Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Death of Amanda Schafer


Scott Myers spent August 5, 2010 drinking and arguing with Amanda Schafer at the home of her dad in Oviedo, Florida. A friend who had spent time at the home between 11:00 A.M.and 4:00 P.M. allegedly told the police about the arguments.

Amanda’s father had called her around 4:50 P.M. and she advised him Scott had broken a door at the home. A few minutes later Mr. Schafer called Amanda again but Scott answered the phone and he told him that Amanda was in the bathroom cleaning up and couldn’t come to the phone. Mr. Schafer attempted calling his daughter several times after speaking with Scott but no one answered. Mr. Schafer went home. When arriving he found his daughter’s rental car missing and his stiff, unresponsive daughter on her bedroom floor lying in a pool of blood. He called 911and with a distraught and panic stricken voice asked for help, telling the operator that he believed Scott had killed his daughter.

Thanks to his mother, around 9:00 P.M. Scott turned himself in to police in Winter Springs and they transported him to the Oviedo police department. The police noticed Scott had a cut on the inside area of his right hand. Scott allegedly told them Amanda had committed suicide but later, after they told him she couldn’t stab herself numerous times; not in some areas where wounds were located, he allegedly admitted he’d stabbed her. Of course Scott also allegedly blamed the victim to, he is said to have stated that Amanda had assaulted him as he was washing dishes and he lost control and stabbed her with the knife then took her car and left.

They have Scott Allen Myers charged with Amanda’s murder and grand theft auto and he is in Oviedo, jailed without a bond. I look for a self defense plea and blame the victim when this case goes to trial.

According to some friends of Amanda’s the two having arguments was allegedly a common thing and they had encouraged her to get away from him. In one article I read,  a friend of Amanda’s, Andrew Frederick stated, ‘he had her locked in the head, to the point she couldn’t really do anything.’ Yes, unfortunately, it’s too late for Amanda to make use of ‘Time’s Up: A Guide How to Escape Abusive and Stalking Relationships now. However, it isn’t too late for other victims if this guide were available in police departments, libraries and churches everywhere!

Had 21-year-old Amanda Schafer known of this book perhaps her life could’ve been spared. That couldn’t really do anything feeling is a sad view many domestic violence victims have, but help can be found. This book by Susan Murphy Milano, a well-known advocate for victims of domestic violence, is the help needed. The answer to people’s question 'why didn’t she just leave?' - when they read of domestic violence murders, has an answer in the book. One answer is a common sense one for those who have been through abusive relationships, fear. But Susan Murphy Milano has given fear a new definition, - Facilitate Ending, Abusive, Relationships. This can be accomplished!


  1. Mr Myers was charged with homicide- willful murder while engaged in a felony and also grand theft auto back in August of this year. His charge was reclassified on Sept 7 to second degree murder and pled not guilty. That NG plea makes me snicker... but since Amanda died a violent death so it also frustrates me. I think he should be charged with 1st degree murder all the way!

    His next court date is set for Oct 27 2010.


  2. Earlier this month Scott Myers waived his right to a speedy trial so his trial date could be a long time coming. Sadly. He has, at least his lawyer, been in court with the case a couple times a month since he was arraigned. His next appearance is set for Feb 2 in reference to defense asking for a continuance.

  3. This is one of those where post disappeared or I simply forgot to add it on the blog. When I noticed the fianlity comment on the trial wasn't here, I went digging to ensure my memory on the case were factual.

    Scott Myers pled NOLO with both the murder and grand theft motor vehicle. Adjudicated guilty on both counts. Mr. Myers was sentenced for 5 years on the auto theft with time in jail credited to it. He was given 35 with the second degree murder of Amanda and 15 years probabtion when released. The sentences are to run concurrent. The judge also wants him to have a mental evaluation.

    This was a brutal murder and thankfully Scott Myers will spend many years in prison because of it. Justice for Amanda was seen too and any time that happens in a murder case it's good justice.

  4. I remember when Scott Myers first contacted me for a P/T job in landscaping. That was last year, July 12, 2010. About 2 weeks before the murder. I had just posted a help-wanted ad on craigslist the day before. He sent me a basic resume of the jobs he had worked previously.
    High school grad from Lake Howell. Surveying. Fast food.

    I called the cell phone number he emailed me, and I heard the lovely voice of a young woman, Amanda. Apparently he was using her cell phone, I spoke with him briefly and I was planning to hire him in the next week or two. It was a shock to hear that he just went beserk and killed the poor girl soon after that.

    It was also quite eerie to hear the pretty voice of that deceased girl on the answering machine. Very sad. I can't imagine how the parents of Amanda had to bear all the pain of this. For a parent to be at a funeral of his or her child, this would be the most difficult part of life.

    Don't see how this young kid can survive in a state prison for the next 35 years. Very sad story.

  5. I bet that gave you an eerie feeling Anonymous!He could have gone off on you if he had been working at your home.

  6. Anonymous, Thank you for the personal look at Scott Myers.

    I understand what you mean. How eerie it must be for you to know you heard Amanda's nice voice and then to learn she was so brutally murdered by the man you had spoken with!

    And too, I've heard of so many cons and killings after using Craigs List that I'd be scared to hire anyone through that site.

    I hope the years in prison is used wisely and when he is set free he'll be a responsible citizen. I really can't find a way to feel sorry for him. He was obviously capable of violence and used that violence on someone who was helping and stood beside him.

    I highly recommend the book I mentioned above. If you know or hear of anyone in violent or really bad marriages please tell them about it. That book can save lives IMO.

    Again, thank you for the comment. I greatly appreciate it.