Saturday, April 23, 2011

Michi Nogami-Marshall's Domestic Violence Arrest and Brandon Marshall


I'll be interested to see what the outcome is of Brandon and Michi Nogami-Marshall's newest domestic violence incident. Trouble has allegedly spewed between these two for several years, both have a part in it.

Brandon’s been arrested several times with domestic-related incidents over the past few years; most of those charges were either dismissed, reduced or dropped. Allegedly his football career suffered in 2008 with a one-game suspension. Also in 2008, he received is said to have suffered a serious injury after smashing a television in his home.

Again allegedly, back in 2009 they arrested both Brandon and Michi Nogami on charges of disorderly conduct, after having a lively 'argument' and kicking and punching each other on the sidewalk. Those charges were also dropped.

Sadly, they have apparently dropped charges with too many arguments and neither Brandon or Michi Nogami have learned from them. This time Michi Nogami allegedly stabbed Brandon with a knife. Brandon had said he was hit with a vase, but his wound spoke differently.

Michi Nogami Marshall is facing aggravated battery with deadly weapon charges. Hopefully, this time, the courts will answer with, ‘no, we will not drop or reduce charges, you will go to court and answer for your crime’.

This incident will likely not hurt Brandon's career in football, many DV incidents in famous people's families don't. What a shame someone with talent like his, he irrevocably stains it with so much violence. If the DV incidents are true, not only does his stain his career, he allows and continues to participate in violence at his home.

I think these two have some serious anger going. So, Perhaps these two should agree to part ways permanently with all the 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander' ceasing post-haste.

Michi Nogami is out on a bond at this time. Hopefully we won’t discover Brandon perpetrated violence against her that night too. But, would anyone really be surprised?


  1. Michi Nogami is claiming self defense. He was released today too.

  2. Far too many people do not take responsibility for their errors. I have heard MANY boast "I have no regrets" Really? That is a lie of no small proportion. It is also a way to cover things up, sweep them under a rug and pretend that the person who said they have no regrets is in COMPLETE control and that ALL their choices and judgements were exactly what they had planned. Not desiring to get too far from the topic on hand let me say that there is no shame in admitting that one is wrong. Maybe, just maybe, if one or both of these two people had admitted they were wrong AND take the next step to get help they would not have found themselves in a very, very sad and unfortunate predicament where one of them had been stabbed.

  3. Matthew,

    How truly right you are. I'd read an article about this attack and arrest but it had a line in it that struck me. I just can't remember which article it was. Googling her name and you come up with page after page of them. The article stated Brandon, in 2010 said she was helping him with his anger problems. And also stated he'd 'admitted' he had issues with anger. Seems to me, that didn't come to fruition since allegedly both she and him had arrest since they've been together.

    I wonder now if he will ever learn to stop and think before striking out in his personal life. If he did, he wouldn't strike out.