Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Ploys of Tammie Woods’ Accused Murderer


In July I wrote a post about intimate partner murders. One of those mentioned deceased was Tammie Woods, allegedly shot and killed by her estranged husband Tony Randall Woods. Tammie was shot several times as she attempted to drive away, escape, from Tony after a visit to his home.

When I first read of her death, I felt great sadness because there is a guide published that could have helped her understand the proper procedures to take. That guide is ‘Time’s Up’- A Guide How to Escape Abusive and Stalking Relationships. Tammie’s life could have possibly been spared had she knew of and utilized this book. Tony is charged with capital murder in her death. But, since Tony’s arrest I’ve been concerned about any real justice for Tammie’s death. Tony and his lawyer, Melinda Austin, want him to be freed on a low bond so he can continue receiving proper treatment for an illness. Tony allegedly is suffering harrowing pain and is being treated for multiple myelomas, a form of cancer.

One jail nurse recently testified in the bond hearing that Tony had said that he only had 24 to 48 hours to live due to his cancer. These things are sympathy ploys. Thankfully a doctor testified that his immediate death wasn’t a truth and informed the court of the medications Tony was taking for his cancer.

To me, the defense has proved nothing so far except that Tony is not only an accused killer but an alleged liar also. One reason I think of him as a liar is that, according to an investigator’s statement, he told them that he was attempting to shoot over the car and not kill Tammie. I think perhaps he could’ve accomplished that feat if that was a truth; he’s apparently a very proficient hunter. Tammie’s brother told a media outlet that Tony hunted all winter and killed six deer. Sorry Tony, but what about the terrorizing emotional pain Tammie must have felt as she rushed to speed away from the bullets hitting her car. And what about the pain from the bullets invading her body. Allegedly you do lawn care for a living and mowed your lawn the day before Tammie was killed; where was your agonizing pain? During the hunting season you apparently shot and killed several deer; where was the pain as you trampled though the woods? Did you climb into a tree stand while you were experiencing excruciating pain?

Although Tony does have cancer, I don’t think it is something that should give him freedom until his trial. I have no sympathy for Tony; he should have considered his treatments for cancer before pulling the trigger numerous times. I do however have hope of justice for Tammie. I can’t imagine the terror she must have experienced during the last few minutes of her life. And I have hope her family will stay strong during all these pretrial hearings and the trial too - if it ever happens.

For a few days, during postponement of the hearing for evidence gathering and waiting to read of the Judge’s decision, I couldn’t help but think to myself ‘the defense will be victor and Tony will be free on a bond.’ Those thoughts were a point of frustration for me. Thankfully, due to the wisdom of Judge Carole Medley and arguments put forth by prosecutors, Tony will remain in jail and have his treatment for the cancer during his incarceration.

I still think Tony’s cancer will continue to be a point of argument with his defense. I look for future hearings on Tony Woods medical condition and continued pleas for the court to allow him to bail out on a low bond due to the cancer.


  1. Mr. Woods has been putting up a valiant fight during his jail stay for the murder of his spouse, Tammie. Back in March he wanted the capital murder indictment dismissed but lost that bid. His trial has been set for Oct 17, 2011. One year and 4 days after his indictment.

    Pretrial hearings are set for Oct 4 2011. I would love to watch this trial. Just as Mr. Woods wanted all the names of grand jurors who indicted him, I hope we can watch live. Mr. Woods was denied his wish but hopefully we will have the advantage of atleast one reporter giving live as it happens updates if laptops are allowed in courtroom.

    Mr. Woods was allowed a listing of the age and gender of grand jurors but no names; why he'd want that I have no idea but so be it. From what I have read on this case, state has a good case against him.

    I am wondering if the state intends taking the jurors to the scene of the crime. ( I do think that would help them see how she died and how terrified she must have been. Allegedly several shots fired at her car). I am curious because back in Jan 2011 Woods filed a motion to go to the scene of crime. He has filed many motions in the last year, like wanting to know what prior bad acts state is going to use against him. He has many. Including one Tammie filed against him. She asked for protection from abuse from him back in 2008.

  2. Tony Woods jury trial is still on for Oct 17, 2011.

  3. I was thrilled to read Tony Woods was found guilty of felony murder on Aug 24th. After several delays the trial went forward.