Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mode's Been on Hold but I Do Care


Spouses are still killing spouses. Boyfriends are still killing girlfriends and vice-versa. Children are still being abused and killed. Police officers are still being shot and killed. It’s a deplorable circle. So, I’ve been slack on my blog. My mode is on hold. A couple trials I’ve watched in the recent months and the verdicts or sentencing really gave me the humbug feelings so I haven’t wanted to write about any other case. Then along came the disappearance of Kelli Bordeaux and I really felt my posting on crimes mode go more downhill. Kelli, a PFC combat medic, is still missing with whereabouts unknown. Two people from the establishment she visited the night she disappeared have been arrested on unrelated charges but no one has been arrested in connection with her disappearance.

The short version:

Fort Bragg officials reported Kelli’s status on Monday, April 16, 2012, she had not shown for work. Family members did not know where she was and law enforcement was notified. LE received information during their investigation that Kelli could be in danger. The last known place Kelli was seen alive is Froggy Bottoms bar. While at the bar she was seen conversing with a man. No reason is known why she went to the bar. The only real truths anyone has are questions. Why did Kelli decide to go to the bar on Friday April 13? Where is Kelli? Is she safe? Did she willingly disappear for reasons of her own? Did Kelli drink the 4 shots and 4 beer paid for on her tab? She was seen leaving the bar after 1 AM on April 14. The man she was speaking with while at the bar, is known sex offender Nicholas Holbert. Holbert has since been arrested but not in relation to Kelli’s disappearance. Police and volunteers have since done numerous searches in that area , including checking a pond, but come up empty. Family members nor her husband have heard from her.

Just when I thought the mode to write and post more on domestic violence and other crime had returned. I am once again thrown for a backward loop. Little is known at this time but in Columbus, Ohio police receive a tip of a man plotting murder for hire. Surveillance was set up and apparently evidence surfaced because they arrested Angel Javier Benitez on conspiracy to commit murder. The alleged victim was his wife.

Of course another case catches my eye today too. One that sounds to have been personal since he only shot the man. Ramundo Zerate, Jr. and his family drove home from a Mother’s Day celebration at the Tomball area park in Magnolia, Texas. When the family arrived home, a man got out a car and shot Mr. Zerate once in the head and again in the abdomen. The man apparently followed them home.