Thursday, November 11, 2010

Danielle Santangelo's Death and the Accused Mom's Love, Blindness or Fear

Today, six words again make me wonder just how far a parent will go to stand beside their child. Those words are ‘in pain’ ‘bloody clothes’ and ‘a body’ and allegedly spoken by the mom of a suspect. I try hard not to speculate negatively on family members who stand beside a child accused of a violent crime, whether that child is an adult or teen. But I do sometimes have to wonder about how a parent can have knowledge, at least suspect an act of violence is in progress or has happened, and does nothing to stop it or call for help.

The more recent case that brings these thoughts to mind is the death of Danielle Santangelo in Volusia Co., Florida. All that is available to the public so far is what’s written in media articles and short news clips. And it is what they mention in those articles that have my brain working overtime. The question, ‘could have they saved Danielle?’ is tops in my thoughts. Monday, November 8, 2010, Danielle left her mother’s home driving her mom’s car and did not return. The police were contacted and over the next couple days searched for Danielle. On Wednesday Willie Hicks' mom allegedly contacted the police and reported she’d seen the missing woman’s car at her home on Monday and advised them of other events that took place. Mrs. Hicks was to have said on Monday she heard what sounded like a woman moaning as if she was ‘in pain’ inside Willie Hicks home. The media also reports her to have said later that same night she witnessed her son putting ‘bloody clothes’ in a burn barrel and set fire to them; also that Willie told her he had ‘a body in the red car and didn’t want her to look inside. My questions are why did she not call 911, do ‘anything’, when she heard a woman moaning like she was in pain? If she had, could Danielle's life been saved? Why did she not call police before her son drove away in the car after she saw him with bloody clothes? Did she wait until after she saw a news media announcement about Danielle missing along with a description of the car she was driving before contacting police? Why not call immediately after Willie said ‘a body’ was in the car?

We do not know the extent of Danielle’s injuries and exact cause of death and won’t know until after the autopsy. But Danielle was someone’s child too, just as Willie Hicks is Rose Hicks child. Did Danielle not deserve her consideration? Did Danielle not deserve help when she was heard moaning? If the articles I read on Danielle’s gone missing and alleged murder at and is factual, I wonder, is mom now questioning her own self? Was her lack of quick thinking and action a case of parental love, parental blindness or fear of her own child?

How Danielle and Willie allegedly came to be together that fateful night, how she allegedly came to be at his home is unknown at this time. Perhaps they were acquainted, she trusted him and willingly drove to his home. That doesn’t matter in the fact that she did not deserve to die. And for sure, she didn’t deserve to die, no one does, not in a violent way such as her death occurred.

If it’s a fact that information from Rose Hicks contributed to Danielle’s car and body being located, then I am thankful to her. I do not want to condemn Mrs. Hicks alleged non action and I do not condemn her. But, God gave me a brain and I use it with my ‘what ifs’ and other wondering. May God be with her as she deals with the alleged crime her son committed and her own wondering.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sharon Worthy and The Death of Jesse F. Fisher, Jr. - Age 3


When I first wrote a very short piece on Jesse Fisher, Jr. back in April this year, I was so angry over his death that I couldn’t say much. Except to say he’d died and the killer made an excuse, mom did it. I’m still angry about his dying by the hands of torture but I do feel I can now write another piece to update.

Sharon Worthy moved in with Curtis Leon Copeland around March 25, 2010. She was due to give birth to her third child any day. I do not understand why she moved in with a known felon. She wasn’t supposed to associate with anyone with a felony record. Sharon was no stranger to CPS since they’d had several reports concerning Sharon and the children. Sadly, children protective services didn’t or couldn’t protect little Jesse from his fate. Back in 07 CPS had investigated her for child neglect and abuse of Jesse but found no neglect. Again in 09 they received a report of two children under her care and again found no reason to believe the report. In Dec of that same year someone made another report but CPS filed it as ‘unable to determine’. Then in early March 2010 physical abuse was reported and CPS was still ‘investigating’ that report when Jesse died.

Perhaps CPS and the abuse charges were why she moved from Bowie, TX to Sanger, TX to live with Curtis - who knows. What I do know is she had many living relatives she could’ve left both Jesse and his one-year-old sibling with while she gave birth to her third child. Sharon is barely 21 and was 20 when they rushed Jesse, barely living, and bleeding from his nose and ears to the hospital. None of her three children have the same father. Jesse’s father Jesse Fisher, Sr was allegedly in prison.

On March 30, 2010, Sharon went to the hospital to give birth to her third son and later that same day, a 911 call was made concerning Jesse, Jr.. Curtis Copeland had told a neighbor that Jesse had fainted and asked her to make the call. When paramedics arrived, he was unconscious and bleeding. Later it was determined he had a broken pelvis and broken thoracic vertebrae, and severe head trauma. An examination also showed sexual abuse. Mr. Copeland tried saying when Sharon brought Jesse to his home she’d made a statement that he’d fallen down stairs. He also said Jesse had a bruised eye and other bruising and a bump on the head. Sharon told LE she’d witnessed Curtis slap Jesse so hard it knocked him down but admitted that she didn’t seek medical attention for him.

While Jesse was hospitalized, a social worker was in his room with Sharon and she allegedly stated that at no time did Sharon shed a tear or seem to be genuinely concerned for her son’s welfare. Allegedly, children services is attempting to remove Sharon Worthy’s and both father’s rights to her two living sons. I hope that happens. Curtis Copeland is allegedly not a father to any of Sharon’s children.

They charged Curtis Copeland with murder and Sharon Nicole Worthy with reckless injury to a child.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Has Shock Worn Off - Or Are Anger and Shock Related?


Sometimes my thoughts on the crime news events go quiet; I can't express my feelings of all I read and hear. No words of distress over the events are enough because I feel nothing is left to say. Only the continual 'why' plagues me and the tears in my heart for victims is all I can feel. I worry that if shock and anger are similar, does that mean the killers and attackers have a real excuse for their crimes? What is the difference in us feeling anger with them for doing the crime and theirs when they committed the act? Is the answer so simple that explanation is, ‘but we don’t act on our anger and they did?’

These murders, suicides and attacks of family on family, friends on friends, spouse on spouse appears to be to much to comprehend. Still, I sometimes feel my shock with it all is missing and that is sad; yet at the same time, I do feel anger and frustration. From the more recent suicide of a young New Jersey college student, to the Lester Street slaughter of a family in TN back in 2008 and alleged death of Stacy Peterson at the hands of her cop husband in 2007, the killings are egregious and horrific. I felt anger, and cried silent tears when reading about them.

I keep wondering how anyone can become so pathologically narcissistic that a child's life is worth nothing more to them than the trash a local sanitation department collects on a weekly basis. People like the Susan Smiths’ of the world who gave the life of her two sons to God because she wanted more in her personal life: a man who didn't want children. And the like of the alleged killer, Casey Anthony, who allegedly duct-taped and threw her beautiful daughter in a trash bag; then dumped her body in a woody area that’s filled with filthy water for months at a time. It's incomprehensible that parents like Joseph and Sonya Smith could beat and torture a beautiful son because he was too noisy and wouldn't quietly participate in bible study - Spare the rod! I can't close my eyes and pray for the missing to be found without seeing the beautiful face of Jaliek Rainwalker and wonder if suspicions of his stepfather being a killer will ever be found as a truth. I can’t help but see the special face, shadowed by one of her hats, of Lindsey Baum and feel tears in my heart for her. Or without the beautiful smile of Kyron Horman floating before my eyes and wondering if his stepmother really is responsible for his being somewhere feeling lonely and scared without his father and biological mother. I wonder, is he dead too, like Caylee? Is Haleigh Cummings dead? I can't help my thought that both are now in God's home and in the loving arms of Angels.

I worry because I now wonder if its shock I feel when I read of a murder at the hands of a parent or spouse or if I’ve become immune to being shocked. I worry because when I read of a new intimate partner beating, the emotions I have only feel like anger for the victim and ‘at the perpetrator’ that the atrocious act happened. I do actually admire defense attorneys who can stand before a judge and jury and battle for the most vile of the accused. I know it’s their job; the accused have rights to a fair trial. Still, I don’t have to like what they say and do and usually I don’t like it. I admit I sometimes want to reach out and slap some defense attorney at times; slap them ‘for the victim.’ Because it appears, they are making the victim the bad person.

Sometimes I want to scream out at the justice system for placing a bond on some individuals. One example of the need to scream out is a recent horrific attack on a woman in Mississippi. Freda Wilkerson was so severely beaten that she underwent immediate surgery to repair the wounds and she’ll need more surgery in the future. The attacker, her boyfriend, had left her where she lay, bruised, bleeding and broken and he ran. He was eventually located and charged with aggravated domestic violence but only placed under a $10,000 bond. Outrage seeped into the victim’s heart, and mine also when reading of such a low bond. She said they had placed a small price on her life, fear gripped her and her children that Bobbie Stewart would bond out and come after them. She was right to feel that fear to me. Fortunately the DA agreed and had a higher bond of $50,000 placed on Stewart. I still feel that amount isn’t enough either. No amount is enough for a person who so horrifically beats another human being and leaves them mangled and scared for their life, without help. But if Freda vocalizing her anger helps the police understand victims’ fears and points of view in the future then expressing her anger will not have been for naught.

I wonder, are the anger and frustration I feel with all these beatings, drive by shootings where innocents die (and not the person intended), spouse murders, girlfriend-boyfriend murders, and other tragic criminal activities the same as feeling shock that such an event can still happen? Even if it is the same, I still can’t help but wonder ‘why?’... Why haven’t we, in this day and age of high technology, found a way to come together as one species - the human race - and show respect for each other?

Friday, September 17, 2010

John Robert Kastner at Trial


For two days this week, in District Judge Tom Gillert's court, they asked potential jurors question after question. This went on until both First Assistant District Attorney Doug Drummond and Chief Public Defender Pete Silva were satisfied that they’d seated twelve (plus the alternates) who could reach a just verdict without any prejudicial preconceived thoughts of the events they’d read or heard interfering. Wednesday when the trial began DA Drummond, in his OS, led them on a worded picturesque road of the events of that fateful morning Lori Moon Kastner lost her life.

Mr. Silva, of course, spoke of how of how John R. Kastner loved Lori. Mr. Silva apparently is arguing that the murder wasn’t at the devilish hands of his client but an intruder who came into the Kastner home, killed Lori, wounded John Kastner and stole a bag containing $5,000.00. (I truly wish him luck showing how the evidence fits that scenario.) Mr. Silva’s statement that some people are just numb and do not react is a truth but I ask, what was Mr. Kastner numb over? He purchased a gun, showed it to his adopted daughter and lied about why. Tests fired it and made sure she knew of that also.

Prosecutor Drummond is peeling away Mr. Kastner’s alleged plot one layer at a time. Law enforcement Officers David Moore, Mark Shelton, Detective Jeff Felton and Detective Kyle Ohrynowicz all have taken took the stand to tell the jurors what they saw and were told on that fateful morning of June 25, 2008. They testified how the scene was bloody and the family pet was on a pillow beside Lori’s head licking the blood from the bed. They spoke of how if an intruder entered the home he did not do so by forcible entry. They spoke as to how Mr. Kastner was lucid when they spoke with him. Kastner’s children spoke of how they were asleep when the murder happened and how their father told them he was an Israeli commando in the past. Mr. Silva’s statement that sometimes people are just numb and do not react is a truth but I ask, what was Mr. Kastner numb over? He purchased a gun, showed it to his adopted daughter and lied about why. Tests fired it and made sure she knew of that also.

( I personally am not surprised he expressed himself clearly that morning. He wanted to stress the intruder shooting him and Lori. He wanted to be a hero because he bravely fought a man with a gun. A man, in his story, who was asking about his adopted daughter’s whereabouts. I would've been yelling at the top of my lungs that police needed to go find the person who shot my spouse and myself. And also demand they go check on my daughter’s safety since the intruder was inquiring about her as he waved a gun at me.)

Although it may be a rather ominous forecast in Mr. Kastner’s defense and hopes of freedom, DA Drummond is using Kastner’s own words against in the trial. I think it’s significant that he is doing so. Mr. Kastner had written in his own words of how there was no next week. DA Drummond spoke of how Kastner wrote in his journal of how he puts things off and hoped things would cure themself. And how time does not slow or go backward.

DA Drummond has not only advised the jurors of Mr. Kastner’s lies to his friends, family and coworkers he had the foresight to have a man named Thomas Rowan of the Israeli consulate in Chicago testify that records do not show John Robert Kastner was an Israeli citizen nor that he was ever in their military.

( I wonder if J. R. Kastner could ‘go backward’ now if he’d still kill Lori or tell his students, coworkers and friends the Israeli commando story and that the ‘713 Corporation’ was nothing more that his fantasy, an entanglement of lies.)

Mr. Kastner lied to the police about the events that happened in the predawn hours before Lori was shot back on June 25, 2008. He lied about the race of the alleged intruder, and he lied about where he was in the home when that ‘intruder’ entered the home. He lied that the alleged intruder was searching for his adopted daughter. He lied to his adopted daughter about reasons on June 17, 2008 that he’d purchased a .22 caliber gun. And he lied as to why he tests fired the gun a couple days before the murder. He lied about the corporation he’d inherited from his father, and about the donations he was to make to the school. He lied about many things when he brought his fantasy world to life. And those lies came back to haunt him, and they are his demise. If indeed the jury decides he is the one who shot and killed Lori, he deserves all the sentencing punishment the Judge issues to him. Lying to family and friends is nothing more than a moral wrong. Lying to police to cover ones behind in a murder investigation is a legal crime. Police can lie to you but if you lie to them about facts involved in a crime, it hinders the investigation and, rightfully so, you pay the price.

I surmise that Mr. Kastner is still lying and wants to entangle jurors in his web, have them believe the lies just as he caught his friends, coworkers and family with his previous web. I think he has some serious mental issues with truth telling but he is not legally insane. (Although he isn’t contending that he is insane.)

One thing I am thankful for is that I have not read or heard any evidence coming forth that Lori fought for her life. So, she really was asleep as Mr. Kastner reportedly stated when she was twice shot. I am thankful she was unaware her husband ( I do still believe, due to all I have read and heard, that he killed her) and not an unknown intruder killed her. I am thankful their children were medicated and slept through the shooting. Lori by all I have read and heard was a beautiful soul and her children and family lost someone special. The Oklahoma Supreme Court Judges lost a good person too.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Death of Diane Ward

Last September I wrote of the death of Diane Ward, the wife of millionaire James Robert ‘Bob’ Ward of Isleworth, Orlando Florida. Diane Ward died of a facial gunshot wound beneath the eye. All I could do is shake my head and pray for justice to prevail.

In the 911 call, of September 21, 2009, Bob Ward was said to have stated, ‘I shot my wife . . . she's dead .. She's on the floor of the master bedroom." When police arrived, they discovered Ward standing outside talking on his phone, he advised them Diane was in the master bedroom and the gun was on the bedside table. No other persons were at the home. They discovered broken glass and red stains on the patio and noticed red stains splattered on the back of Ward’s shirt. Upstairs near the north wall of the master bedroom, lying on her right side, was the dead body Diane Ward with a pool of blood around her head. The gun was found in a drawer of a bedside table.

Interestingly, (after they took him to the SO for an interview) when asked about the stains on back of his shirt, Bob asked if they were blood or wine. He also asked to speak to his attorney and that the number was in his cell phone. The lawyer Bob called was Liz Greene. (She’s not a criminal attorney but his bankruptcy attorney.) Bob also said he called his brother-in-law, Glenn Saare.

Since his arrest   Bob has laughed and showed off his jail uniform to his daughter and sister-in-law, made calls to his family to discuss family situations (monies) but never stated he missed his wife, shown he was grieving for her, or shown any remorse for what happened that fateful night. Mr. Ward is now out on $100,000. bond. (I don’t understand such a low bond. Perhaps it’s due to the second-degree murder charge and not first-degree. I think it should be first degree. ) During this past year Diane’s grown children, I personally believe, hasn’t shown any grief for the loss of their mother.  (Again my beliefs are due to what I’ve read and the jail house phone calls and taped visits. Listen to the ones listed below - discussions about monies and properties ) I’ve wondered many times, did they truly love her at all? Or do they love the money and material things’ Dad can give them more? Where have the tears for mom been? Where has Diane’s sister’s grief been? She has not publicly shown any sorrow for her sister’s death either that I have seen. Did she love her sister? Does she want justice for Diane? Surely she can’t believe her sister’s death was truly accidental during attempted suicide; Diane’s DNA was found on Bob’s pants and shoes. His DNA was prominent on the gun grip and trigger, not Diane’s DNA. The entry wound location was not where it’d be easy for her to shoot herself. (ME testimony video listed below) Her alcohol level was over the legal limit. These things, to me, speak volumes of Diane being forgotten in that family and of Bob being the aggressor in the shooting that caused her death.

Mr. Ward and his wife Diane with their two daughters lived in a mansion ( since sold at an auction) in the exclusive Isleworth area which was home to such noteworthy and media known people as Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. The home and Mr. Ward’s personal finances while his business, Land Resource LLC’s move to Florida from GA and went bankrupt, was a point of contention in an investigation and the federal-court suit of the now defunct company.  Glenn Saare has been fired from the board of directors of Cumberland Harbour, as have all the members hired by Bob, and a new board has taken over. The bond companies contend that Mr. Ward continued to pour monies into luxury cars, trust funds for his children, and paying off personal debts. Mr. Ward and his lawyer claimed the housing crunch and credit card freeze for the company’s failure.

The reason I mention the failure of an alleged booming business is that Diane Elizabeth Ward was allegedly soon due to give a deposition.

What I personally believe happened that fateful night is that Bob and Diane had a heated argument while on the patio. (Perhaps over the bankruptcy investigations?) Diane had too much to drink; (the ME report proves that as fact) she threw her drink at Bob while his back was turned (hence, the red stains on the ‘back’ of his shirt) and he became enraged. (Bob has an alleged history of violence against women) Bob followed Diane upstairs and a physical fight ensued. He took the gun, from her (after she grabbed it for protection) from the night stand or he retrieved it himself. (Which is what I believe, due to his alleged violent past against women) Diane couldn’t appropriately defend herself in her inebriated state but tried to fight him and he shot her?

Bob’s trial is set for Valentine’s Day of 2011. I think that date rather ironic. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Danielle T. Brown May Have Justice After All


Back on Feb 5 of 2010 Danielle Brown left her home on Springhill Road around 8:30 p.m. and that was, allegedly, the last known time anyone, other than her passenger, has seen her. Danielle’s passenger was Elijah James, III and she was headed to take him to his mother’s house on King’s Post Way. We know she was still with Elijah later the same night because around 11:35 p.m. she spoke with a friend on her cell phone and told the friend that she was going to Apalachee Parkway to meet a friend after she took Elijah to his mother’s house. According to reports Elijah and Danielle were in a heated argument during that call and Danielle’s phone went dead. Subsequent calls were unanswered.

The police discovered several items belonging to Danielle on the grounds of his mother’s house so can assume Elijah James was there that Friday night or early Saturday morning. Whether Danielle was with Elijah at the time the items came to be there is unknown. What we know is that Mr. James was seen in possession of Danielle’s Buick in Wacissa and Waukeenah of Jefferson Co. between 1:30 a.m. and 4 a.m. on February 6. Also around 5:30 a.m. that Saturday morning Elijah and another man were at a Circle K store and Elijah was driving Danielle’s car. She wasn’t seen by anyone and wasn’t seen on the security camera video inside the car or store. The men purchased a case of beer. (I so want to say something caustic here, but will refrain) Elijah also made a trip to his sister’s home the morning of Feb 6 around 8:45 a.m. and allegedly stayed there until 11:30 p.m.. He allegedly slept. (I guess his alleged actions of Feb 5 and the wee morning hours of Feb 6 was very tiring for him.)

On Feb 7, the day Danielle’s family reported her missing, Elijah spent several hours at another sister’s home in Pavo, GA. The second sister’s home, according to LE records, is the address on police files in reference to his criminal background. Also of importance is that Elijah was seen on Feb 7, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. in Monticello, and was later seen walking away from the city dump in Pavo, Thomas County, GA where Danielle’s car was discovered burned. They arrested Elijah for auto theft and later Thomas County GA police charged him with torching her car. He sits in the jail there awaiting the trial scheduled for September 27, 2010.

Leon County, Florida police and Sheriff Larry Campbell were determined in their efforts to find Danielle, and, with the help of other police departments, searched for her in Florida and Georgia for several weeks. However, sadly she wasn’t found. They later changed their investigative efforts from a search for a missing person to a homicide investigation. During the investigations her cell phone was found on the side of a road, as was two pieces of her driver’s license.

The good thing is due to the Leon County Florida police department, and Sheriff Larry Campbell plus the DA’s office dogged determination with their evidence gathering a grand jury was convened this month. The grand jury heard all the relevant evidence and testimony from numerous witnesses and brought back a true bill.

They charged Elijah James with robbery and first degree murder of Danielle T. Brown.

I am so thankful to Leon County Florida police, Thomas County, GA police and all the other police departments that assisted in the searches and investigation of Danielle’s case. Due to all their incredible efforts justice may happen for her.

To read more on Danielle’s case check out my other post and the files below.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mr. Kastner Is Delaying Justice . . . Again!


Jury selection was set to begin August 16, 2010 but John Robert Kastner is again attempting to delay his trial. Apparently, Kastner’s newest lawyer, Jill Webb of the County’s Public Defender Office, has filed a change of venue motion. Mr. Kastner seems to think he won’t receive a fair trial in Tulsa due to all the media interest in his case. Kastner also claims (if you can believe anything he says) that he never agreed to use an insanity plea or that he is suffering from schizophrenia.

Well, Duh! Guess what Mr. Kastner, had you not allegedly lied numerous times to not only your wife and children, but to your students, the principal and the district officials of the Webster High School, where you were a trusted coach and a teacher, maybe you wouldn’t have gained so much popularity in the media. And, more important, had your story that you had not shot and killed Lori Moon Kastner, an attorney who had worked for the Oklahoma Supreme Court, been found believable via evidence at the crime scene, perhaps the public interest in your alleged part in the murder would’ve waned. Perhaps if you hadn’t allegedly told law enforcement that the person who shot and killed your wife was looking for your 19-year-old adopted daughter and wanting money then this case wouldn’t have gained so much interest.

Heck, you allegedly couldn’t keep your stories straight with how the shooting happened. What we have known is factual throughout this whole ordeal is that Lori was shot twice in the head! And you allegedly told police different stories of how you woke and struggled with the assailant. From the time LE first arrived and spoke with you, and when you were at the hospital just a few hours later, the story allegedly changed. Does that not scream that the public would want to know all the facts of the alleged home invasion? Does it not scream the public would want answers to who killed Lori and shot a well-loved coach and English teacher in the hand?

I think perhaps it isn’t just the negative media attention concerning your alleged lies that bug you but the fact that you were a respected and trusted teacher and coach at the High School that is the problem. You have to know that you’ve likely lost all the accolades of that distinction and possibly now only seen as a con man (due to the alleged non existent 713 Corporation stuff), and an accused killer. I really don’t see the school rehiring you, should you be found not guilty. I do however feel the court can find 12 honest citizens to sit on the jury in your county who is willing to put aside anything they’ve seen or read of your case and impart a fair verdict. I’d even go so far as to say you likely ‘will’ find potential jurors who know nothing about all the publicity surrounding your past and who will also be willing to look at the evidence in a fair and impartial manner.

My personal thoughts, from all I’ve read and heard on this case, are that between the lawyer who allegedly gave that statement about the insanity plea and Mr. Kastner, I go with the lawyer. Considering all the other alleged lies of Mr. Kastner, and they are numerous, I believe, he could easily be lying that he never verbally told the lawyer, John Byrd, he’d agree to plead insanity. We’ll have to wait and see if Mr. Byrd confirms the verbal agreement to know for sure. But like Mr. Kastner’s alleged mountain of lies, and all the changing of attorneys, he changed his mind about that also. And just as he allegedly blamed a supposed acquaintance of his adopted daughter for the shooting of Lori Kastner and home invasion, he is blaming his ex attorney for an alleged plea he doesn’t want to use. And I think, due to all I have read and heard on this case, that he is using that as another ploy for delaying his criminal trial. I ask, why didn’t he file this motion sooner? For instance - back in Jan of this year when the judge agreed to remove Byrd as his attorney and ‘again’ agreed to the public defender’s office assigning one? Why the wait until a few days before jury selection was set to begin?

I have to admit, although I am of full awareness this ‘I didn’t agree to plea insanity’ claim is a serious matter - (it could damage a lawyer’s reputation with the bar association), that an accused liar is calling another person a liar is rather comical. If you look at it from a certain standpoint that is. The idiom - ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ comes to mind.

Yes, Mr. Kastner deserves a fair trial and one that makes sure no one violates his rights; I approve of that. However, justice for Lori is indeed slow.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Death of Amanda Schafer


Scott Myers spent August 5, 2010 drinking and arguing with Amanda Schafer at the home of her dad in Oviedo, Florida. A friend who had spent time at the home between 11:00 A.M.and 4:00 P.M. allegedly told the police about the arguments.

Amanda’s father had called her around 4:50 P.M. and she advised him Scott had broken a door at the home. A few minutes later Mr. Schafer called Amanda again but Scott answered the phone and he told him that Amanda was in the bathroom cleaning up and couldn’t come to the phone. Mr. Schafer attempted calling his daughter several times after speaking with Scott but no one answered. Mr. Schafer went home. When arriving he found his daughter’s rental car missing and his stiff, unresponsive daughter on her bedroom floor lying in a pool of blood. He called 911and with a distraught and panic stricken voice asked for help, telling the operator that he believed Scott had killed his daughter.

Thanks to his mother, around 9:00 P.M. Scott turned himself in to police in Winter Springs and they transported him to the Oviedo police department. The police noticed Scott had a cut on the inside area of his right hand. Scott allegedly told them Amanda had committed suicide but later, after they told him she couldn’t stab herself numerous times; not in some areas where wounds were located, he allegedly admitted he’d stabbed her. Of course Scott also allegedly blamed the victim to, he is said to have stated that Amanda had assaulted him as he was washing dishes and he lost control and stabbed her with the knife then took her car and left.

They have Scott Allen Myers charged with Amanda’s murder and grand theft auto and he is in Oviedo, jailed without a bond. I look for a self defense plea and blame the victim when this case goes to trial.

According to some friends of Amanda’s the two having arguments was allegedly a common thing and they had encouraged her to get away from him. In one article I read,  a friend of Amanda’s, Andrew Frederick stated, ‘he had her locked in the head, to the point she couldn’t really do anything.’ Yes, unfortunately, it’s too late for Amanda to make use of ‘Time’s Up: A Guide How to Escape Abusive and Stalking Relationships now. However, it isn’t too late for other victims if this guide were available in police departments, libraries and churches everywhere!

Had 21-year-old Amanda Schafer known of this book perhaps her life could’ve been spared. That couldn’t really do anything feeling is a sad view many domestic violence victims have, but help can be found. This book by Susan Murphy Milano, a well-known advocate for victims of domestic violence, is the help needed. The answer to people’s question 'why didn’t she just leave?' - when they read of domestic violence murders, has an answer in the book. One answer is a common sense one for those who have been through abusive relationships, fear. But Susan Murphy Milano has given fear a new definition, - Facilitate Ending, Abusive, Relationships. This can be accomplished!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Ploys of Tammie Woods’ Accused Murderer


In July I wrote a post about intimate partner murders. One of those mentioned deceased was Tammie Woods, allegedly shot and killed by her estranged husband Tony Randall Woods. Tammie was shot several times as she attempted to drive away, escape, from Tony after a visit to his home.

When I first read of her death, I felt great sadness because there is a guide published that could have helped her understand the proper procedures to take. That guide is ‘Time’s Up’- A Guide How to Escape Abusive and Stalking Relationships. Tammie’s life could have possibly been spared had she knew of and utilized this book. Tony is charged with capital murder in her death. But, since Tony’s arrest I’ve been concerned about any real justice for Tammie’s death. Tony and his lawyer, Melinda Austin, want him to be freed on a low bond so he can continue receiving proper treatment for an illness. Tony allegedly is suffering harrowing pain and is being treated for multiple myelomas, a form of cancer.

One jail nurse recently testified in the bond hearing that Tony had said that he only had 24 to 48 hours to live due to his cancer. These things are sympathy ploys. Thankfully a doctor testified that his immediate death wasn’t a truth and informed the court of the medications Tony was taking for his cancer.

To me, the defense has proved nothing so far except that Tony is not only an accused killer but an alleged liar also. One reason I think of him as a liar is that, according to an investigator’s statement, he told them that he was attempting to shoot over the car and not kill Tammie. I think perhaps he could’ve accomplished that feat if that was a truth; he’s apparently a very proficient hunter. Tammie’s brother told a media outlet that Tony hunted all winter and killed six deer. Sorry Tony, but what about the terrorizing emotional pain Tammie must have felt as she rushed to speed away from the bullets hitting her car. And what about the pain from the bullets invading her body. Allegedly you do lawn care for a living and mowed your lawn the day before Tammie was killed; where was your agonizing pain? During the hunting season you apparently shot and killed several deer; where was the pain as you trampled though the woods? Did you climb into a tree stand while you were experiencing excruciating pain?

Although Tony does have cancer, I don’t think it is something that should give him freedom until his trial. I have no sympathy for Tony; he should have considered his treatments for cancer before pulling the trigger numerous times. I do however have hope of justice for Tammie. I can’t imagine the terror she must have experienced during the last few minutes of her life. And I have hope her family will stay strong during all these pretrial hearings and the trial too - if it ever happens.

For a few days, during postponement of the hearing for evidence gathering and waiting to read of the Judge’s decision, I couldn’t help but think to myself ‘the defense will be victor and Tony will be free on a bond.’ Those thoughts were a point of frustration for me. Thankfully, due to the wisdom of Judge Carole Medley and arguments put forth by prosecutors, Tony will remain in jail and have his treatment for the cancer during his incarceration.

I still think Tony’s cancer will continue to be a point of argument with his defense. I look for future hearings on Tony Woods medical condition and continued pleas for the court to allow him to bail out on a low bond due to the cancer.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Justice System, It’s Time John Robert Kastner Goes to Trial


Please no more delays! The trial is set for Aug 16, 2010 and that date should stand.

John Robert Kastner has played the system for past 25 months. He was appointed a lawyer because he filed paupers’ status, fired that lawyer, got a local lawyer, John Byrd, to defend him, fired him when it was nearing time for trial, then hired himself as his lawyer in Jan 09, fired himself in April of 09. The public defenders’ office is now back on the case. Please Judge, do not let this man play the system again. The local lawyer, John Byrd, who I was advised volunteered to take the case, had mentioned Kastner would plea insanity. Is Byrd back on the case? I do not know. Who knows what will happen next.

Recently, Kastner learned what he told LE the night of the shootings will be heard by the jury. I definitely hope all his alleged fantasy lies about coming into wealth and sharing it with the school athletic department will be heard also. He allegedly had a propensity to tell a whooper for sure!

A little background:

All of the alleged fight and John and Lori being shot took place as young children slept in a nearby bedroom.

On June25, 2008 the police were called to a home due to a report of home invasion and shooting. Little did they know when they arrived they’d find former Oklahoma Supreme Court Attorney, Lori Moon Kastner dead in her bed from two gunshot wounds. One was later found to be a contact wound. Kastner allegedly told a detailed story of how an intruder, a dark-complexioned white or American Indian man, was standing at the foot of his bed holding a gun, his gun, when he woke. He, Kastner, struggled with the intruder and during that struggle he was shot in the hand.

An interesting tale, huh? - It gets better; Mr. Kastner allegedly told LE that the intruder shot his wife as she slept and when he heard Lori moaning shot her a second time. After the struggle, the intruder proceeded to run from the home, leaving a living witness and the gun behind. The intruder apparently stopped in the kitchen during his flight and grabbed a bag with monies in it along with the children and Lori’s passports. The passports were found neatly placed outside on the driveway of the home.

Then Kastner’s story changed.

You can read my previous articles on this story here:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Domestic Violence: Fortunately, the Victims Lived


Tuesday, July 13, Salih Kocher waited in his car on the corner of Meredith Drive and Beaver Avenue and followed his wife, Ayah Moneer, into a parking lot. Kocher then exited his car and with flowers in hand (that, allegedly, in Muslim faith, is something one give to someone who is about to die ) and walked toward her. He then broke the driver’s side window and dragged her from the vehicle. "Today is the day you are going to die and I'm going to die," he was said to have told Ayah. He told her this while holding a meat cleaver to her throat then attempted to push her into his vehicle. Fortunately a witness to the violent act called 911 and kept the dispatcher updated on what was happening until police could arrive on the scene. During the struggle for her life, Ayah received lacerations on her hand. But Ayah kept talking to Salih and he dropped the meat cleaver but he continued dragging her by the hair across the lot toward the courtyard.

When police arrived, he was arrested then charged with kidnaping, domestic assault with a weapon, and burglary causing bodily injury. And since Ayah had a restraining order out on him he was also charged with the violation of a no-contact order.

If it is a truth that Salih has consent to kill his wife, I hope she takes the initiative and keeps herself safe from him or others who wish her fatal bodily harm. I would also highly recommend she read an article written by Anny Jacoby: Fight or Flight Response: We All Have It… Anny is a Certified PDR (Personal Defense Readiness) Instructor. The article can be read at her online blog site:  Salih needs to familiarize herself with the steps to defend herself and learn self-protection techniques in the event of another attack.

Tuesday, July 13 a Staten Island woman, Tammy Robinson, felt Douglas Parsley was unfit to drive because he’d had too much to drink. The two argued, and Tammy, with her daughter and a friend of the daughter, got out the car while they were at a gas station in Holmdel. Douglas proceeded to drive away and attempted to run over his wife and the children. Parsley then fled the scene. Police were called and they spotted Parsley’s car. When they tried to stop him, Parsley failed to stop and the police gave a chase. Once they apprehended him, he was charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and drunken driving. Parsley is under a $100,000 bond. Apparently he also had active warrants out on him from Aberdeen Municipal Court for driving with a suspended license and Atlantic City Municipal Court for disorderly conduct.

I hope he stays in jail for a very long time and Tammy finds safety away from his violent nature.

Both of these women need to run; it’s imperative they run as safely as they can from their abusers. ‘Time’s Up’- A Guide How to Escape Abusive and Stalking Relationships by: Susan Murphy Milano can help them do just that.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Intimate Partner Domestic Violence Deaths


You can open the paper any day of the week and read of violent crimes but the ones of domestic violence ending in death of one of the parties involved are the ones that caught my eye recently.

Tuesday, July 13, in the Queens’ area of New York firefighters were called to a Springfield Garden home to battle a fire. Inside the home they discovered a 26-year- old deceased pregnant woman, Linda Anderson and her 2-year-old child, Ayden Hayes. The child was transported to the hospital but died later. During the investigation of the fire they discovered the origin of the fire was near the couch. Neighbors said they couldn’t the smoke or flames but could smell it.

The person who called in the fire was Jimmy Humphrey, Linda’s ex-boyfriend and the alleged father of her unborn child. During police questioning Humphrey allegedly admitted he’d pushed Linda down and knocked over a bottle of nail polish remover onto a candle which set her on fire. He called in the fire but he gave the wrong address. He also admitted he ran home to sleep. I have to wonder if the nail polish remover incident was a deliberate act. If the fire was unintentional then he could’ve easily put it out and called for help for Linda, her son Ayden, and perhaps have saved her unborn child too.

Humphrey is charged with arson and assault but at his arraignment on Friday did not enter a plea.

The next court appearance is set for August 2.

Tuesday, July 13 a call to 911 concerning a vehicular accident sent police to the Gravely Springs community of Lauderdale Co., Al. There they found the body of Tammy Woods in her car and dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Tammy Woods, it's believed, went to the home to collect a few of her belongings but an argument ensued between Tammy and her estranged husband, Tony Randall Woods. LE believes Tammy ran for her life and Tony fired at her as she attempted to drive away; Tony fired at least five times, striking the car in the door, window, trunk and a tail light. The two had numerous domestic violence issues in the past.

Tony is charged with capital murder and is in Lauderdale County Detention Center without bail. He was arraigned on Wednesday and attorneys were appointed.


Wednesday, July 14 in Huntsville, Madison Co., Ala., a 911 call sent police to Dan Tibbs Road. When they arrived on the scene, LE discovered the deceased body of Mary Jeffries. Her husband, Arthur Jeffries allegedly advised that he’d shot her. Domestic violence issues had been an issue in the past between the two. Arthur was charged with murder and is under a $50,000 bond.


Do I believe these women’s deaths could’ve been avoided? Yes. In at least two of the cases, they’d had previous domestic violence issues. Had Mary Jeffries and Tammy Woods read ‘Time’s Up’- A Guide How to Escape Abusive and Stalking Relationships they could’ve learned how to safely walk away and not look back. Had Linda Anderson read the book she’d have known how to spot the violent attribute her boyfriend possessed. Jimmy Humphrey has allegedly admitted he hit her; that admittance, considering she was pregnant, tells me that he had no caring for the unborn child or real love for Linda. I have to wonder if he’d abused her in the past, before that fateful day she died.

But what really bothers me are comments under the articles in media with some D.V. cases, including Tammy Woods death. Comments from posters allege that divorce is costly for men more than the wife and blame the spouse, court system, family court judges and others for spouses turning to murder. Claiming many women trap men into marriage and control the situation when children are involved! That type comment infuriates me and is totally ludicrous. Guess what, it takes two to say the vows and it takes two to make a baby! In fact, the reason women are being murdered is no ones’ fault but the murderer himself. His inability to control his anger is the reason, not the courts! Yes, the courts do need a wider look at, especially in child abuse situations (and too, when a husband abuses his spouse the children experience emotional abuse also) but that’s not to say the courts are the cause of intimate partner murders.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Domestic Abuse and Stephanie Lewis


Domestic Violence is more than marital discord. It’s serious and often creates scenarios where a police search for missing spouse or girlfriend, presumed deceased. One such instance is Danielle T. Brown of Leon CO., FL. Her body has yet to be found. Her alleged killer is in jail for torching her car.

Fortunately for Stephanie Lewis of Jackson, TN., the outcome was that her life was spared - barely.

Stephanie Lewis’s estranged husband, Derrick allegedly kidnaped her from The Jackson Clinic Friday, July 2, 2010. Her Country’s Independence weekend celebration wasn’t spent enjoying good food and setting off fireworks with friends and family. She had fireworks of her own to deal with; mainly, surviving hours of horror in a hot closet of a vacant home with no electricity while she was hogtied and gagged.

Of course they looked at Derrick first as the POI because back in April of 2010 he was alleged to have attacked Stephanie, have charges brought against him and then bond out of jail.

When the police located Derrick Friday night he ran and they gave a chase on foot; after capture and during questioning he told them where they could find Stephanie. They di d find Stephanie around 2:00 Saturday morning at the location he advised she'd be, but she was dehydrated from spending hours in the dark hot closet, without water. We are yet to discover what else Derrick Lewis put her through in the hours before LE took him in for questioning.

Fortunately, the previous bond has been revoked; a bond of 500,000 has been set with the aggravating kidnaping charges though. Eluding a police officer should be added to those charges, if they haven’t already. And I feel he shouldn’t be allowed to bond out, to me he’s a flight risk since he ran from LE when they located him; more important, to me, he is a risk to Stephanie’s safety.

Sadly, prison time (if a true bill is found by the grand jury and in trial he is found guilty on all charges) will not be long enough, he won’t spend that many years locked behind bars. Not only will the sentence he’s given not punishment enough, it’s also possible Stephanie will not be advised of his release when his sentence in over or he is paroled. Nor will it mean he won’t stew while locked up and continue blame Stephanie for his faults.

Stephanie could do well to check out Susan Murphy Milano’s book, ‘Time’s Up’- A Guide How to Escape Abusive and Stalking Relationships. Although LE knows the history of Derrick Lewis’s abusive past - again sadly,  it doesn’t mean they could find anything substantial should Stephanie go missing in the future and become another of the many unfound missing persons like Danielle Brown.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Too Late for Tonya Michelle Turnmire to Utilize 'Time's Up'

According to the police, the relationship between Tonya Michelle Turnmire and Ray Christopher Shockley was riddled with domestic violence incidents. On Friday, June 4, 2010 Michelle (as she was called) left her job at Y-Mart in Boaz, Ala., and drove to the home she shared with Ray in Albertville, Ala..

Michelle was not seen alive again.

The next day Michelle’s family called the police and reported her missing. Law enforcement spoke to Shockley several times in reference to her missing but it wasn’t until June 19 when Shockley was taken in for more questioning that  he confessed and led police to where he’d dumped Michelle’s body. Law enforcement converged on a wooded area just off U.S. Highway 431 in the Rockledge community of Etowah County that’s often used as a dump site. Michelle’s remains were taken to Huntsville for autopsy.

On Monday, June 21 after a press conference confirming Shockley had been arrested, close friends of Michelle’s released heart-shaped balloons in her honor. One balloon was gold star-shaped.

Tonya Michelle could have benefitted from a gold star -book by Susan Murphy Milano - ‘Time’s Up’- A Guide How to Escape Abusive and Stalking Relationships had she knew about it prior to June 4, 2010. Her case speaks loudly as to how valuable this book could be to domestic violence victims and how LE Departments everywhere need to utilize it. It reeks of the need for them to at least advise abused victims of its existence, if not give them a copy of Chapter 4: Declaration of Independence (Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit). I am of the belief that it’s imperative all domestic violence victims have access to this book, that even if they don’t believe their life is in danger from their abuser, (and sadly many do not believe they could die at the hands of their spouse or boyfriend) they need to keep records of the abuse and keep it in a safe place.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joran and Thomas alike? Yes. But no.


Thanks to the reader comment for a question and giving me the incentive to put my thoughts down: Joran van der Sloot, Thomas Pate; what is the difference in these two men?

I understand the image perception of Thomas and Joran being similar but in fact to me there is a large difference. Yes. Each killed and left the body, ran - Joran after killing Stephany Flores and Thomas after killing Micah. Yes. Each killed and reached out to Dad to help them. Joran, so dad could handle the situation with Natalee- the body. But I feel Thomas needed his dad to tell him what to say, like he needed Dad's approval before he admitted he’d shot Micah. Both Thomas and Joran are liars, Thomas lied about Micah's disappearance, he’s still lying about why she died, but I don’t 'think he rates being considered a consummate liar. Being a consummate liar is reserved for Joran and the alleged killer Robert Kastner. Thomas is still lying but that is self preservation, he doesn't want to die; he is an opportunist liar. And before the murder, he simply ( if you can accept the word simply in a murder case) wanted Micah out of his life. Joran is still lying also, he knows no other way, he is a media hoarder; I don't think Thomas wants the limelight . Thomas admitted, after his dad asked him, that he had done cocaine in the past but stated he’d quit a couple years earlier. He did say he had been drinking again of late. Joran uses drugs and alcohol as a way to get his victims to go with him. It was part of his MO; I believe that was a fact in both cases, Natalee and Stephany. To me, Stephany isn't walking straight in the video where they come into the motel. She is swaying side to side. But when you see her come into the casino she isn't swaying when she walks. I am not sure Thomas slipped Micah drugs, it's possible for sure, (but I don’t remember reading of them being in her system) I do feel he definitely had complete control of her that fateful night.

Joran became attracted to a woman and decided she was his victim, he is a hunter. Thomas had someone else and no longer wanted the one he had, he needed an out. Thomas used a gun, brought it from his home as his weapon of choice; it was a quick and easy kill, and then he discarded the weapon; Joran used his hands and a tennis racket on Stephany and his hands on Natalee ( he hasn’t bragged about using any other weapon on her). I believe Joran used what was handy when he was rejected. Joran didn’t premeditate; He acted on the moment. In my opinion Thomas had total premeditation with Micah’s murder, he planned it in full, he took the weapon with him, he took her where it wouldn’t be an easy find before he could go home and clean himself up and think of an excuse scenario of why she didn’t come home.

Joran will never cry for his victims, when he goes to court on all the charges he is accused, he will be stoic and likely we will see smiles at times; Thomas will cry, he has a conscience, guilt; Shoot, he even cried hearing his own confession. He will be tearful in court partly in hopes the jury will forgo the death penalty too, and sadly, it will probably work. Both will, however, blame the victims. Thomas’s lawyer will find a way; one will be that she walked in front of the gun with the self defense defending of Thomas. Joran has always blamed Natalee, she drank too much, she used drugs, she danced on a table and fell. He has with his defense of killing Stephany too, Stephany slapped him, she grabbed his computer and was searching for information on him. In his evil mind, How dare her! I don’t think Thomas is evil, he is just a lowlife killer who didn’t have the guts to say, this marriage isn’t working, I want a divorce. He probably is a selfish individual who didn’t want to share his possessions. They were his and not hers to him. That, if true, (and I feel it is, otherwise why kill and not just leave) makes him more bordering being more narcissistic than a psychopath. Yes. I do feel a narcissistic person can have a conscience and feel guilt. I believe that being self-serving doesn’t necessarily always define the no-conscience theory that’s thrown out to the media in describing some killers.

As a matter of fact I see Joran’s personality more similar to some other killers, in particular Dennis Radar; Other than one small difference - Radar wasn’t a consummate liar like Joran - the two have no conscience; They are true psychopaths. Saying that, I will admit that I am of the belief all killers who premeditate their murders are psychopaths to a degree. Some more than others, like Dennis Radar and the Albert Fish of the world. Obvious premeditation and murder were used when Radar used a ruse to enter his victims’ homes and kill them. Just as obvious rape was tops in Joran’s mind when he was attracted to a woman, he is, to me, a serial rapist like Profiler Pat Brown alluded too and not a serial killer. There are no other bodies out there of his but there are more victims out there.

I do, (and with hopes readers won’t think I am rambling and being indecisive with the serial killer angle) believe that as Joran drank his coffee and ate, the anger at her and the fear of what he’d done, killing her and fearing being caught with her body left him. He admired his kill (otherwise he couldn’t have stayed in the same room with her body very long) and at that moment he decided no woman would survive denying him what he wanted, at that moment he became a future serial killer. If he had not been captured, more bodies would have been found. I do not feel Stephany’s death was what Joran intended to happen, nor do I think it was robbery; It was due to her fighting his advances. The money he took was an afterthought and probably to set robbery up as a motive for some unknown to have killed her.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Bomb and Near Demise of Jeanette Barouch


After a long five-year road battling for her freedom from an allegedly abusive husband, and finally gaining it about three years ago, life nearly ended on May 2, 2010 for Jeanette Barouch.

Jeanette had noticed a package from a Houston, TX address labeled ‘Salad Sweepstakes’ from ‘Salad R Us’ in a FedEx box on her porch before leaving for church. The box was placed on top a dollar bill. Since she often enters sweepstakes, she thought nothing of it and took the package inside her home. When she arrived home after church, she opened the package and discovered surrounded by shipping peanuts, was a homemade bomb; a 3-pound bag of powder, black/gray in color, 9mm projectiles, and wires running from the bag to a six-volt lantern battery was inside two salad bowls taped together. Wisely she took the package outside, alerted a neighbor and called the police.

When police arrived, she advised that she suspected her ex-husband, an expert marksman who reloaded his own bullets. Police, using a water cannon, disarmed it and sent its remains to an ATF office for analysis. They discovered the filament of an auto tail light was broken where he inserted it into the gun powder; the broken filament was the reason why the bomb did not explode when Jeanette opened it.

According to Jeanette and friends of hers, David Barouch was controlling and physically abusive to her and their son. Divorcing David was a long ordeal during which time she received threatening messages from David.

Colleyville police and ATF investigators spoke with David Barouch Sunday afternoon. Allegedly Barouch was nervous and sweating but never asked about his ex-wife’s well being.

Police traced the wooden bowls to a Hurst Bed, Bath and Beyond store. Sales records at the store showed only one customer had purchased two of the acacia round salad bowls, and a store video show a man matching David’s description making the purchase on April 14, 2010.

The police obtained a search warrant for David’s home located around 10 miles from Jeanette’s home. His neighbors told LE that David had lived in the home for about five years and seemed in a bad mood all the time.

During a search of his home, LE and ATF agents discovered packaging tape, and bullets similar to the ones used in the bomb; They also found a one-line will bequeathing everything he owned to his sons dated for May 2, a suitcase containing clothing and a note addressed to police that stated it was from a cruise he’d taken. They also discovered handwritten notes on improvised explosive devices. One note to his son stated he had a premonition that he was going to die. He would face death with courage. Allegedly, when they advised him that his fingerprints and DNA were found on the explosive device, (an untruth to attempt getting a confession) he said, “Oh great” and said he didn’t have anything to say about it.

David faces federal charges of manufacturing and possession of an explosive device, a charge that could send him to prison for up to ten years.  

 I have to wonder about the will dated the same day as Jeanette discovered the bomb, and his ‘premonition’ note to his son, if David intended harming himself before the police could arrest him. Or if he wrote that note in an attempt to make it appear he was under severe duress due to the financial setbacks from the divorce; I wonder if he intended to use it as a defense in event he was arrested.

I pray more charges than the federal bomb making and possession charge is lodged against David. He needs to spend the rest of his natural life in prison for attempting to do bodily harm to Jeanette by leaving the bomb at her home. Police believe the dollar bill left beneath the bomb was meant to send a message that it’d be the last dollar she’d ever get from him.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Micah Pate is dead, Thomas Pate headed to trial


Since first writing about Thomas Pate and the death of his wife, Micah, I have read articles from sites to keep abreast of what was happening in the case. (Of course, that’s strictly from the author’s point of view, since we should take no media article as the truth of the matter. However, many are informational assistance for the public.)  Last year I was angry that the state allowed Pate to bond out; I was more angry that they allowed him to leave the state and go reside with his father, work, and be otherwise a free man.

Now I am concerned for Micah’s justice. Back when Thomas first reported his wife missing (April 30, 2009) and LE questioned him, he only wanted to talk with his father. LE agreed to allow it and Thomas finally told the investigators, in dad’s presence, where Micah’s body was at. The discussion was, of course, taped; Thomas told his dad that he was out with Micah at Loosahatchie River and they were going to shoot her gun. She walked in front of the gun; the shooting was an accident. What an odd scenario to recall since she was shot in the back of the head. Thomas went on to say that he asked if she were okay but she didn’t answer; he threw the gun in the river and took off. Allegedly during his interview, dad asked Thomas about an affair he was having, his cocaine use and alcohol; dad wanted to know if Micah knew about them. All Thomas would say is, ‘I don’t know.’ Thomas also, allegedly, told dad and LE that he had gotten off cocaine and alcohol a few years earlier but admitted he had been drinking again lately.

Now, it seems, the defense has asked for the interview to be withheld from jurors because Thomas’s dad was acting as an agent of the police when he convinced him to tell what happened to Micah. They, the defense, are saying his dad was using psychological pressure to get Thomas to confess, therefore, Thomas made the statements involuntarily. I really am not understanding the mind-set of the defense with that one; it also seems when dad asked Thomas, ‘did you kill Micah?’ Thomas said no. After he confessed to his version of how her death went down, he kept repeating it was an accident. Hmm, seems parts of the confession would help Thomas at trial. So, what defense will they use to keep Thomas out of prison for the rest of his natural life? It was an accident but we aren’t going to tell you how the accident happened? Ignore all the state puts forth since it’s all circumstantial ignorance on the part of law enforcement?

The prosecutor said that they had given Thomas Pate the Miranda; she reminded the court that he, Pate, was the one who asked to speak with his dad. I stand with the state on this one. That it was an accidental shooting just can’t find its way into a believable scenario in my mind. Micah was shoeless and the bottoms of her socks were clean. Yet, he wants us to believe she stepped in front of the gun while he was pointing it at a target, with his finger on the trigger, and turned her back to him?

We will learn on June 11, 2010 if the judge will throw out the confession in Pate’s first-degree murder trial. While we wait for that ruling, although he is wearing a GPS ankle bracelet, Thomas is still free to work with his dad, go to football games and play in a basketball league. I wonder, as I wait, if Thomas is in touch with his girlfriend. Yes. He allegedly admitted having one during his interview.

Thomas Pate’s trial was reset for March 07, 2011.

my previous post on Pate:

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crowd Shots - instant terror creating mayhem

Part 2

Twenty-Two’s shooting of patrons’ and employee, Mia Gant, at Hastings Books wasn’t enough to satisfy his murderous mind. I think perhaps he has lost reality with himself, moved away from himself and into making fantasy real. So, Twenty-Two left Hastings and all the terror he created in the hearts and minds of those people and headed toward Toby’s Bar. He wanted more victims to remember him. At the bar was an employee, a young man, named Tim Donely. Tim was a 23-year-old vet of the war in Iraq. He served his country and served it well; now he was back home, working and making a future for himself. Tim was a door man at the bar; people had to pass him before entering; so Twenty-Two aimed his shotgun and gave himself another victim, another family to feel and live with the horrors of his mind. And he caused a good man to die.

Police were on their way; Twenty-Two fled the scene. I think he was a coward, couldn’t let the police find him standing with a shotgun in his hands. He jumped in his car and headed north. Luckily an alert officer saw the car, and it matched the description of the one driven by the suspect. The police pursued the car, followed it to a residential home. Twenty-Two exited his car and headed around the side of the home, officers followed but Twenty-Two had entered the house. Police surrounded the house, but as they did a gunshot rang out and a woman ran from it screaming her brother had gone into the bathroom and killed himself. Twenty-Two again took victims. His sister was the woman who ran from the home and her children were inside. I can’t imagine the horror and sadness she felt that fateful night. Twenty-Two was dead, he’d killed himself rather than face his victims, face himself.

After Twenty-Two killed himself and the mayhem settled, people keeping up with the event that night began questioning why he was free to commit such atrocities. Twenty-Two had a long criminal record. Back in 2008 he’d committed aggravated assault and given probation. In 2009, Twenty-Two’s violence escalated, they arrested him for attacking two people with a knife in October. In December of 2009, Twenty-Two again allegedly walked outside the law, accusations of attacking his girlfriend with a knife arose. But, his list of violence wasn’t over yet; he was accused of another crime; this time he allegedly threatened a man that connected him to the previous crimes. Twenty-Two had very large bonds set in all these charges. But bonds were later lowered to a more pliable amount so Twenty-Two could walk free outside the boundaries of a jail cell.

The whole thing with all the charges is conflicting since Twenty-Two’s girlfriend recanted her accusation of violence against her and the fourth charge was in doubt too; I think due to the theory that the accuser had also been one to threaten Twenty-Two in the past, with a gun. The reasons for those two charges aren’t really what matters in the whole scheme of things; it’s that those bonds and the ones where he was accused of stabbing two men were lowered and Twenty-Two was free to commit his night of horror against innocent people.

I feel no sympathy for Twenty-Two, don’t feel his health issue should’ve been reasons for lowering his bond. (He allegedly was having stomach and colon problems and could’ve been facing surgery) If he had health issues and needed medical treatments then the county could’ve transported him to the doctor. And he’d have still been a resident of the local jail and not free.

Oddly, or maybe not oddly, Twenty-Two has a GPS strapped to his ankle the night of April 20. He was also to not live in a home where weapons were located either. I feel the person(s) responsible for keeping an eye on Twenty-Two didn't do a very good job. He obviously had access to weapons when he wasn't supposed to have them in his home. Were there no follow-ups and checks on him? And who was responsible for the tracking device? I realize DAs and Judges have to follow the letter of the law, but I do question the apparent lack of follow-ups on Twenty-Two after they handed down the bond lowering judgments.

Still, the story does not end with Twenty-Two’s death or the controversy over bond lowering.

Since the night of horror he inflicted on others, his girlfriend, Pamela Sampley, has allegedly stepped into the void of her mind too; Sampley stated she intended finishing what Twenty-Two started. She was allegedly going to commit this atrocious crime in a large department store.

(Yes, I used her name. Check out her booking photo at the link below; she appears to be a woman with a question on her forehead asking - ‘what does face forward mean?’ An image of sunshine and brightness? Nope.) They charged the 33-year-old with a terrorist threat. She was in jail when she made her alleged comments; naturally, she is still in jail. I have to wonder though, will her bonds be lowered also? Did she know what Twenty-Two planned to do on April 20? She was in jail the night he went on his rampage and had been for about a week, but could they have discussed it prior to her being incarcerated?

No, I will not remember his name; I feel if I don’t think about his name, only the names of his victims, then his evil plans will all be for naught. He wasn’t a big man; he was a weakling; a follower and not a leader; one who had filed in March of this year to dissociate himself from his father by changing his name. Sadly, he had not decided to dissociate himself from his sister; if he had, then her home would not have become the scene of a bloody suicide.

During that night of death and mayhem many people became victims, the deceased vet Tim Donely, his family, those shot - Mia Gant, Leanna Duran, Jade Henderson, and Deondra Sauls, their families, those who witnessed the horror, Twenty-Two’s sister, her family, and Eileen Levy, her family. My condolences go out to each of them.


Friday, April 30, 2010

Crowd Shots - instant terror creating mayhem


Part One

Twenty-two is a killer. I will not use his name because I do not want this to be about his name in my files. I will use his age; I feel he does not deserve to have his name used by me or any other person.

April 20 is a date that many already recognize as a tragic one due to the Columbine shootings 11 years ago. And, too, it’s also Hitler’s birthday.

When I received an email with breaking news of a shooting in Wichita Falls, Texas, I immediately opened it and began reading. Of course the first email was the basic information of the possibility of several wounded in a shooting at local business. I opened a link with their local newspaper and waited for more information, praying as I did that no one had been killed. But, immediate response of the locals with comments was that a female at the bookstore was dead, and a couple posters making comments gave a name. Thankfully, those reports were false. Four women were shot but none at the store that night died because of Twenty-Two’s violence.

Eileen Levy was sitting at a table with a friend discussing God’s impact on their lives when she saw a man with a gun in the store. The man was Twenty-two and he was talking to a female near the door, he raised his gun and pointed it at the woman’s head. Gunfire sounded, people screamed and the woman went down; Eileen and her friend dove to the floor. Eileen injured her knee as she went down but thankfully didn’t sustain any bullet wounds; her friend, Leanna Duran, age 27, sustained gunshot wounds to her left arm and leg as the shooter walked around firing his weapon and spouting the words ‘white power.’ I am hopeful Leanna and Eileen’s belief in God and His love strengthened that night. Eileen is as much an innocent victim of the violence on April 20, 2010 as Leanna. We should remember Leanna Duran and Eileen Levy’s names.

Jade Henderson is a 33-year-old woman; she is from the Aerospace Medical Services at Shepard Air Force Base. Jade sustained bullet wounds to her head and hand. Jade’s choice of career shows she obviously cares for others and is a true American. Her name as an innocent victim of a violent shooter with an irrational idea that patriotism is ‘white power’ domination should be remembered.

Deondra Sauls is a 24-year-old also from Aerospace Medical Services at Shepard Air Force Base and sustained bullet wounds to her right leg. We should remember Deondra as an innocent victim of Twenty-Two’s night of terror. She, too, is obviously someone who cares about the well-being of others and didn’t deserve to become a victim of a lost soul’s violence. No one deserves to be a victim of another person’s fantasy as it becomes reality.

Mia Gant is an employee of the coffee shop and the only Hastings employee wounded that fateful night. Mia is also 22-years-old and sustained bullet wounds in her right hand and shoulder. Mia is the smile customers see as they’re served coffee and we should remember her as an innocent victim of a power trip executed in an act of terror.

The shootings happened quickly, they always do, but for all those who were there, dropping to the floor and trying to protect themselves, it likely felt a lifetime. Each person inside this store will remember this night. Each of the wounded, either from bullet wounds or while diving to safety, will have a road ahead of them with moments of terror still vivid in their minds.

Twenty-two does not need remembering; of course, they have written down his name on police reports and court records of this tragic event but, hopefully, in time people will forget him. Hopefully, we will only remember those who were shot, and the others who were at Hastings Store on April 20, 2010.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Love The Conqueror


When I was a child, I was told that love was powerful, a conqueror; it surpasses the darkness of hatred. Now I ask, if love is so incredibly powerful that it can conquer all, why do we have so many killers and predators of small children in our midst? How do they see love? Do they see themselves as an individual entity with singular knowledge of love that only they can possibly understand its evolution? How is it that so much domestic violence exists? Why is domestic violence so prevalent in the homes of the very people we entrust our safety? Again, I question love being superior; I wonder if it can conquer all the feelings of regret and pain that grasp our heart when we cast ice-laced words and physical pain at those we most value. Can it conquer all the buried needs of our heart as we go about our day, or those harrowing thoughts that render us with a deep sense of helplessness when a loved one is missing or murdered?

After a silent debate, I’ve decided that maybe it can; for love gives us that sensation of good, the warm touch of being needed when we just know a smile is just around the corner. Love can take us to heights of unimaginable reach and bring us back on the soft pillows of gentleness, and contain us through thorns of strife; of the fear with what the future may hold.

What we know as true love cannot heal the physical body, but it can heal the distance and anxieties that such an event possesses; therefore, love can conquer. Love can keep a light in our eyes while taking roots in the deepest recesses as a joy we aspire to prolong, enclosing it in greatness. It can wake us in the morning with a peaceful song of bliss and lull us into rest at day’s end, settling us in the comforting arms of the happiness that we so often crave, conquering our fears.

So, due to love’s infinite power, the family of murdered and battered victims can delve deeper in their inner self and find strength to sit in courtrooms throughout this country while hearing all the horrible evidence of what the accused did to their child, parent, or a sibling. Due to the power of love, families can listen to vilification of their loved ones in court and still move forward with their lives; they know the truth, the love for their loved one is great; it conquers lies. Due to love’s greatness and human resilience we can move on with our lives when dissidence, the non physical pain, moves into our personal relationships; for not all relationships are meant to survive the ‘until death us do part,’ of vows. Due to love’s powerful conquering the abused can find strength to reach out for the safe harbor of freedom from their abuser.

We will always have murderers, domestic abusers, sexual predators, pedophiles and hatred in our country because not all people are good; some allow angry bitterness and violence depict who they are. However, the infiniteness of love is a true conqueror as it builds a solid foundation inside the heart and minds of good people, vanquishing remorse, lies, rejections and hatred, giving us new insight and keeping us strong throughout all our tribulations.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time's Up - A Book of Distinction


Until Susan Murphy Milano educated us all on the meaning of the term ‘Domestic Abuse,’ and it's long term effect on women and children of the abused, anytime we heard of LE going to a home where a husband and wife were 'arguing,' one slapped the other stuff is the way we viewed it. Marital discord, family spat, heated argument - those were the terms we read and believed was truth in these situations. The incidents were nothing more than a shrug and head shake of ‘shame on them disgust,’ and quickly forgotten.

I read another blog piece on ‘Psychology Today,’ praising this book and the author, Robin Sax, mentioned OJ Simpson. That mention got me to thinking; I can’t remember spouse abuse of any kind being seriously discussed on talk shows before the OJ trial. Before the murder trial, when OJ Simpson beat on Nicole and she called the cops, they basically overlooked and did not really see abuse for what it really was, domestic violence; they saw him as the great football hero, Nicole as the argumentative wife with an attitude. Unfortunately, we saw domestic violence that way throughout the US long before they made Nicole’s abuse public; wives had an attitude and they were just ungrateful. The first question spouses were and, sadly, often still asked is 'What did You do to deserve it?' That question makes my blood pressure rise! In truth, wives do nothing to deserve it! Nobody deserves to be hit or beaten in any way. Now we see 'marital discord' that becomes physical for what it is - Abuse! And it's abuse that could, and too often does, escalate to murder.

Women (and men who are abused) need ‘Time’s Up’. They not only need to read it, to think about their own situations, but need to be proactive and protect themselves and their children from an abuser. I think of Micah Pate, killed in April of 2009, and wonder how often or if she was abused by her husband, Thomas, prior to her murder. He claims accidental shooting but, (and that is a huge but) his story doesn’t add up in my mind. I think Micah could have greatly benefitted from ‘Time’s Up’ and it’s roadmap of advice.

‘Time’s Up’ is the best gift a person can give a friend whom they believe is in an abusive relationship. Teens need this book; teens abusing their girlfriend or boyfriend are more prevalent than many realize. Verbal, emotional and physical abuse is escalating in teens.

To quote Robin Sax - To say that Susan Murphy Milano has hit the nail on the head (again) is a total understatement! How true! That is more than an understatement; Susan has hit the nail dead-center, choreographed a life-saving-roadmap for the abused. No word can adequately express or exemplify how important ‘Time’s Up’ is for victims of abuse.

'Time's Up' is more than a manual, a handbook, it’s more than just another book, it’s a ‘Lifesaver,’ a surefire roadmap chocked full of ways to document evidence and protect yourself; in protecting yourself, you are also protecting your children from a life with an abuser. Hopefully, we will eventually see a copy of ‘Time’s Up’ in every library, every police department, every school, every church and every shelter where those who need help can utilize it and protect themselves from an abuser.

(I hope I haven't infringed on copyrights by using the 'Time's Up' bookcover graphic. If so, I heartily apologize and will be happy to delete)