Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rage And Child Abuse


Self doubt can breed the seeds of anger and denial. And as anger fills pits deep inside the soul and rages, it solidifies itself into a wall of unconquerable insecurities, the need to control. I can't comprehend why; all I know is it’s all built around actions and reactions. Usually, it’s an action that breaks through already previously singed crevices. Sadly, the reactions to these self insecurities become harsher and define rage.

Perhaps, the self doubts begin as a fight in the soul and a person becomes frustrated, emotionally distraught? Oh well! Some things are burdens to carry but they are necessary burdens so we can grow and become better persons. We’ve all passed through that ‘what next’ channel but we cannot allow the negatives to become the defining factor in whom we are. And, for it to be used as an excuse, the cause, for people to commit unspeakable violence is unfathomable. It isn’t an excuse! No excuse exists for abusing or taking the life of innocent children.

Our children, all children, are the future of this world. Even as this piece is being read, a child is being abused, severely beaten, raped, or murdered. Think about it. It’s a true sad fact. And, I repeat my belief, absolutely no excuse exists for these despicable actions. No doubts, insecurities, anger nor rages are viable excuses to abuse a child.

Matthew Wayne Lightbody, Jr., of Brick, N.J., has second-degree counts of aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child lodged against him. He let his anger take over common sense and compassion. The child is in critical condition. His precious victim: A nine-month-old female. His excuse - He was playing aggressively with the baby.  (My immediate thought- how can a nine-month-old baby play aggressively?)



Curtis Leon Copeland, of Denton Co., TX asked a neighbor call 911. He told the neighbor a child had fainted. When EMS arrived the child was unresponsive and bleeding. According to doctors, the child had severe head trauma, a broken pelvis and broken thoracic vertebrae. Evidence also suggested he had been sexually abused.

Copeland has been charged with capital murder. His precious victim: a three-year-old boy. His excuse - Mom did it. According to Copeland the mother had advised the child had fallen down a flight of stairs prior to her bring her children to his home. He stated in his police interview that the child was slower than usual, had a bruised eye, and he’d noticed an oval shape bruise on the child’s back when he bathed him. (My immediate thought- not a vulgar word was thought but it's still not repeatable on this blog)



Sharon Nicole Worthy, of Denton Co., TX was charged with injury to a child. She was at the hospital giving birth to her third son when the child was sexually abused and severely beaten. However, she was allegedly present when Curtis Leon Copeland pushed the child in the back and caused him to fall face first onto the floor. Allegedly, Worthy did nothing to protect the child or seek assistance for injuries. Her precious victim: Her three-year-old son. Her excuse: According to the article author, she gave several explanations. (My immediate thought:  Her last name is not a hint that she exemplifies good parenting - more so it's - Is lack of maternal instinct an excuse? )

Worthy has had numerous dealings with the child protective services involving bad parenting due to her abuse and the neglect of her children. Her three children all have different fathers. The victim’s father is currently in prison. Worthy wasn’t supposed to have contact with Copeland because he was a convicted felon and had spent time in prison due to the convictions.



Jamille Hardy of Taylors, S.C., was charged with bodily injury on a child. The child is in critical condition. His precious victim: His four-year-old foster-son. His excuse - The boy wouldn’t eat.

Allegedly, Hardy was trying to get his son to eat his dinner but the boy tried to run away. Hardy said he pushed the child. His foster-son is in critical condition with brain and bodily injuries. (My immediate thought - From being pushed?)


Check the included links for more details on these tragic stories. One is just as appalling as the others.

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  1. I wonder how many of these abusers will spend more than 10 years in jail.