Monday, April 19, 2010

Love The Conqueror


When I was a child, I was told that love was powerful, a conqueror; it surpasses the darkness of hatred. Now I ask, if love is so incredibly powerful that it can conquer all, why do we have so many killers and predators of small children in our midst? How do they see love? Do they see themselves as an individual entity with singular knowledge of love that only they can possibly understand its evolution? How is it that so much domestic violence exists? Why is domestic violence so prevalent in the homes of the very people we entrust our safety? Again, I question love being superior; I wonder if it can conquer all the feelings of regret and pain that grasp our heart when we cast ice-laced words and physical pain at those we most value. Can it conquer all the buried needs of our heart as we go about our day, or those harrowing thoughts that render us with a deep sense of helplessness when a loved one is missing or murdered?

After a silent debate, I’ve decided that maybe it can; for love gives us that sensation of good, the warm touch of being needed when we just know a smile is just around the corner. Love can take us to heights of unimaginable reach and bring us back on the soft pillows of gentleness, and contain us through thorns of strife; of the fear with what the future may hold.

What we know as true love cannot heal the physical body, but it can heal the distance and anxieties that such an event possesses; therefore, love can conquer. Love can keep a light in our eyes while taking roots in the deepest recesses as a joy we aspire to prolong, enclosing it in greatness. It can wake us in the morning with a peaceful song of bliss and lull us into rest at day’s end, settling us in the comforting arms of the happiness that we so often crave, conquering our fears.

So, due to love’s infinite power, the family of murdered and battered victims can delve deeper in their inner self and find strength to sit in courtrooms throughout this country while hearing all the horrible evidence of what the accused did to their child, parent, or a sibling. Due to the power of love, families can listen to vilification of their loved ones in court and still move forward with their lives; they know the truth, the love for their loved one is great; it conquers lies. Due to love’s greatness and human resilience we can move on with our lives when dissidence, the non physical pain, moves into our personal relationships; for not all relationships are meant to survive the ‘until death us do part,’ of vows. Due to love’s powerful conquering the abused can find strength to reach out for the safe harbor of freedom from their abuser.

We will always have murderers, domestic abusers, sexual predators, pedophiles and hatred in our country because not all people are good; some allow angry bitterness and violence depict who they are. However, the infiniteness of love is a true conqueror as it builds a solid foundation inside the heart and minds of good people, vanquishing remorse, lies, rejections and hatred, giving us new insight and keeping us strong throughout all our tribulations.


  1. I feel that love conquers and time is a healer for much of what we endure. The journey to healing is fraught with unpaved roads and steep climbs. When we fall love catches us.

    This is an excellent article.

  2. I agree, Gayle. I feel it's because of love that we allow time to heal us. When it's horrific, we never forget but that love inside us allows us to put it in its proper place so we can move forward with healing.

    Thank you for the comment. I greatly appreciate it.