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The Death of Diane Ward

Last September I wrote of the death of Diane Ward, the wife of millionaire James Robert ‘Bob’ Ward of Isleworth, Orlando Florida. Diane Ward died of a facial gunshot wound beneath the eye. All I could do is shake my head and pray for justice to prevail.

In the 911 call, of September 21, 2009, Bob Ward was said to have stated, ‘I shot my wife . . . she's dead .. She's on the floor of the master bedroom." When police arrived, they discovered Ward standing outside talking on his phone, he advised them Diane was in the master bedroom and the gun was on the bedside table. No other persons were at the home. They discovered broken glass and red stains on the patio and noticed red stains splattered on the back of Ward’s shirt. Upstairs near the north wall of the master bedroom, lying on her right side, was the dead body Diane Ward with a pool of blood around her head. The gun was found in a drawer of a bedside table.

Interestingly, (after they took him to the SO for an interview) when asked about the stains on back of his shirt, Bob asked if they were blood or wine. He also asked to speak to his attorney and that the number was in his cell phone. The lawyer Bob called was Liz Greene. (She’s not a criminal attorney but his bankruptcy attorney.) Bob also said he called his brother-in-law, Glenn Saare.

Since his arrest   Bob has laughed and showed off his jail uniform to his daughter and sister-in-law, made calls to his family to discuss family situations (monies) but never stated he missed his wife, shown he was grieving for her, or shown any remorse for what happened that fateful night. Mr. Ward is now out on $100,000. bond. (I don’t understand such a low bond. Perhaps it’s due to the second-degree murder charge and not first-degree. I think it should be first degree. ) During this past year Diane’s grown children, I personally believe, hasn’t shown any grief for the loss of their mother.  (Again my beliefs are due to what I’ve read and the jail house phone calls and taped visits. Listen to the ones listed below - discussions about monies and properties ) I’ve wondered many times, did they truly love her at all? Or do they love the money and material things’ Dad can give them more? Where have the tears for mom been? Where has Diane’s sister’s grief been? She has not publicly shown any sorrow for her sister’s death either that I have seen. Did she love her sister? Does she want justice for Diane? Surely she can’t believe her sister’s death was truly accidental during attempted suicide; Diane’s DNA was found on Bob’s pants and shoes. His DNA was prominent on the gun grip and trigger, not Diane’s DNA. The entry wound location was not where it’d be easy for her to shoot herself. (ME testimony video listed below) Her alcohol level was over the legal limit. These things, to me, speak volumes of Diane being forgotten in that family and of Bob being the aggressor in the shooting that caused her death.

Mr. Ward and his wife Diane with their two daughters lived in a mansion ( since sold at an auction) in the exclusive Isleworth area which was home to such noteworthy and media known people as Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. The home and Mr. Ward’s personal finances while his business, Land Resource LLC’s move to Florida from GA and went bankrupt, was a point of contention in an investigation and the federal-court suit of the now defunct company.  Glenn Saare has been fired from the board of directors of Cumberland Harbour, as have all the members hired by Bob, and a new board has taken over. The bond companies contend that Mr. Ward continued to pour monies into luxury cars, trust funds for his children, and paying off personal debts. Mr. Ward and his lawyer claimed the housing crunch and credit card freeze for the company’s failure.

The reason I mention the failure of an alleged booming business is that Diane Elizabeth Ward was allegedly soon due to give a deposition.

What I personally believe happened that fateful night is that Bob and Diane had a heated argument while on the patio. (Perhaps over the bankruptcy investigations?) Diane had too much to drink; (the ME report proves that as fact) she threw her drink at Bob while his back was turned (hence, the red stains on the ‘back’ of his shirt) and he became enraged. (Bob has an alleged history of violence against women) Bob followed Diane upstairs and a physical fight ensued. He took the gun, from her (after she grabbed it for protection) from the night stand or he retrieved it himself. (Which is what I believe, due to his alleged violent past against women) Diane couldn’t appropriately defend herself in her inebriated state but tried to fight him and he shot her?

Bob’s trial is set for Valentine’s Day of 2011. I think that date rather ironic. 


  1. I was tickled when document information was released, including forensic evidence showing 'only' Bob's DNA was found on the gun. I'd say that proves Diane wasn't attempting suicide when she died. And too, the gun (according to forensic reports) was held at least 18 inches from her head when the fatal shot was fired.

    I think the defense will have their hands full showing innocence in any way of her death.

  2. Bob Ward wanted to have his 911 call and statements he made to LE thrown out and today a hearing was held on the mattter. Three officers took the stand and related what had taken place at the residence and after Bob was taken to the station. They said the same things that has already been reported in media accounts.

    No decision was made by the judge today, and no date was set to give his ruling. I am hoping he keeps all of it in. Ward made a statement in the 911 that he'd killed his wife. That and the forensic evidence showing only his DNA on the gun is powerful evidence.

  3. Thankfully the Prosecution wants to tell jurors that Bob Ward has a history of domestic violence. Ward’s ex girlfriend lived through alleged bouts of his rage. But she still suffers the effects of his allegedly hitting her in the face with a bedpost. I am thrilled Dianne Callahan will likely be testifying against Bob. I personally am not convinced of the defense's suicidal woman strategy.

    Also allegedly, he had contacted Dianne a few months before Diane died and they met for lunch; he allegedly complained about his wife’s spending. What a shame his first wife, Janis, isn’t alive and well. They could call her as witness too; Janis’s testimony could also relate to his alleged propensity for violence against women. Again allegedly, she had filed abuse as her reason for wanting a divorce. But, sadly, she died in a car accident over 30 years ago, a couple years after the divorce.

  4. glad to find your page. I was curious as to what happened to Bob so I googled it. We knew Diane through horse shows. She was so sweet and always welcoming. I think of her and share all of your thoughts. What happened to grieving? So very sad.

  5. Anonymous, I am so glad you did find this blog page. I've been watching this case since Diane's death was reported. Of course, all I say is personal opinions from observations of what I read and see in videos but, I do feel Diane is the forgotten here. I think the trial will be enlightening to many.

    Thank you so much for telling us you knew Diane and that she was a good person. I so wanted to think she was, regardless of her husband's attributes or business dealings. And in my mind, that is how I saw her.

    I hope you share your thoughts with us again.

  6. I have read the desposition file and I'd say the good doctor (Jimmie L. Valentine) who is to testify about drugs Diane was prescribed ( citalopram and trazodone) and what was in her system could actually help the State's case against Bob. Especially considering his (Bob's) version of her death and how she allegedly killed herself. If he struggled with her to take the gun, then he could've easily done so if she was so highly inebriated due to alcohol and the drugs. According to the good doctor, she'd had slurred speech, a shuffled effect with her walk, and even having trouble standing. With all that, how could she even hold a gun must less get her finger on the trigger and pull it? As a matter of fact, how did she make it up stairs to the master bedroom unassisted? (pg. 12: lines 3-16 -- this is with the PDF file size set at 100%)

    I personally think if Diane had taken 12 of those 60 mg citalopram tablets the day she died (page 17: lines 7-10) and then added alcohol to the mixture, along with her weight and height, she'd have been near if not actually comatose ... Unable to think of getting a gun and shooting herself. Her thoughts would've been scattered if she was even able to process her thoughts at all. All that, plus the fact the gun was 18 inches away from her head when she was shot is a nail in the defendants coffin verdict wise for me.

    Later on in the disposition, (page 18: starting with line 5-) the good doc was asked if she'd have been suicidal - he walked around the bush with his answer that what they do know is a percentage of people taking anti-depressants do commit suicide. Also that 8-10% of depressed people of the total population who have taken anti-depressants will commit suicide. That is a small percentage of 'total' population.

    I personally feel the state is going to have a blast with this witness! I loved it when Robin Wilkinson (for state) asked if a person under influence of alcohol and anti-depressants can also be murdered. (page 19: lines 17-20) He had to say yes.

    You can read a copy of the desposition here:

  7. The good news is that Bob Ward's statements made to police the night Diane died will be used in court by the State. The disappointing news it that the trial will not start on Valentine's Day - It was postponed. I read of the postponement earlier today and was very disappointed. Justice for Diane will have to wait.

    The reasons for the trial not starting the 14th is due to both sides wanting more time to prepare. Is it due to the defense witness, Dr. Jimmie Valentine's depostion? Who knows. I personally think his deposition helps the state's case more than it hurts them. The good doctor made it like Diane was so falling down drunk that it makes me wonder how she could've remembered where a gun was, how she could've stood without falling down and more so how she made it from the patio to the master bedroom alone, without assistance. I feel due to the good Doctor Valentine's words that Diane couldn't fight anyone and couldn't have pulled the trigger. But, that is my surmisals and not those of a jury. The jurors decision will be from all they hear and see during trial and how they think.

    No new trial date has been set yet. I'm praying it won't be too long before a new date is announced.

  8. Just when I thought Mr. Ward had been granted all the privileges he could be granted, I get surprised. Defense had already gotten the ex-girlfriend's statements of abuse against her suppressed. Now, the judge handling the case has decided to grant Mr. Ward traveling time, allegedly Ward clims, to make money. Mr. Ward can now travel to Georgia, South Carolina and other part of Florida.

    I agree with Pros when he stated Mr. Ward in this day and age of technology does not need to travel to handle his business ventures. He can do it all through internet services available to him and phones. But, that is mute now since he has been approved to travel. He does have restrictions but, to me, they are light. He can't be away for more than a week, he has to pay a larger, an extra 400,000 dollars bond, produce an itinerary each time he leaves town, and he must wear the GPS tracker at all times.


  9. is carrying this trial on live stream. Including jury selection.


  10. Judge is talking to jurors about being fair. I really like her.

  11. Today was long and somewhat tedious. Quite a few potential jurors remembered something about the murder being on news. They either heard or saw the video of him with his daughter and SIL in the jail visitation or remembered when the story broke and how he said he shot her but later recanted and said she killed herself.

    Several were dismissed today. Tomorrow more jurors will be questioned.

    I really liked the Judge. She hasn't tried pushing the jurors to say they can reach a fair and just verdict. She is taking them at their word.

    Bob smiled a lot today. He was wearing his wedding ring too. For show maybe? Only he knows. He did seem to get a little frustrated a couple times with how much the potential juros knew and that they watch and read the news on the case.

    Ward also had his cell phone in court, this after the judge had asked that cells be turned off unless there was a reasonable reason to keep it on silent. One woman was allowed to do that due to a child in school. She didn't feel comfortable they couldn't reach her if need be. But the judge asked her not to answer every time she got a message. Use it only from a call from the school. So I don't think it looked good for Bob Ward to sit at the defense table and answer text messages.


  12. 40 more jurors are being brought in to be questioned. So far I don't think any potential juror has said they haven't seen, read or heard something on this trial.


  13. Today wasn't different than yesterday. More potential jurors told lawyers and the judge they read about, heard or watched the news when the case broke and saw or heard about the jail house vids. Juror selection will continue tomorrow in a different court room. The sound situation was better today and hopefully, tomorrow it will be better.

    I hope tomorrow is the last day of juror selection. The judge is being incredibly patient with the lawyers and she isn't pushing jurors to say they can set aside what they saw and heard in this case...

  14. Bob ward did act a little more defendant today. I didn't see him playing with his phone (although he may have) and he wasn't as fidgety. He did do as he did yesterday and smiled at the potential jurors, laughing with them when appropriate. I assume to attempt and have a good rapport with them. Can't blame the man for that, each one that speaks could potentially decide his future.

  15. Finally! After 3 days of mostly boring hours with no sound, bad sound and faded out vids so juror faces couldn't be seen by public we have a jury!!

    The ones chosen for 6 panel are numbers:

    consisting of 4 men and 2 women.

    Alternates are Numbers:


    I am so glad voir-dire is over and tomorrow morning we can hear OS! So much was asked these jurors, from religious questions to how they felt about someone of Ward's wealth status committing a crime. From what I saw of Mr. Ward he seemed for the most part to be focused on the questions and answers. What got me was during one recess a man came in to talk to Ward and they stood together. As they talked ( I felt it was a business or personal conversation) the man patted Ward on the shoulder a few times. An officer stood nearby watching intently but didn't appear concerned about the conversation at all.. I was! This is a court of law and a murder trial! Ward (or any defendant) shouldn't be able to walk around and do as he pleases..

  16. The Prosecutor lined out their case in a very powerful but short opening. She talked about Bob Ward's company had ended in bankruptcy and that this was motive for Diane's death. She talked about how Bob had called 911 and said, I just shot my wife then continued to repeat he'd shot her. Then later said it was an accident. She talked about Diane being on anti depressant meds and drinking and about the broken wine glass and red stain on the patio. She mentioned gunshot residue and how soot was on Diane's face. She talked about the cell phone and that it was brought to him when he was at the jail. She mentioned the lawsuit and bankruptcy also.

    Defense couldn't seem, to me, to stay on subject. He rambled a bit trying to get too much in his OS. He talked about how Bob struggled for the gun and that the shooting was an accident. He said, Bob went into a dimly lit bedroom and turned to find Diane very near him with a gun. They struggled and the gun went off. ( The way he worded it, I thought he was intimating Diane was planning on shooting Bob and not herself) Yet defense is claiming Diane was trying to kill herself and Bob was attempting to stop her.

    He also made mention several times, that Bob would not benefit from Diane's death because they'd put everything in both their names and creditors couldn't touch it due to her name not being on the business deals. Basically, I felt he admitted Bob had transfered monies into personal accounts of his wife, children and the horse ranch etc after he knew his business was going bankrupt. Bob had a million dollar life insurance policy on Diane also.

    The first witness was the 911 operator and we heard the 911 call where Bob said on 5 occasions he shot his wife. He sounded inebriated on the call to me. During the 911 call, Sarah was sitting in the court and cried. She was consoled by a lady. I think it was Diane's sister.

    We also heard from the 3 officers who arrived on scene, after hearing the call about a shooting in Isleworth. All 3 testified as to going to the residence, handcuffing Bob, that he smelled of alcohol and, securing the grounds then entering the residence. They said when they arrived, Bob was standing in the driveway and had objects in both hands. The used safety precautions and took cover with guns pointed at him. In one hand he had his cell phone and the other his glasses. He didn't respond to their demands but finally did as told and lay face down on the payment with hands out.

    The defense hinted that it was wrong of them to have handcuffed and put Bob in a unit with his hands behind his back. He also hinted at it again when discussing the wine stains on back of Bobs shirt and talking about gunshot residue. Guess he was saying that was how Bob's residue or blood was rubbed off. (*shrugs with confusion*) - he seemed perturbed because they actually may have considered Bob a bad guy! The officers talked about finding the broken glass and red stains on the patio and also discovering Diane's body. One officer talked about seeing a holster but no gun. Defense kept asking if they did gunshot residue test on the victim or Bob. ( Duh! they aren't crime scene investigators!) He also asked if they did alcohol test on Bob. (again, duh! I don't think so, they had report of a shooting, first concern is safety!)


  17. Thursday Sept 15 2011 testimony.

    The officer that transported Bob the the SO the night of the crime said Bob never mentioned Diane when talking to him as he was being transported. He talked about his 2 daughters and football. (No remorse there, to me. And no unhappiness that Diane was deceased.) And with his commenting she's dead, it's done to the 911 officer, I just feel the accidental or she was attempting to kill herself is less than truthful. Perhaps my thoughts on what went down is wrong, I do hope so, but from all I read and heard I'm not convinced it wasn't a deliberate shooting out of anger. And I find it a big hmm that Bob called his brother-in law and left it to him and Diane's sister to contact his daughters about their mom's death. They are who he should've been on the phone with immediately and not sending emails or calling others.

    Kelly Wood a CSI officer testified that she was requested to administer a gun shot residue test at the sheriff's office on Bob Ward. She said when entering the master bedroom you could see the victim's hand. Victim was she was close to the foot of bed on the right hand sidee. She said a gun holster and a laptop computer was on the night stand on right of bed. She didn't see a firearm. She said she took photographs of the room before opening the night stand drawer and photographed the firearm. She said underneath the hammer of the gun she saw a spent cyclinder and live rounds. She said another night stand on left hand side of bed and another laptop was seen on the bed. It was on and slightly opened.

    Ms Wood also took a bucal swab from Bob Ward and in Feb did a GSR test on a special agent as she did test firing of the weapon used in the Isleworth crime.

    The afternoon was spent setting the gun and pictures of the scene into evidence and officers who were at the scene.

  18. Thursday Sept 15 2011 testimony.

    Lynn Saare was on stand and appeared hostile after Judge granted a recess and state continued to ask him questions in a proffer. His whole testimony was evasive and convenient with I don't remember or I don't recall. I don't believe him when he said during a trip Bob didn't discuss his bankruptcy with him, just some financial difficulties. Pros asked to question him as adverse witness. Judge allowed it during the proffer. He said when Bob called him the night Diane died Bob told him Diane was dead, he was at the SO and asked he take care of his daughters. When Saare asked what happened, Bob said, 'I can't tell you right now.' Getting simple answers from Lynn Saare was like pulling teeth blind!

    Much of the evening included out of jury presence proffers and arguments when Lynn Saare was in witness box. Slow frustrating going.

    Mallory Ward testified Thursday also. She answered questions and didn't add to her answers. She said she talked to her mother the day she died and she didn't mention attempting suicide etc... she said they discussed facebook and Diane going to lunch with her dad. Questions I thought should be asked her when she was asked about college and how she paid her bills at college was- what her major
    was and if she is working now. ( If she was asked these things, I didn't hear it) She'd commented some person (name I can't remember) lived at her house in Atlanta (Mallory was given the family home there according to a jail house call) and handled the finances. I have to wonder, does daddy still pay her bills or those of her sister or are they making a living of their own. She said not that she knew about when asked about trust funds etc.. (which I don't believe) I noticed the straight face she tried hard to keep when asked about Diane Callahan. She stated the last time her dad saw her was likely before he and her mom married but Pros advised they'd had lunch and cocktails a few months prior to her mother's death. Mallory's eyes talked for her then and in answer to other questions. I also noticed she was fidgety with her hands, constantly scratching her eyebrows, nose and neck. Dry skin? I don't think so, nerves and silent thoughts more likely.

    I do have compassion for Diane's daughters and the loss of their mother but that doesn't stop me from wondering and going hmmm while watching the trial. Mallory does seem to have her father's ability to elude an image that says, this is a family matter and not for public gossip consumption.

  19. I love how the CSI who collected the evidence said that she didn't send the fingernails for testing because it didn't appear there was a struggle. She'd collected Bob's clothing and he had no scratches nor did his body show physical evidence of struggle.

    The day was filled with crime scene evidence being entered and shown to jurors. Once when a picture of Diane's deceased body, Bob hung his head. I got perturbed with the defense constantly attacking the CSI for how she collected evidence and what she did or didn't collect and send to state for testing. She did her job to me. Ploys ploys ploys. That is how I get the defense strategy at this time. I was greatly impressed with CSI and how she withstood the defense attacking her evidence collection in this case. Very professional lady! The forensic testing on the gun also came in today and again the anaylst was attacked by defense. Guess they are concerned because she made it clear, Bob's DNA was the major contributor to the DNA found on the gun trigger and grip. The defense fought hard to make it appear the test was flawed because the analyst had mixed the swabs from trigger and grip for her testing. (this isn't an uncommon thing for them to do to discover major contributor on weapons) I can't remember the names of the tech who collected and prepared evidence to be sent to crime lab or the analyst who did testing at the lab but as I said, they handled themselves very professionally and didn't let defense confuse them. Defense also attacked the inference that the stains on the bed sheets were the same as what was on the shirt Bob wore the night of the shooting. State says Bob, at some point was on the bed and that is why the stain came to be on the bed linens. The colors were the same color as what was on back of his shirt, a purple color, and it's believed to be wine.

    We also heard from an old friend who talked about how she and Diane went to school together and had grown apart but reconnected. They'd talked the day Diane was killed; she said Diane didn't sound drunk or that she was under influence of drugs. They talked about Diane's joining facebook and how Diane had said she wanted grandchildren.

    We also heard about the shoes and Bob's pants and the blood stains on them was Diane's blood. This defense is fighting hard for their client, as it should be, but so far nothing they've objected to or argument they've put up has convinced me their client is innocent. I can't see an accidental shooting here and as of yet, can't imagine an instance of attempt suicide.
    More evidence is yet to be heard but at this time I haven't fallen off the fence to say I can see reasonable doubt.

  20. The last two days of state's case focused on the crime. We heard about the gun and how far from Diane's face it had to be for the stippling pattern on her face to be as it was. That distance is up to 18 inches and no way she could have held the gun or shot herself straight in the face from that distance. Dr. G testified that she didn't believe it happened during a struggle over the gun. I agree with her. After hearing all the state's CIC. I do have theories on how the shooting occured. The defense is battling hard to show a loving couple. They want the jurors to believe she had so many pills in her system and so much alcohol that she didn't think about anything but suicide. They harped on the depression. Dr. G advised she used Diane's own reports to her doctor and she had said that she wasn't having any depression in her visit. Yes, the doctors did write that she was OCD and suffered from depression but the pills helped in my opinion. I think Dr. G stood well against the onslaught of defense attacks on her credible evaluation of this case.

    We also heard from Paula Saare and she also said Diane seemed fine when she last spoke with her, as did her daughter Sarah. I find it more and more interesting that people talk about how she was okay yet the defense is screaming depressed with suicidal thoughts. Those thoughts are a possible side effect of the meds Diane took.

    We also heard from the bankruptcy lawyers. Testimony about how Diane, Bob and their lawyers had contacted the lawyer for the people suing the Wards and advised Diane would not be going to the 9/24 meeting for the deposition. (Sarah had a horse competition and Diane wanted to attend) But the lawyer said they were the ones who had given him a list of dates that were convenient for them and he'd chosen the 24th from that list after speaking with his own clients. An oral agreement had been made he expected them to show for the deposition. (After Diane died it was mentioned in a phone call that Sarah should attend the competition because it's what her mother would've wanted- this only 4 days after her death and before memorial services were held for her- but jurors won't hear those tapes so they can't be used in verdict decision.)

    Even loving couples can have arguments and emotions run high during them but they don't shoot one or the other.

    Defense case will begin Wed morning.


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  22. After the defense motion that the judge denied, saying the state had presented enough evidence to move forward with the trial. She said there was enough to rebut the reasonable presumption of innocence. So the defense began a case yesterday with several experts being called.

    All their experts had great credentials and gave evidence favorable to the defense. However, when state questioned them, I think that good evidence was deflated. They had an expert testify Diane's DNA was on the gun but in cross admitted the major contributor was Bob. Which tells me he was in control of that gun and the trigger when the fatal shot was fired. And that shot was fired at 18 inches away from Diane's face.

    Defense claims on life insurance policies on Diane's life wasn't but 1.1 million dollars but the state allegedly has evidence that a 10 million dollars payable to the family trust, not Bob himself. During an out of jury presence hearing on this, Bob did another one of his outburst. The second since the trial began. The first evidence of his temper was while the jury was in court and Sarah was in the witness chair. The Pros had asked about her mother being shot in the face and he slammed his fist down on the defense table.

    If Mr. Ward testifies today, I look for the state to attempt bringing that anger front and center! They can, during rebuttal, attempt to show how the Wards family trust could benefit from the policies on Diane's life. We don't know yet if the state will give a rebuttal but I will be surprised if they don't do so.

    One of the defense experts said that the wound that killed Diane was consistent with a struggle but admitted that Bob could have shot her since the shot was from more than a foot away.

    We also heard lots of talk about the meds in Diane's system and how test weren't done on her stomach contents. And we heard complaints on the blood test. And how the blood should have been drawn from the femoral area, the farthermost from heart blood flow. The expert said he believed the levels were consistent with her injesting too many pills and not from high levels due to redistribution which is common with antidepressants after death. One admitted the medical records showed no signs of suicidal thoughts.

  23. Jurors return today for more deliberations in the 2nd degree murder charge of Mr. Ward. They could decide manslaughter the second degree or not guilty. Yesterday the asked to see the gun. Later they wanted the yard stick both state and defense used in their CIC and defense used in their CA but since it was never put into evidence they couldn't make use of it. The defense argued against it being sent back and Judge Davis agreed. Late last evening they asked for the testimony of a couple forensic witnesses. After those were read back, they deliberated for another hour and then rested for the evening around 10 PM. I am thrilled the 4 men and 2 women are giving serious consideration to all the evdience heard and not making quick decisions or giving up by calling hung jury. Hopefully though they can come to agreement with the evidence and reach a verdict today.


  24. It was a breath holding few minutes waiting for the judge to say bring in the jury, then waiting for her to review the verdict form before it was read. I was actually shocked when we heard guilty of 2nd degree murder. I'd felt they had thrown that one aside after asking for the yardstick and the request being denied. ( legally rightfully so) Then when they asked for forensic testimony late Friday, I was thinking maybe they had holdouts on manslaughter too. Although, I'd felt that would be the verdict. I was wrong and was quite pleased when they hearing they hadn't thrown out the 2nd degree charge. I feel for Diane's daughters but truly believe Bob shot Diane in a fit of anger. Murder is murder. And Diane deserved justice. Today she received that justice. RIP Diane.


  25. Diane can't rest in peace yet. With only the state fighting for her justice her killer was found guilty. (No more alleged killer! Ward can be called a killer now) However, he wants more fame. The defense filed a motion to have the verdict thrown out and Bob acquitted. They will even settle for a new trial or to have his conviction downgraded to manslaughter. The motion was suppose to be heard today but its been postponed until Nov. 7.


  26. Not only will Bob Ward learn the decision on his new trial bid today but he will also be sentenced.


  27. Bob Ward was sentenced to 30 years 25 madatory.


  28. correction: mandatory** TigressPen