Saturday, October 12, 2013

NASCAR Driver Travis Kvapil's Domestic Violence Charge


I am upset with Nascar and Travis Kvapil's team owner, Ron Devine and BK Racing. Travis was arrested for assault and false imprisonment Tuesday, Oct 8. Allegedly he grabbed his wife, Jennifer, by hair and pulled her into the bedroom and proceeded to hit her in head when she tried to get away.

This is Domestic Violence Awareness Month yet Nascar is avoiding the bigger picture. Apparently BK Racing is supporting Domestic Violence Awareness Month yet they and Nascar decided to allow Travis to continue racing. Although they, NASCAR,  did say they were going to monitor the case as it unfolds. Guess what, Travis’ next court date isn't until mid Nov and by then this year of racing will be over. What happens with next season? We will see. I admit over the years I’ve cheered Travis as his career evolved. But not again. I have been a huge fan of Nascar racing for many many years.

According to one media report, here's what Travis had to say . . .
"Obviously, I'm embarrassed about the situation," he said. "I don't like the negative effects it's brought on. So I apologize to NASCAR, my team, supporters of my team, my fans anyone else who was impacted by what happened Tuesday night."
Okay, he apologized to Nascar and his team but where was the apology to his wife and children. Yes, his children, whether they witnessed the assault or not are affected by it.  He's embarassed? Poor baby. What about his wife's feelings? He says he want to focus  on his family and racing. Perhaps he is more concerned, more focused for his racing career than his family.

According to the arrest report, Jennifer suffered no serious injuries. Obviously the person documenting the arrest report knows little about domestic violence so I disagree, she suffered and is still suffering. That is serious! I think Jennifer and Nascar talking heads should read 'Time's Up' by Susan Murphy Milano. They would learn about DV and how it effects the victims. Physical harm isn't the only outcome of DV. I have to appreciate that the Judge informed Travis he could not go back home. I hope he doesn’t ignore that order.