Thursday, January 28, 2010

Justice Prevailed For Rebecca McEnvoy


I have said many prayers since first hearing of Rebecca McEnvoy a few years ago. On Wednesday, her voice spoke through the 12 jurors and they answered prayers of the many. Her abuser was found guilty and now she can rest in peace. Bob Ingle raped Rebecca when he was in a position of trust in her life. He was not only a police officer but her stepfather. Now he is a convicted pedophile.

Rebecca had great courage during her short life. She told her sister and a friend of her abuse and set into motion a long 3-year battle of court hearings and delays. Ingle’s attorney tried everything he legally could to delay the trial. After Rebecca’s death he said his client had a right to face his accuser and the family had a long wait before the courts made decisions. Sadly, Rebecca died due to a tragic car accident in 2008 as she was on the way to testify for the 3rd time for the grand jury. But her voice sounded loud and strong in an Alabama courtroom this week. The doctor she told about how Ingle abused her, her little friend, and her sister and parents all testified for her. They did not allow her previous testimony, the grand jury testimony she’d given on two separate occasions, at those hearings to come in but did allow her statements to the witnesses who testified. Thank you to her friend who sit in the witness chair and described what Rebecca had told her. She, too, is a brave child. She helped her friend find justice and possibly saved other innocent children from this vile pedophile’s sexual abusiveness.

The tears in Rebecca’s sister’s eyes; the quiver in her mom and dad’s voices all spoke immense volumes during an interview after they read the verdict. God Bless this family. May they now find inner peace.

Thank you, Becca, for your bravery. Because of you other children are safe from the pedophile, Bob Ingle’s, urges. Ingle is still walking a free man with a monitoring device until his sentencing on Feb 25, 2010. I admit I felt a growl building in my throat when I read of his walking free after the jury found him guilty of rape, sodomy and sexual abuse; I do, however, have hope he won’t be free after he stands in front of the judge on his sentencing date. The judge could sentence him to life in prison.

Justice is indeed shining victoriously in Alabama for Rebecca.


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