Monday, August 10, 2009

Current Events: The Trial of Kathryn Nadal

On March 13, 2007, a knock sounded on Edward Vega’s apartment door and when he opened it Kathryn Nadal, a neighbor, stated something was wrong with her son, Holden. Mr. Vega entered Mrs. Nadal’s apartment with her and found her 5-week-old son, Holden, lying in a large bed with blood surrounding his lower extremities. Kathryn stated her Dachshund, Shorty, had attacked the baby while she slept. Mr. Vega said he didn’t see any blood on the dog or dog prints anywhere. He also said he didn’t see a torn diaper. Mr. Vega called for an ambulance and grabbed a clean diaper and held it against the baby’s genitals until help came.

Animal Control took Shorty to a Veterinarian, Dr. David Rundell, for an examination. The Doctor stated he found no evidence of human blood on the Dachshund nor any human tissue in the dog’s mouth. Dr. Rundell also stated the wounds he viewed in the pictures of the child wasn’t due to an attack by an animal; the wounds weren’t ragged and appeared to have been caused by a sharp instrument. Shorty, allegedly falsely accused, has since been adopted.

The day after the attack on Holden, Kathryn tested positive for cocaine and methadone and allegedly had a history of prescription drug abuse. On May 15, 2009, they formally charged Kathryn Nadal with the mutilation of her son.
Today August 10, 2009, a jury will hear opening statements in the case against Kathryn Nadal. Her son, Holden, is with his father, Camden Gothia, and still on the road to recovery from his wounds.


  1. What a horrific thing to do by a mother to her own son. Surely, based on what has been reported, this should be an open/shut case. I hope this child recovers physically, mentally and emotionally. Mother should be toast.

  2. The more I read of the evidence unfolding in court the more ill I feel. I agree with your observation about open/shut case, Delilah. However, defense lawyers are expert at throwing little hints that this or that could explain away what the State present. I read the weapon wasn't found. But neither was the so-called torn and bloody diaper the baby allegedly was wearing.

    I am praying this jury is attentive and when they enter that jury room review all the evidence and come back with a verdict so Holden can have justice for the ravages committed on his tiny body.

  3. I knew Kathryn while she was pregnet (I attended the methadone clinc she went too) I could never imagine shed do something like that. But if she did then she deserves what happens to her.