Friday, July 29, 2011

The Alleged Attack by Steven Ford on Ladonia Burns


Steven Ford broke the glass door to gain entry after stomping a puppy to death and brutally attacked his girlfriend, Ladonia Burns. His brutality was, according to him, because she wouldn’t go get him more beer. He used knives to hold her hostage, beat her about her head and could’ve drowned her when he stuck her head in the toilet tank. Ford admitted to breaking in the door and ‘stepping’ on the puppy but had the nerve to blame his violence on alcohol!

There is no excuse Mr. Ford!

Mrs. Burns said beer wasn’t mentioned, he came home and began demanding she obey him. She said she went into the house. And that was when he stomped the puppy’s head, broke the glass door in front of her home, and attacked her. Mrs. Burns said he was also threatening to kill her and he may have done so if her parents hadn’t arrived.

Steven Ford is charged with assault and domestic violence. But, I sure hope they add animal abuse to those charges. He’s under a 50,000 dollar bond. I pray Ford doesn’t bond out, go whining back apologetically and her take him back. Sadly, that has happened in many cases after attacks of domestic violence even when it's as vicious as this alleged attack. Please someone purchase a copy of a book for her called: Time’s Up: A guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships by Susan Murphy Milano

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  1. Mr. Ford is getting off with a pat on the back the prosecution agreed to the terms. Ford got 6 months in jail with 5 years community control during his sentencing. According to the news article Ms. Burns disagreed with the plea deal. He also is under an order to stay away from Ladonia Burns.

    I, too, disagree with this sentencing. He stomped a puppy to death. And attacked Ladonia with threats of physcial violence.

    But that's okay apparently since he pled guilty to animal cruelty and domestic violence!
    And, ohh, by the way- Bless his little rage filled soul, he apologized!

    Yes. I am angry over what I call a failure of justice.