Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Police Officer Related DV Death of Leslie Morin


Sometimes police officers break the law. On Monday, December 12, 2011 Jose Gonzales III, an officer with the Alice, Texas police department broke the law in a big way. He committed the ultimate sin. Murder. Jose was dressed for work when he drove to the home in Annaville where his ex girlfriend and common law spouse Leslie Morin was staying with her son and mother. Leslie and her mom hid in the closet when Jose arrived but he broke the door and entered the home, pulled her from the closet and shot her numerous times before taking their 8-year-old son and leaving. Leslie had left Jose, ending their relationship approximately two weeks earlier.

Gonzales fled to a home in Alice but LE was able to talk him into freeing the child and finally giving himself up to them. He exited the home with hands in the air to face his punishment. At least he gave up voluntarily and didn't start a gunfight with other officers. Or shoot himself.

Leslie's father, a pastor, has allegedly stated the family has forgiven Jose. I wonder if Leslie's mother is included in that statement. I don't know if I could. Her daughter was shot in front of her. Multiple times. That's rage. Allegedly no known domestic violence happened in the couple’s home prior to Leslie’s leaving. But surely something happened to cause her to fear for her life and leave. Subtle hints from him perhaps?

Jose Gonzales has been charged in the murder and given $250,000 bail. He, according to his lawyer, can't afford that bail. Good! The lawyer says Jose is still in shock and is emotional. Yeah, well, his son and Leslie's other child are likely still in shock and emotional also. Too late for regrets Mr. Gonzales!