Monday, April 12, 2010

Stray Bullets and Innocent Children

I signed in today with my emails and the headlines of the first that I opened was of a small child caught in crossfire of a shooting in Brooklyn, New York Sunday, April 11. She is 5-years-old and the bullet penetrated her leg. Her mother saw her baby go down and a fear deeper than anything imaginable gripped her, I’m sure. As the spray of bullets continued, one man saw the child and grabbed her up taking her inside with him.

I do not understand how any person can be so cold and vengeful to shoot into an area where small children are playing outside. The child’s mother said Mimi is now scared to go outside. That is a tragedy. I pray Mimi’s family will seek help for her to overcome her fear.

Two young men were also shot, and fortunately, they didn’t have life-threatening injuries either. Whether or not they were the intended victims, I don’t know. According to the author of the article - Witnesses saw a gunman get out of a silver Nissan before firing. Police believe another man returned fire before both fled the scene.

The number of shootings with little children in the line of fire has increased. Shooters are getting bolder, firing their weapons in daytime where many witnesses can see them. Stopping and exiting their vehicles to do their murdering deeds, walking into malls and shooting into large crowds and putting the lives of our children in danger is a deliberate and horrific act of violence. To rape, beat and murder a child is the act of cowardliness and those who perpetrates the act are uncaring individuals and should go to prison for the rest of their natural lives. I, for one, am sick of reading of stray bullets harming people, especially little children. When a person pulls the trigger of a gun, they are fully aware the bullet can harm and kill someone other than the individual they intended to shoot. The law should not allow child killers the privilege of ever knowing freedom.

I have conflicting feelings with the whole gun issue. I do believe people (law-abiding adults) have the right to own guns. But, how can LE win the battle against guns on the streets in the hands of young people when we read of rights to carry them in bars, malls, and churches are being renewed. This is not the 1800s! The more we make the guns readily available then the more for young people to have access to, and the more killings and shooting by stray bullets of innocent people we’ll read of on a daily basis. Young teens are not legally supposed to have a gun in their possession but that doesn’t mean they can’t get their hands on them. The more violence in the world, seemingly condoned since jail time is so few years, the more young people think the only way to solve problems is by an act of violence.

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  1. I haven't read in the news about the shooters being caught. I hope they have!