Friday, May 15, 2009

Current Events In The News

Chat Rebuff Murder
Who are those faceless individuals on the other end of our chat screens? Does the option to allow others to see our personal information mean we are setting our self up as a possible stalking victim? Does the innocent action of sharing a picture of us speak of really knowing the one whom we shared with? Is it a fact that chat is more for fabricating our self than talking to an alleged 'friends’ list' person we meet? Can we really ever know that person?

Maybe a recent incident in New York is a reason to look more closely at what information we share regarding our real self - our real life.

Dennis Raymond, a 35 -year-old man met Nimzay (NIM'-Zay) Aponte in an online chat and when she rebuffed him, he allegedly tracked her down to New York Bronx Park and stabbed her to death.

Hopefully we will hear more of this murder in the future. Perhaps we will learn Dennis is mentally unstable and hates women, especially those who rebuff him. Perhaps we will hear that he is completely sane just mad because she rebuffed him. Maybe we will hear he is just evil and simply wanted to know what it was like to watch someone die and chose Nimzay as his victim.
No matter the reason he murdered, it gives us reason to think about our safety online.


  1. I don't know about everyone else but I'm a little tired of asking "how did we, as a society, fail these criminals".
    We are failing our children by not protecting them from the failed social programs that are created to allow losers, like these, to prey on them. We will just fund another study to find out how they fell through the cracks of our socialist government projects.

  2. KarenO, I agree 100%!!! Not only do we need to have a great need to protect our children on the streets and in our homes but we need stronger internet security to protect them and adults. The lady in this article did nothing but tell a man she wasn't interested and he dug up her home address on the internet. Too much of our personal information is readily available on the internet for a few bucks.