Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Justice System, It’s Time John Robert Kastner Goes to Trial


Please no more delays! The trial is set for Aug 16, 2010 and that date should stand.

John Robert Kastner has played the system for past 25 months. He was appointed a lawyer because he filed paupers’ status, fired that lawyer, got a local lawyer, John Byrd, to defend him, fired him when it was nearing time for trial, then hired himself as his lawyer in Jan 09, fired himself in April of 09. The public defenders’ office is now back on the case. Please Judge, do not let this man play the system again. The local lawyer, John Byrd, who I was advised volunteered to take the case, had mentioned Kastner would plea insanity. Is Byrd back on the case? I do not know. Who knows what will happen next.

Recently, Kastner learned what he told LE the night of the shootings will be heard by the jury. I definitely hope all his alleged fantasy lies about coming into wealth and sharing it with the school athletic department will be heard also. He allegedly had a propensity to tell a whooper for sure!

A little background:

All of the alleged fight and John and Lori being shot took place as young children slept in a nearby bedroom.

On June25, 2008 the police were called to a home due to a report of home invasion and shooting. Little did they know when they arrived they’d find former Oklahoma Supreme Court Attorney, Lori Moon Kastner dead in her bed from two gunshot wounds. One was later found to be a contact wound. Kastner allegedly told a detailed story of how an intruder, a dark-complexioned white or American Indian man, was standing at the foot of his bed holding a gun, his gun, when he woke. He, Kastner, struggled with the intruder and during that struggle he was shot in the hand.

An interesting tale, huh? - It gets better; Mr. Kastner allegedly told LE that the intruder shot his wife as she slept and when he heard Lori moaning shot her a second time. After the struggle, the intruder proceeded to run from the home, leaving a living witness and the gun behind. The intruder apparently stopped in the kitchen during his flight and grabbed a bag with monies in it along with the children and Lori’s passports. The passports were found neatly placed outside on the driveway of the home.

Then Kastner’s story changed.

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  1. Just FYI, your facts are a little off and misleading. This is how it went:

    1. Kastner is assigned a public defender

    2. Frustrated with the slowness of the process and the fact that the PD's office wasn't able to focus on him 100%, he let his ego get ahead of him and decides to defend himself with the PD's office as the support team(for research, investigation etc).

    3. Byrd seemingly came from nowhere and presented himself to Kastner and offered to defend him free of charge. Understanding that defending himself was probably not be best option, Kastner agreed. (who wouldn't? a private attorney for free?)

    4. Byrd proved to be incompetent and not able to properly prepare a defense. In some cases, he also acted directly against the wishes of his client - i.e. Kastner never wanted or agreed to an insanity plea. In order to plead insanity you have to admit to the crime and Kastner still maintains his innocence. Most likely Byrd was trying to get himself publicity.

    5. With the full support (and subtle encouragement) of the judge, Kastner fired Byrd and went back to the PD's office where the original PD had since left so new people had to be brought up to speed and new a new date set based on the existing court docket.

    To answer your question, Byrd is not involved at all and it is all be certain the trial will begin as scheduled.

  2. Subtle encouragement? I doubt that. No judge is going to be subtle. It is their duty as an officer of the court to tell him the Facts and advice he get an attorney to assist him but no they will not baby step him through it!

  3. The subtle encouragement reference was to his replacing Byrd, not in choosing to no longer represent himself. He was strongly encourage by many to not do that.

  4. Anonymous: I think your itemized comment is misleading. You accuse a lawyer of incompetence without giving legal facts proving the allegation. You also claim the judge in this case encouraged a defendant to fire the lawyer and get a new one. I'm not saying it does because I am not a lawyer, but it seems to me your comments of both the judge and lawyer's competence could leave you open for a libel/defamation case.

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