Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Alleged Lies and The Murder Of Lori Kastner

When Lori Moon married John Robert Kastner in 1985, it was the beginning of the end for her. Lori, former Oklahoma Supreme Court attorney, died as she slept from a gunshot wound to the head, allegedly by her husband on June 25, 2008. John Robert Kastner was a Webster High School teacher and they arrested and charged him with her murder. There began the dissemination of an alleged life of lies.

When police arrived on the scene, they discovered Robert Kastner with a gunshot wound to his hand, Lori Kastner dead in her bed, and a home invasion scenario inside and outside the home.
Kastner told police an intruder, a dark-complexioned white or American Indian man, was standing at the foot of his bed holding a gun - belonging to Kastner - in his hand and asking ‘where is Whitney’ - the name of Kastner's adopted daughter. Whitney wasn't home. Kastner said he struggled with the intruder and in that struggle grabbed the barrel of the gun; it was then he was shot in the hand. He told them the intruder had shot Lori in the head and when he heard her moaning, shot her again.

Kastner's story of the intruder began changing with each telling of how his wife was shot twice. As he continued to live in his fantasy lies, the police lived in reality and became suspicious. Kastner's friends became suspicious too. Kastner had allegedly told them, the school administration and his students many stories over the years. One was that a philanthropist was going to make a large grant to boost academic programs, then that he'd gotten a huge trust fund and was planning to create a foundation. However, those alleged lies were only the tips of the iceberg. Kastner had convinced his wife Lori they were factual; she'd resigned her job and made plans to oversee the ‘713 Foundation’ with her husband.

Did love's rose-colored glasses have a strong grip on a seemingly intelligent woman and that love cost her life?

Kastner filed a pauper’s affidavit and represented by a public defender Marny Hill but wants to have the lead role in his own trial. His trial date is set for August 17, 2009.


  1. I'm so tickled to see you're doing this. Very nice story!

  2. It is not a nice story; it is a tragedy. It is not for your entertainment.

  3. Anonymous, You are correct, this is not a nice story and is a tragedy.

    I do not believe juror thirteen meant Lori dying or Kastner's alleged lies and deceptions were a nice story- she was merely complimenting my writing.

    The alleged killer told tales of fantasy- but I am interested in watching this case unfold and the future trial. Not for entertainment but for Lori and justice.

  4. John Kastner was convicted today in Tulsa District Court. The jury was out less than 30 minutes. They recommended a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. The judge will formally sentence him on Monday, Sept. 27.

  5. Anonymous,

    Thank you. I greatly appreciate the upgrading of this story. I want to attempt and follow all the post I write of crimes committed through to the verdicts. Hopefully, I can do that. Altogether, I have made written 5 posting on this case. But, if you see one that hasn't been updated with trial news please feel free to comment on a verdict or plea deal sentencing.

    If you will check the more recent posting of 09/17/2010, you will find my thoughts on the trial and the verdict announcement in comments of this case.