Friday, May 15, 2009

Current Events In The News: Micah is dead - Her killer is free to leave state

Micah is dead - Her killer is free to leave state

Apparently, while one neighbor stated that her daughter said while Thomas Pate was talking with a LE officer he didn’t appear sad, others said he was visibly upset and crying when they saw him. I do not know Thomas Pate nor did I know Micah. I do know her death was senseless and unnecessary. Life throws many obstacles at us but stooping to killing is not the answer to our troubles. That is not to say the admitted shooter deliberately killed his wife, it is to say I have a right to question his version in my mind.

I have tried and tried to imagine a scenario where someone can accidentally shoot another person in the back of the head. I just can’t do it. I suppose someone is seeing how it could happen - And/or they don’t feel they could gain a conviction on a higher charge because they charged Thomas Pate with second-degree murder and not murder one. They are much wiser than me and without a doubt more experienced in crime investigations for sure.

I am upset that they let out Thomas Pate of jail (shall I say for free) on a 250 thousand-dollar bond. Which, of course, means he put up a small percentage of that money, walked out of jailhouse basically free to go and do as he pleased until his trial. Due to the infamous wisdom of our legal system they allowed Thomas to not only be a free man but allowed him to move out of state and to Atlanta so he could work.

I am picturing this - a man and woman standing at or near a river, one leaves as a living breathing person, the other lies on the cold damp ground with her soul above her staring down on her body. Had Thomas and Micah argued, did they struggle for control of the gun? Why did they have a gun with them? Why did he have it with him? Was her death preplanned and he is a good pretender, an Emmy award actor who pulled the wool over some seemingly intelligent law enforcement officers? Over a Judge? Was she standing with her back to him and he raised his gun to shoot a snake or some other creature over her and about to endanger her life and shot her instead? Or was he the snake?

I do not know the answers to these questions floating in my head. Thomas Pate could be the most wonderful man on earth. He could be a lousy jerk. He could be a liar. He could be - just be. However, I know he is an admitted shooter, a killer who killed a woman, his wife, a lady who chose nursing as her profession so she could help others.

I do know I like the lady’s daughter that said "He was just standing out there talking to the cops and he didn't look sad he didn't look anything so he just looked suspicious... So automatically you had an uneasy feeling... Yes." the night he reported her missing. I think that person is very intuitive.




  1. Accidental shootings happen much more often that one would think. My husband is a retired police officer who spent thirty three years in law enforcement. We personally know an officer who accidentally shot another office in the arm between training exercises, and another office who shot his own finger. It happens.
    As for Thomas Pate being allowed to "basically to go and do as he pleased," remember that we are extremely fortunate to live in a country where one is considered innocent until proven guilty.

  2. Anonymous, I agree wholeheartedly about innocent until proved guilty. I watch trials with that in mind. However, Thomas is not innocent. He admitted to killing Micah and he led LE to her body. So I am not talking about guilt or innocence here. I am talking about the 2nd degree charge, I am talking about him being allowed to leave the state. And more than those 2 eyeopening events, I am talking about Thomas's story of Accidentally shooting his wife in back of head.

    Do you have a scenario of how that could happen? And can you explain why he didn't run for help afterward? Of why he went home and concocted a 'she went jogging and didn't come home' story?

  3. Nowadays, we do experience a lot of crimes in our society and whether we like it or not, it may happen possibly with one of us also. And with regards with accidental gun shootings, it's kinda sad to know that these victims were just playing around and they didn't know that the gun was loaded and then boom! Another person was killed again.

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  4. Mr. Schaunt, if you read up on the facts surrounding this case, you'll see that it was highly improbable these two were 'playing around' with a gun.

    I refer you to the posting on May 7 of 2010 and all the comments beneath it from people who knew both Micah and Thomas. Some knew him since childhood.

    I do greatly appreciate your comment and agree sometimes accidental shootings happen. Years ago, my father was killed by gunshot and it was ruled as accidental. He was sitting across the room. The bullet struck him in the heart. When I envision the scenario surrounding the shooting, I can see how it was ruled accidental. But, in this case, I can't see the accident scenario in my mind.

  5. Anonymous of 01/10, You summed it up nicely. Especially since Thomas is walking free to work and enjoy life while Micah's family can never again hear her laughter or see her smile.