Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Death of Melissa Dawn Huggins-Jones

Monday might May 13, 2013 Melissa text her friend back in TN around 11:30 PM and told her Mother’s Day had been hard because she didn’t have her 12-year-old son with her. The son had stayed back in TN to finish out the school year but her daughter, age 8, had come with her to N.C. when she moved to start a new life after her divorce. Melissa and her daughter had been in the apartment approximately 2 weeks. Their’s was the only occupied apartment in the newly developed subdivision. Melissa had worked at a bank in TN but I don’t know where she worked in Raleigh or if she was working. Sadly, Tuesday morning her daughter found her mother dead and walked over to the construction site and asked for help. The construction worker who went to the apartment said Melissa was in a bed, blood was everywhere and she was cold. CPR was of no use. Investigators are saying Melissa was murdered.