Thursday, January 28, 2010

Justice Prevailed For Rebecca McEnvoy


I have said many prayers since first hearing of Rebecca McEnvoy a few years ago. On Wednesday, her voice spoke through the 12 jurors and they answered prayers of the many. Her abuser was found guilty and now she can rest in peace. Bob Ingle raped Rebecca when he was in a position of trust in her life. He was not only a police officer but her stepfather. Now he is a convicted pedophile.

Rebecca had great courage during her short life. She told her sister and a friend of her abuse and set into motion a long 3-year battle of court hearings and delays. Ingle’s attorney tried everything he legally could to delay the trial. After Rebecca’s death he said his client had a right to face his accuser and the family had a long wait before the courts made decisions. Sadly, Rebecca died due to a tragic car accident in 2008 as she was on the way to testify for the 3rd time for the grand jury. But her voice sounded loud and strong in an Alabama courtroom this week. The doctor she told about how Ingle abused her, her little friend, and her sister and parents all testified for her. They did not allow her previous testimony, the grand jury testimony she’d given on two separate occasions, at those hearings to come in but did allow her statements to the witnesses who testified. Thank you to her friend who sit in the witness chair and described what Rebecca had told her. She, too, is a brave child. She helped her friend find justice and possibly saved other innocent children from this vile pedophile’s sexual abusiveness.

The tears in Rebecca’s sister’s eyes; the quiver in her mom and dad’s voices all spoke immense volumes during an interview after they read the verdict. God Bless this family. May they now find inner peace.

Thank you, Becca, for your bravery. Because of you other children are safe from the pedophile, Bob Ingle’s, urges. Ingle is still walking a free man with a monitoring device until his sentencing on Feb 25, 2010. I admit I felt a growl building in my throat when I read of his walking free after the jury found him guilty of rape, sodomy and sexual abuse; I do, however, have hope he won’t be free after he stands in front of the judge on his sentencing date. The judge could sentence him to life in prison.

Justice is indeed shining victoriously in Alabama for Rebecca.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Texas Twilight Rapist

I recently read a media article and was truly shocked with what it said. Just before opening that article, I'd read of the brutal killing of an 88-year-old grandmother in her Decatur, AL home. I was infuriated, especially when reading that a family member is the person of interest.  I've read far too many articles of how elderly people are treated like trash; they’re raped, beaten and murdered, and usually by one of their family members. I don’t want to stop being horrified and angered; if I do, then I’m afraid I’ll start to shrug it off with an ‘oh well it happens’ and that would make me a cold, unfeeling human.

On Nov.23 2009 an 80-year-old woman was attacked in Houston between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. The victim was about to leave for physical therapy for a hip replacement she'd undergone a few months earlier when the attack happened. I was definitely angered when I read of the attack and how she was brutalized. He also stole her car and it was later found in a strip mall parking lot. On Dec. 21, 2009, also in Houston, a 64-year-old woman was attacked and raped. In these two cases, Police have a composite sketch of the suspect. During a media announcement Det. McMurtry said the suspect was needlessly cruel and sadistic. I happen to agree with that analysis. I believe the attacker to be evil.

During 2009 a rapist dubbed 'Twilight Rapist' raped elderly women in towns between Luling and Marquez, TX. The first rape, in Jan. 2009 happened to a 65-year-old in Yoakum. Law Enforcement has said they don’t have a positive sketch of the person committing the rapes; they only have a vague description. They do, however, have DNA and forensic evidence. Sadly, the DNA hasn’t come back with a match of any known criminals. These attacks were on elderly ladies between 65 and 91. Police also believe the rapist attempted to rob at least four other women. They’ve linked eight sexual assaults or attempted sexual assaults to this person. The last rape believed committed by the ‘Twilight Rapist’ was in Luling, TX in November 2009.

If a rapist is willing to drive nearly 200 miles to attack and rape between Luling and Marquez then to me it's feasible he'd make a 130-mile trip from Yoakum, TX to Houston, TX and rape. A difference is in the Houston rapes is the time of day the attacks happened. I do hope, however, the police in the rural towns of the 200 mile stretch contact Houston and compare forensic and DNA evidence.

The ‘Twilight Rapist’ apparently stalks his victims because he knows when they are home; he also cuts phone lines and unscrews light bulbs on porches. Can it be this person is a transport driver of some kind and through either deliveries to these residences or a nearby home he’s able to watch his victims, discover where they live, that they live alone and plan what day to attack them? He attacked one woman twice; after the first attack she moved and was again attacked at her new residence.

I feel these attacks are committed by a coward or cowards. Anytime an elderly person is beaten, raped and/or killed then they should jail the lowlife that perpetrates the crime for the rest of his or her natural life. They do not deserve to walk free, to work, laugh, or enjoy the pleasures of life law abiding people enjoy.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Some Moans of Cherish Lewis’s Court Experiences

I recently listened to a radio show and heard of a case out of Ohio about a jailed mother, Cherish Lewis. I admit the more I heard, the more angry I was with what I was hearing. Cherish is doing jail time because of what (I believe) she was doing to protect her child, Jaelyn Rice, from an alleged abusive father, Stephen Rice. She was accused of hiding her daughter and defying court orders to turn her over to the father. I scratched my head in confusion and with the strangeness of the Ohio justice system. As of today, I still feel angry. And too, I am still feeling a need to scratch my head; so if you have problems understanding this post I heartily apologize.

When these suspicions of abuse first came about, Cherish, as a smart mother should, took her child to a doctor. Her suspicions had begun when she saw too many bruises on her daughter after Jaelyn returned from a court ordered visit with Stephen, the child’s dad. A doctor checked Jaelyn. Cherish’s suspicions of physical abuse were deemed by the doctor, law enforcement and child services as credible and true, and suspicion became became allegations. What also was discovered during this time is that Jaelyn had been sexually abused, allegedly by her father.

I feel Cherish rallied her inner strength to do right by her daughter, because during a court proceeding she advised the court of the allegations. And too, she had a medical expert, child services evidence and law enforcement evidence to prove her case. What decision came from these allegations? Well, the trial court judge decided Mom Cherish was an overly protective mother and believed she had Munchhausen Syndrome by proxy. (Allegedly the lawyer of the child’s paternal grandmother sowed the seed of this idea) The court demanded Cherish seek psychiatric evaluation. This evaluation was to be at her own expense. As was all the court cost. And at a hearing, due to yet another question from the grandmother’s lawyer, it was mentioned that she could have Parental Alienation Syndrome. The judge didn’t question these suggestions; nor (from what I personally understand in the ruling of the appeals court) did he understand what they were, but sadly he allegedly took them as fact.

Although a few months later Cherish brought an expert before the judge and that expert stated that Cherish did not have Munchhausen Syndrome nor Parental Alienation, the trial court judge apparently did not believe the expert; he ruled against Cherish and her feelings about her daughter’s best interest.

In 2009 an Appeals Court upheld the expert’s testimony that Cherish didn’t have Munchhausen Syndrome or Parental Alienation. And, in their ruling, stated the trial court had abused its discretion. The Appeals Court also ruled that the child had not adjusted to her father’s home, preschool and community as the trial court had said.

However, Cherish is still in jail and has been in jail for the last seven months.

More background of the tribulations of this dedicated young mother. Jaelyn was born premature and spent her first six months of life in a hospital incubator. She also had to have physical therapy, speech therapy and developmental therapy at home after her discharge. Mom had genetic testing done to prove parentage of the child, and there began the years of her court hearings. Dad had left and joined the Marines.
(I will, in defense of Cherish due to critical comments of her asking for proof of parentage from the father that was made on forums, say that it’s my personal understanding when child services become involved and the state is helping support a child, they ‘highly recommend’ both parents be involved in support and rearing of a child)

Stephen decided when he was home on leave from Marines that he wanted to have his daughter over for a visit. Cherish didn’t approve of this since he had been away and had not bonded with Jaelyn since her birth. She didn’t feel he’d know how to properly care for his daughter. Jaelyn was then only a year old. Stephen’s mother decided to file for grandparents rights and the court granted them.   They discharged Stephen from the Marines a few months later, allegedly for failing a drug test and he made his home in California. (Stephen has moved to several different states and cities during this long five-year ordeal.) He also decided that Jaelyn, at the age of 3, no longer needed therapy sessions and told the court he had taken her to a pediatrician and that pediatrician agreed she was healthy. (I can’t find anything on anyone ever saying Jaelyn wasn’t healthy, just that she needed continuing physical, speech and developmental therapy) However, I have not found any legal papers online showing Stephen brought forth proof from the pediatrician nor have I discovered this pediatrician’s name. I did read in the Appeals Court findings that some of Jaelyn’s therapists testified that it was not in the best interest of Jaelyn for her to discontinue therapy. I also did not see where the trial court judge ruled Jaelyn should continue her therapy sessions after that time.

Cherish Lewis, to me, has done everything she can do to keep her child happy and has given her the proper care she needed. She has, to me, also shown what any loving and caring mother would show, and do, when suspicions of abuse were suspected then declared factual. She put her child above herself and tried to protect her.

Sadly, the appeals’ court sent the case back to trial court so the same judge is still the sitting judge. The same judge after the appeals court ruling of April of 09 sent Cherish to jail in July of 09. But I pray that after the more recent filing in Aug of 09 of a petition of disqualification of the trial court Judge Frederick Crow III, the Supreme Court of Ohio will declare him disqualified. Hopefully a different and a non bias judge will hear the case and make a fair assessment of facts before ruling; more importantly, rule only on those facts.

Until then, and sadly so, Cherish, it seems will stay in jail. I am of the feeling that Cherish needs to be freed. She needs a fair hearing and by a non bias judge. Hopefully with all the support she now has, that will come to fruition soon.