boyfriend named James David Clark, age 31, and on Saturday, July 30, 2011 Harris County law enforcement arrested him and charged him in her death. The police say they have enough evidence to charge him.

James Clarke allegedly has a long history with LE dating back several years.

At this time, Amber’s body hasn’t been found. But, Texas Equusearch has been in Spring and Humble doing an extensive search for her. The search status has changed from missing person search to recovery.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Alleged Attack by Steven Ford on Ladonia Burns


Steven Ford broke the glass door to gain entry after stomping a puppy to death and brutally attacked his girlfriend, Ladonia Burns. His brutality was, according to him, because she wouldn’t go get him more beer. He used knives to hold her hostage, beat her about her head and could’ve drowned her when he stuck her head in the toilet tank. Ford admitted to breaking in the door and ‘stepping’ on the puppy but had the nerve to blame his violence on alcohol!

There is no excuse Mr. Ford!

Mrs. Burns said beer wasn’t mentioned, he came home and began demanding she obey him. She said she went into the house. And that was when he stomped the puppy’s head, broke the glass door in front of her home, and attacked her. Mrs. Burns said he was also threatening to kill her and he may have done so if her parents hadn’t arrived.

Steven Ford is charged with assault and domestic violence. But, I sure hope they add animal abuse to those charges. He’s under a 50,000 dollar bond. I pray Ford doesn’t bond out, go whining back apologetically and her take him back. Sadly, that has happened in many cases after attacks of domestic violence even when it's as vicious as this alleged attack. Please someone purchase a copy of a book for her called: Time’s Up: A guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships by Susan Murphy Milano

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Don't Hate Casey


Yes. She, the most hated woman in America, is free. But is she? She is Free from the early morning wake up, eating at a certain time, showering only when told, living in a very small room with bars for doors. She isn't free in the sense of true freedom; she will never be. What she is, is hated throughout America and other countries by extreme numbers of people. She can't really 'Be Free'. Of course media would give a mint to have her as their talk show guest or be allowed that a private interview but I don't see that happening as it did with OJ. I don’t see it happening for a very long time.

I will not call Casey a murderer or a killer; she wasn't legally found to be one. But, I don’t call her innocent either. The verdict and the definition of innocent aren’t the same; it’s simply unproven.

I refuse to fall into that ‘I Hate Casey’ fan club. Do I apologize for it? No. I can sleep at night without thinking of unmentionable things I’d like happen to her. I do hate that Caylee died and will never grow to become a woman, to cry and laugh or feel love and hate herself. I hate that images of a skull and duct tape, a hair mass and a child's playhouse are forever imbedded in my mind.  But then, so is an image of 4-year-old, Sean Paddock, with blankets wrapped so tightly around him and duct taped (so they would stay put) he couldn’t breathe and suffocated. I don't hate Lynn Paddock either; hate simply isn't something I feel.

I do call Lynn Paddock a murderer. She was legally found to be one.

I certainly don’t wish Casey harm. I don't want innocents harmed by some crazy minded ‘I Hate Casey’ person who tries to kill her. (Just as the woman in OK was attacked because she resembled Casey and a dumb person thought she ‘was Casey’ then tried to harm her.) A form of hate such as that is defeatism and, to me, puts those people in the same category as the person they hate. I don't want to socialize with Casey or have her live in my neighborhood but I don't want her dead. I want her to live with herself.

And live with herself she eventually will.

The media attention will die. It'll die after a new hated person comes along and commits an unmentionable crime. That will happen because media attention will focus on the new hated person and she will fall into the recesses of memory. Of course as with OJ every book that is written will be major news for a while but as with OJ trial the attention with that, too, will only last a few days. (Image the hordes who would flock back over to the ‘I Hate Misty’ thread if Haleigh Cummings’ body was found.) Scratch that because Misty wouldn’t become a replacement because she was hated even as I hate Casey grew to insurmountable odds and she is still hated. Comparisons would be made to the two. Talk about no conscience, and yes, more of the pathological liar debates would ensue. 

No. I don't Hate Casey Anthony. I am one of the minority.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cases I have blogged on set for jury Trial


I’ve been trying not to write any new post about other alleged killers because I have been watching the activity concerning previous cases I’ve written about on my site. I pray for justice for all these victims.

Those coming to trial this year is: Curtis Leon Copeland, Christopher Ray Shockley, Tony Randall Woods

Curtis Leon Copeland
Capital Murder of a person under six years of age
Copeland’s trial is set for August 15, 2011
Victim: Jessie F. Fisher, age 3.
Died: March 31, 2010 in Fort Worth, TX after a short stay in the hospital suffering from a head injury, a broken vertebra, a broken hip, bruises all over his body and sexual assault.

My post on Copeland and Sharon Nicole Worthy (Sharon’s trial date hasn’t been set):


Ray Christopher Shockley
First Degree Murder
Trial date: Sept 19, 2011
Victim: Tonya Michelle Turnmire
Reported missing: June 4, 2010 Albertville, Alabama
(body found Sun June 20 2010 wrapped in blanket and air mattress)

My post on Tonya’s murder:


Tony Randall Woods
Capital Murder
Trial Date: Oct. 17, 2011
Victim: Tammie Woods (spouse)
Death Date: July 13, 2010 Gravely Springs, Alabama

My post on Tammie’s murder: