Friday, April 10, 2009

And he was being watched by whom? Just what was Riley doing in the group home? Was it for so called 'therapy' so he would be a good boy when out in public?

But an upside, somewhat, of the story of child molesters:

Hooray! Good work Placard County, CA! Still, I wonder how many years of that 16 year sentence this slime will actually serve in prison? This isn't the first time he's sexually attacked children. Justice for the victim, via his own guilty plea, of the recent child rape improved over a previous one- they only gave him 6 years in 1984 -

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  1. A great contrast for making a point! One a violent sexual predator on the streets who was sentenced 30 years ago for assault of a child and since then numerous convictions for nonsexual violent crimes. I'd like to know why he was living in a group home if he is Violent! Why wasn't he under 24/7 guard!

    And another now in prison for a another short term for rape of an 8 year-old. 16 years isn't long enough. Not in my opinion! I will not be surprised if he is freed in six to eight years if not sooner!