Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grant Ruffin Hayes ‘a.k.a. Grant Haze’ and Amanda Perry Hayes and the Murder of Laura Jean Ackerson


Little is known evidentiary wise on what law enforcement has to prove their case against Grant Ruffin Hayes (also spelled Haze) and his wife Amanda Perry Hayes. But what we have learned is Grant emailed Laura Jean Ackerson on July 13 and told Laura to meet him for a visit with her children. The two had gone through a harsh custody battle for the two boys. On July 15 an allegedly frustrated Grant called his mother and advised Laura had not shown and the boys were in the car and hot. Another version of this story is Laura took the boys to Grant on July 13 for a visit. She was going out of town on a business trip. On July 18 Laura was reported missing by Chevon Mathes; Laura was a co-owner of Go Fish Graphic Design in Kingston, NC with Chevon. A couple days after Laura was reported missing her car was found in Raleigh, NC parked at an apartment complex about 400 yards from where Hayes and his wife lived.

As the investigation moved forward LE discovered Grant had made some interesting transactions. He had purchased several large ice chests and rented a small U-haul trailer. Then he and his wife and children made a trip to Richmond, TX to the home of Amanda’s sister. Raleigh police contacted the TX police for assistance with the investigation. Parts of a dismembered body, 60%, was discovered in Oyster Creek and was later identified as being the remains of Laura Jean Ackerson. Raleigh investigators traveled to Texas and assisted with the search. Apparently Grant had taken a small boat out onto the creek during the visit and had loaded the items from the trailer onto the boat. Access to the boat and creek was about 100 yards from the sister’s home. The U-Haul was returned to a dealer in TX. The sister is said to have stated Amanda was there when the boat was loaded. Whether this means she assisted with loading the boat and/or went out in the boat with Grant, I do not know. What makes me curious is how Amanda, the lady Grant announced was his soul mate could have helped with the murder and dismemberment then taken his and Laura's childre and traveled to Texas with him to dispose of Laura’s body. Wouldn’t she realize he wasn’t the sweet gentle man he claimed to be if he became so violent he murdered Laura then so coldly dismembered the mother of his children? Is she so cold and blinded by love she helped him?

Grant had said he named both his children after himself. The oldest is Grant but the youngest is named Gentle because Grant is a gentle man. This self image contradicts when Laura’s friends and family say about him; they say he was very controlling and violent, that his and Laura’s relationship was volatile. The two was in a very contentious custody battle for full custody of the children. Allegedly, police believe Laura was killed and dismembered at Hayes apartment on July 13 then placed in the coolers. Grant Hayes and his wife are under a no bond hold in NC.

What makes me even angrier is that Grant Hayes is using the legal system. District Judge Jacqueline Brewer appointed an attorney, Jim Freeman in 2011, but in September of 2011 decided he wanted a new attorney and was assigned Mike Klinkosum. Then in November of this year he again filed a motion stating he wanted a new attorney. Both these attorneys cited ethical issues in defending Grant Hayes; Judge Donald Stephens granted the motion but told Hayes it was his last time he could do so.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Her Name is Susan Murphy Milano and She Will Not Die


In case you are wondering if I’ve lost all my marbles, the answer is no. Susan has given her life to others, helping them, holding their hands and seeing they stay safe from abuse. If you need more information on her and why she will not die, I will enlighten you. Susan is a nationally known expert and advocate  for women who is being or have suffered domestic abuse. She is a published author of four books. All wrote without thoughts of herself and how they could help her. They were written with helping others in mind.

Defending Our Lives: Getting Away From Domestic Violence & Staying Safe

Moving Out, Moving On, centered on relationships going wrong.

Time’s Up: A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships

And her more recent book ‘Holding My Hand Through Hell’ which details her life and the abuse suffered at the hands of her cop father. Her father killed Susan’s mother and then committed suicide.

Holding My Hand Through Hell is another book that can help others as well.

Time’s Up: A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships is one of the most important books ever written for domestic and intimate partner abuse victims. Inside it, in chapter 4, is the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit. This affidavit can, has and does save lives. The EAA as it’s called, and thanks to apple, is also available on your apple phone as an app. When victims fill out the forms and make a short video they keep a copy with someone trustworthy. If anything should happen to them, the copy is sent to local LE. But, no one who has filled out the EAA and made the video has died. Another testament to Susan. Women on her watch do not die. The EAA gives prosecutors the evidence needed to charge and prosecute the offender. If that offender is indeed the spouse or intimate partner, it handles the question of arguments of hearsay evidence at trial.

Although her focus was on abused women, the EAA and indeed Susan’s books can help men who are being abused also.

Have you read enough praise of her yet? If not, here is more:

The Women's Bar Association of Illinois honored Susan with the Women with Vision award for Community Service. She was also awarded in Illinois with Public Citizen of the Year Award by the National Association of Social Workers Illinois Chapter. And she was honored by being inducted into Women's Hall of Fame in Chicago. Susan had lobbied for the Illinois Stalking Law and the Lautenberg Amendment - the amendment was for a domestic violence offender gun ban.

No although Susan is battling cancer, she will not die, ever. Despite the fact that her earthly body will die, she will not. Too many people love her and her vision. She will be remembered and her unfailing work throughout her life will go on. Many advocates exists. And after Susan discovered she had cancer she passed her baton to Pastor Neil Schori. Susan met Pastor Schori after Stacy Peterson disappeared and was presumed deceased. The EAA became reality in her mind after their conversation. And Susan doesn’t give herself credit for the EAA becoming reality; she gives it to Stacy Peterson.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

There Was Time To Save Karen's Life


Yes, there was time and a way to save Karen’s life.

Karen Denise Thomas was married to Terrence Thomas for 12 years before he choked her to death,  drove to a bridge then dumped her body in the Loosahatchie River. On Oct 12, 2012 Terrence falsely filed a missing person report on his wife saying she had left but had not said where she was going. On Monday the 15th her car was found in the parking lot of the Garden Ridge store. On Thursday the 18th her body was discovered floating face down in the Loosahatchie River. After her body was found and Terrence was questioned by police and admitted he’d strangled his wife and dumped her body.

Terrence is charged with first-degree murder and false offense reporting. And set to be arraigned Monday, Oct 22, 2012.

Her life could have been saved. Allegedly, over the 12 years of marriage upwards of 6 domestic violence reports were made. Sadly, no charges were ever made. So there was no prosecution. This is a case of what I call, domestic blinders, the ol’ rose-colored glasses syndrome. The victim likely thought it was all her fault, he was a good man, it won’t happen again, I upset him.

Had Karen read Susan Murphy Milano’s books, in particular ‘Time’s Up: A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships’ she may have saved her own life. She could have utilized Chapter 4 and gotten out safely. She’d have learned she wasn’t at fault- She was the one being abused because she’d have learned what an abuser is and how they abuse. And if her friends and family had read the books they’d have seen what was happening and recognized it for what it was. They’d have recognized Terrence for what he was, a potential killer.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Domestic Violence Incident of Joshua Franklin


Thursday, October 11, near 5 P.M. in Leon County, Florida on Wekewa Nene Road , Robert J. Simmons-Godwin and Latonya Askew were killed. The two had gone to one of Latonya’s friends, Tamisha Berger boyfriend’s home after she received a call and plea to come and pick up Tamisha. Tamisha had informed Latonya that her boyfriend, Joshua Franklin, had hit her. When Godwin and Askew arrived at Franklin’s home he met them with a gun in hand and began shooting. Franklin then left the home and in his rush to get away ran over Godwin’s body. Askew was shot twice.

I do not know if LE had previous calls from Tamisha concerning any violence toward her by Franklin but the Leon County, Florida law enforcement is treating this shooting as a domestic violence situation. Apparently Mr. Franklin does have a volatile personality, he has a history with police and was on probation for armed robbery and carrying a concealed firearm.

Joshua Franklin is now in jail with no bond and charged with murder and gun related accounts.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Drew Peterson: His Own Saboteur?


His own Saboteur? Yes I think so. Drew Peterson wanted it all, his very young sweetheart and the mother of his children dead. From all I have read and heard of Kathleen Savio’s death. I think he went about making exactly that happen. He announced what he wanted when asked how he was doing or how his day was. And he vocalized ‘I’d be better off dead’ then changed that status to ‘no, I’d be better off if Kathy (Kathleen) was dead.’ Drew went about his cake baking ‘go ahead, make my day’ plan when he attempted to hire a hit man. He stirred the cake mix when that plan fell through and he dressed in dark clothing - probably so he could hide in shadows and not be recognized if neighbors viewed him entering Savio’s home. Then Drew poured the mix in a baking pan when he came home to Stacy still wearing dark clothing and throwing more clothing in the washing machine. That clothing was female clothing that didn’t belong to Stacy. The cake baked as he coached her before she was interviewed by LE with him present. He stuck a toothpick in it to check for doneness when he corrected her during that interview and dumped it on a cake rack when he made her afraid for her own life as he told her he killed Kathleen. Drew wanted all his money to stay in his control and he wanted his children under his mind-bending control.

Yes. I do believe Drew Peterson killed his ex-wife, Kathleen Savio, he announced it and carried it out with precision. Although he hasn’t been tried in court with the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, I also believe he was responsible for her disappearing and alleged death. To me, it isn’t an alleged death, it is murder.

I just pray the jury seated in the trial sees behind the defendant’s lies with all testimony heard in court, in particular that of Pastor Neil Schori and finds him guilty as charged.

Drew Peterson is a talker and a braggart and he talked and bragged about his crime.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Death of Janet Christiansen Abaroa


On April 26,2005 police received a call from Raven Abaroa that his wife was injured. When they arrived at the home, they discovered Janet Abaroa dead on the bedroom floor with large amounts of blood on the floor, the wall and a side door of the home. She had been stabbed in the chest. Their 6-month-old son was uninjured. Her husband, Raven, told them he’d come home from a soccer game and found her. Police began investigating the murder, and retained a search warrant to seize numerous items from the home. Including knives, the clothing Raven was wearing, financial statements, a pawn shop ticket and a check book. The autopsy showed Janet was pregnant.

Within a week, Raven retained an attorney.

Police continued to investigate the murder but remained more quiet than open to the media about progress. A few months later Raven Abaroa was offered a plea deal on another matter, embezzlement from the company he and Janet worked. A charge had been lodged against him in Feb of 2005. In September of that same year, Raven accepted the plea deal and pled guilty. He was sentenced to two years probation plus had to pay back near 10 thousand dollars. The police also began searching through the Abaroas’ email accounts. In the meantime Raven was mum about his wife’s murder and a few weeks after Janet’s death Raven moved to Utah to raise his son. Over a year after Janet was killed, the police began looking into a new lead involving computers, one was missing from the home. Police believe Janet had known her killer since no evidence of a break in was discovered.

Two years later, Raven met a woman named Vanessa Pond. In 2008 he asked her to marry him. But on the day of her bridal shower Raven became violent with her. He threw her down and pushed her around. Vanessa did an internet search on him and discovered a video of him opening a knife in front of Janet while talking about how he liked to collect knives. Vanessa was disturbed by the video. Raven told her he didn’t collect knives or have a fascination with them. Vanessa continued with her plans to marry Raven. Her parents confronted Raven asking if he’d killed his wife but all he’d say was he loved his wife. He didn’t deny or directly admit it.

Vanessa said on their wedding night, Raven was drunk and talked about how mad he was after Janet died. She said he kept saying how mad he was. She said he then cuddled up close to her and said, 'I promise I'll never hurt you.' Vanessa stated she didn't know how to take that. During the marriage, Raven had mood swings, he’d curse and call her names telling her how he hated her and didn’t care if she died. One comment he allegedly said to her is very telling to me.

He said, ‘you know what, I want to hit you so bad, and I can't get in trouble for it any more.’ She said she was in the bathroom and he pushed her and wouldn’t let her out. Vanessa said when Raven left, he grabbed Kaiden (his and Janet’s son) and said, come on, we have to go. Mommy doesn’t want us anymore.

It would be 2010 before police in NC would arrest Raven Abaroa for the murder of his wife, Janet Christiansen Abaroa. Raven fought extradition from Idaho but that is a battle he couldn’t win. Raven was brought back to Durham and Judge Stephens set a 5 million-dollar bond on him.

The police decided they needed Janet’s body exhumed for further testing. Allegedly they wanted to take fingerprints, casts of her hands and to see marks made on her skeleton by the weapon and to check if she was wearing contact lenses.

Raven Abaroa refused to sign the consent but Janet’s family did give permission and a Chambersburg, Pa., Judge ordered her remains exhumed.

Raven Abaroa’s trial has been set for Oct 2012. He still maintains he was at a soccer game when his wife was attacked and murdered.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mode's Been on Hold but I Do Care


Spouses are still killing spouses. Boyfriends are still killing girlfriends and vice-versa. Children are still being abused and killed. Police officers are still being shot and killed. It’s a deplorable circle. So, I’ve been slack on my blog. My mode is on hold. A couple trials I’ve watched in the recent months and the verdicts or sentencing really gave me the humbug feelings so I haven’t wanted to write about any other case. Then along came the disappearance of Kelli Bordeaux and I really felt my posting on crimes mode go more downhill. Kelli, a PFC combat medic, is still missing with whereabouts unknown. Two people from the establishment she visited the night she disappeared have been arrested on unrelated charges but no one has been arrested in connection with her disappearance.

The short version:

Fort Bragg officials reported Kelli’s status on Monday, April 16, 2012, she had not shown for work. Family members did not know where she was and law enforcement was notified. LE received information during their investigation that Kelli could be in danger. The last known place Kelli was seen alive is Froggy Bottoms bar. While at the bar she was seen conversing with a man. No reason is known why she went to the bar. The only real truths anyone has are questions. Why did Kelli decide to go to the bar on Friday April 13? Where is Kelli? Is she safe? Did she willingly disappear for reasons of her own? Did Kelli drink the 4 shots and 4 beer paid for on her tab? She was seen leaving the bar after 1 AM on April 14. The man she was speaking with while at the bar, is known sex offender Nicholas Holbert. Holbert has since been arrested but not in relation to Kelli’s disappearance. Police and volunteers have since done numerous searches in that area , including checking a pond, but come up empty. Family members nor her husband have heard from her.

Just when I thought the mode to write and post more on domestic violence and other crime had returned. I am once again thrown for a backward loop. Little is known at this time but in Columbus, Ohio police receive a tip of a man plotting murder for hire. Surveillance was set up and apparently evidence surfaced because they arrested Angel Javier Benitez on conspiracy to commit murder. The alleged victim was his wife.

Of course another case catches my eye today too. One that sounds to have been personal since he only shot the man. Ramundo Zerate, Jr. and his family drove home from a Mother’s Day celebration at the Tomball area park in Magnolia, Texas. When the family arrived home, a man got out a car and shot Mr. Zerate once in the head and again in the abdomen. The man apparently followed them home.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Brandon Preciado and Domestic Abuse


Brandon Preciado is a young 29- year-old police officer for Long Beach. Sadly, he already has a long list of domestic violence charges lodged against him. Eighteen of them at this time. But I’m concerned he will not pay the way he should for his actions.

Although his wife, Yessenia, told the court of his abusiveness, she is reluctant to testify against him at trial. Yessenia told the court how he used his police department-issued flashlight to threaten her and about his wrapping a belt around her throat. She related how he threatened her with death. "Prepare to die," he allegedly told her. He’d bit her face. And on many occasions’ Brandon would hit her in the face. Yessenia has endured a bloody nose many times, hits with his baton, his fist and a broom and threats with a hammer.

Perciado is due in court March 18 for arraignment. He is on administrative leave from the police department. I am praying he actually goes to trial and Yessenia testifies to the horrors she has endured. Most likely, a good lawyer could get him off otherwise on a plea deal. Brandon has pled not guilty.

I hope Yessenia has heard of and read Susan Murphy Milano’s book ‘Time’s Up’ and takes action to protect herself should Brandon be set free. ( And that is a scary thought) To me, he appears to be a bomb waiting to explode. Yessenia could be in range of the flashback if she doesn’t utilize the help Susan’s book can provide her.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Donald Greenslit and The Death of Stacie DeSantis-Dorego


From what I can gather the fire department and police were called to a home in Johnston, Rhode Island. Smoke was billowing from a chimney and neighbors were concerned. When the firefighters arrived, they found Donald Greenslit standing in the driveway screaming profanities, saying he didn’t need them, he was just burning wood in his fireplace. Firefighters put out his fire but what they found wasn’t just wood burning. They discovered the remains of a dismembered female wrapped in cloth and burnt. The deceased was found to be 39-year-old Stacie DeSantis-Dorego mother of Greenslit’s two small children Jake, 5; Lily, 3 and another daughter Mackenzie, age 14. The children were at home when Greenslit allegedly killed and dismembered then attempted to destroy her body but thankfully didn’t witness the events that led to her death. The police also discovered Donald wasn’t supposed to be at the home. He’d committed a couple DV incidents against Stacie and a no contact order had been issued on him. Now Donald is charged with her murder, violating the no contact order and child abuse. Child abuse because he endangered the children with smoke inhalation when he attempted to destroy Stacie’s body by burning it in the fireplace.

Donald Greenslit confessed to killing Stacie but he says it was self-defense because she attacked him. I hope he never sees sunshine without stripes hindering his view from behind bars. This is a case I will keep an eye on so my readers and, me too, will know when it goes to trial. Stacie was a wonderful young lady who was an aspiring writer and loved her children. She deserves justice. Stacie said her children were her soul. I wish I had gotten to know her better. My deepest and most sincere condolences go out to her children, family and friends.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Police Oficer deaths

I’d started 2011 with a piece on police officer deaths. Sadly the year was horrific for LE. More officers were killed in 2011 than 2010. I pray 2012 is a better year for all officers. But too, I pray less, lots less officer related intimate partner crime is committed during this year. Both these, the murders of officers and DV crimes are horrible for LE everywhere. Sadly on New Year Day this year I read of a park Ranger killing in Mt Rainier National Park. Her husband and children get to spend their year with a huge hole in their heart without her to fill it.