Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Drew Peterson: His Own Saboteur?


His own Saboteur? Yes I think so. Drew Peterson wanted it all, his very young sweetheart and the mother of his children dead. From all I have read and heard of Kathleen Savio’s death. I think he went about making exactly that happen. He announced what he wanted when asked how he was doing or how his day was. And he vocalized ‘I’d be better off dead’ then changed that status to ‘no, I’d be better off if Kathy (Kathleen) was dead.’ Drew went about his cake baking ‘go ahead, make my day’ plan when he attempted to hire a hit man. He stirred the cake mix when that plan fell through and he dressed in dark clothing - probably so he could hide in shadows and not be recognized if neighbors viewed him entering Savio’s home. Then Drew poured the mix in a baking pan when he came home to Stacy still wearing dark clothing and throwing more clothing in the washing machine. That clothing was female clothing that didn’t belong to Stacy. The cake baked as he coached her before she was interviewed by LE with him present. He stuck a toothpick in it to check for doneness when he corrected her during that interview and dumped it on a cake rack when he made her afraid for her own life as he told her he killed Kathleen. Drew wanted all his money to stay in his control and he wanted his children under his mind-bending control.

Yes. I do believe Drew Peterson killed his ex-wife, Kathleen Savio, he announced it and carried it out with precision. Although he hasn’t been tried in court with the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, I also believe he was responsible for her disappearing and alleged death. To me, it isn’t an alleged death, it is murder.

I just pray the jury seated in the trial sees behind the defendant’s lies with all testimony heard in court, in particular that of Pastor Neil Schori and finds him guilty as charged.

Drew Peterson is a talker and a braggart and he talked and bragged about his crime.