Friday, May 29, 2009

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The Death of Constance Shepherd - Part 2
I am a little concerned that LE is sending the Constance Shepherd death case to the grand jury so quickly after the discovery of her body. Her husband, Stephen Shepherd, is accused of her brutal murder. Stephen allegedly used a sword, slashed her throat and then fled from the crime scene. He was found in the Catskills the day after they discovered Connie’s body.

But my worry is that this case is barely a week old, and LE is confident they have enough good evidence to send it to grand jury and get a true bill. Was there no DNA evidence at the scene, no trace evidence, or fingerprints on the weapon? How can they get results from forensics so soon, within a week? Is Stephen mentally stable?

Stephen pleaded not-guilty to second-degree murder Thursday the 28th of May. I pray LE isn’t overly confident and doesn’t rush this case. Constance deserves justice and to get that justice, she must have a well-prepared, solid case built so her killer will get his fair trial.

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  1. I have been meaning to update this for some time now. I just keep forgetting when I'm on the site. Maybe because I was so angry after reading of his plea deal and reason for the murder. Shepherd changed his plea, and he will spend 21 years in prison.

    His excuse for murdering his wife- it was part of a suicide pact that he couldn't carry through. The coward killed his wife then run instead of keeping the so-called promise to her. Claims are that he loved his wife. Hmmm, if he loved her so much why wouldn't want to follow her into afterlife?