Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Don't Hate Casey


Yes. She, the most hated woman in America, is free. But is she? She is Free from the early morning wake up, eating at a certain time, showering only when told, living in a very small room with bars for doors. She isn't free in the sense of true freedom; she will never be. What she is, is hated throughout America and other countries by extreme numbers of people. She can't really 'Be Free'. Of course media would give a mint to have her as their talk show guest or be allowed that a private interview but I don't see that happening as it did with OJ. I don’t see it happening for a very long time.

I will not call Casey a murderer or a killer; she wasn't legally found to be one. But, I don’t call her innocent either. The verdict and the definition of innocent aren’t the same; it’s simply unproven.

I refuse to fall into that ‘I Hate Casey’ fan club. Do I apologize for it? No. I can sleep at night without thinking of unmentionable things I’d like happen to her. I do hate that Caylee died and will never grow to become a woman, to cry and laugh or feel love and hate herself. I hate that images of a skull and duct tape, a hair mass and a child's playhouse are forever imbedded in my mind.  But then, so is an image of 4-year-old, Sean Paddock, with blankets wrapped so tightly around him and duct taped (so they would stay put) he couldn’t breathe and suffocated. I don't hate Lynn Paddock either; hate simply isn't something I feel.

I do call Lynn Paddock a murderer. She was legally found to be one.

I certainly don’t wish Casey harm. I don't want innocents harmed by some crazy minded ‘I Hate Casey’ person who tries to kill her. (Just as the woman in OK was attacked because she resembled Casey and a dumb person thought she ‘was Casey’ then tried to harm her.) A form of hate such as that is defeatism and, to me, puts those people in the same category as the person they hate. I don't want to socialize with Casey or have her live in my neighborhood but I don't want her dead. I want her to live with herself.

And live with herself she eventually will.

The media attention will die. It'll die after a new hated person comes along and commits an unmentionable crime. That will happen because media attention will focus on the new hated person and she will fall into the recesses of memory. Of course as with OJ every book that is written will be major news for a while but as with OJ trial the attention with that, too, will only last a few days. (Image the hordes who would flock back over to the ‘I Hate Misty’ thread if Haleigh Cummings’ body was found.) Scratch that because Misty wouldn’t become a replacement because she was hated even as I hate Casey grew to insurmountable odds and she is still hated. Comparisons would be made to the two. Talk about no conscience, and yes, more of the pathological liar debates would ensue. 

No. I don't Hate Casey Anthony. I am one of the minority.

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  1. I got the most wonderful news email today! An update from Good news about the death of a child mentioned in this post. The murder of little Sean Paddock by Lynn Paddock. At that time the adoptive father wasn't charged due to lack of evidence.

    Sean's tiny face has stayed in my mind all these years. I've always felt Johnny Paddock had to know more about his wife's treatment of their adoptive children! From spanking with flexible pipe to wrapping in blankets and using duck tape to hold them tightly around their body. Precious Sean suffocated because not only could he not move beneath imprisonment of the blanket, he couldn't breath either.