Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Domestic Violence Incident of Joshua Franklin


Thursday, October 11, near 5 P.M. in Leon County, Florida on Wekewa Nene Road , Robert J. Simmons-Godwin and Latonya Askew were killed. The two had gone to one of Latonya’s friends, Tamisha Berger boyfriend’s home after she received a call and plea to come and pick up Tamisha. Tamisha had informed Latonya that her boyfriend, Joshua Franklin, had hit her. When Godwin and Askew arrived at Franklin’s home he met them with a gun in hand and began shooting. Franklin then left the home and in his rush to get away ran over Godwin’s body. Askew was shot twice.

I do not know if LE had previous calls from Tamisha concerning any violence toward her by Franklin but the Leon County, Florida law enforcement is treating this shooting as a domestic violence situation. Apparently Mr. Franklin does have a volatile personality, he has a history with police and was on probation for armed robbery and carrying a concealed firearm.

Joshua Franklin is now in jail with no bond and charged with murder and gun related accounts.

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  1. Askew didn't die, she was only shot once. The trial began today.