Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Current Events: The Trial of Kathryn Nadal

Just a few updates I read in article about the evidence heard in the trial.


On Day 1and Day 2 of trial:

Camden Gothia testified his wife partied the night before her son was mutilated. She'd left on pretense of going shopping with a friend but went to a dope house. The jury also heard that Camden and Kathryn disagreed about circumcision. Camden was against it but Kathryn wanted it and had contacted a doctor to see how much it'd cost a few days prior to Holden's mutilation.

Camden said he and Kathryn have since parted ways.. they lived together and she was the one who wanted a dog. Mr. Gothia stated the dog would lie beside the baby but was never aggressive nor did he try to harm Holden.

Today, day 2, the jury heard from paramedics that attended to Holden at the home and it was said he was very pale and started to cry when examined. One said he couldn't determine the baby's sex. Also one paramedic said that the baby had a 6x6 inch injury on its upper thighs. And during the ambulance ride Kathryn only touched her baby once. He did say she asked if her baby was going to live during the ambulance drive.

At the hospital, Kathryn was asking how long the surgery would last and left the hospital to go have a beer with a friend. The Prosecutor, Oncken, stated that when Holden was in the ambulance a neighbor had to tell Kathryn she had to ride in the ambulance with the baby.

According to Allen Isbell, Nadal's attorney, the alleged sharp weapon was never found in the apartment. (But neither was the torn and bloody diaper Nadal claimed her baby was wearing).

Isbell said police examined the sink and the garbage disposal and found no DNA or blood evidence.

(Seems to me the blood evidence was all on the bed beneath Holden - I can't imagine why any would be anywhere else- perhaps he is saying Kathryn would've gotten boody. I've read nothing of whether she had blood on her when she reached out to her neighbor for assistance. But, I suppose I can see why the question needs answering. How did she mutilate her son and not get bloody? If she showered why isn't there blood in the drain or bathroom? ) Apparently to answer some questions an expert on dog behavior is to testify for defense.



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