Friday, March 18, 2011

A Disturbing Case of Extreme Compassion



Back in January a young woman was at her home and in the shower. A masked man, Christopher Bayer, welding a knife pulled back the shower curtain, pulled her out the bathroom and put her on the bed, held her down and cut her face when she struggled. Bayer is 21 and the young woman apparently around 19/20. I surmise the age since she mentioned in her impact statement that she didn’t have previous relationship with Bayer but they did go to same high school. Bayer was 2 grades ahead of her. Bayer told the police she and he were face book friends. In her statement she wrote that her family and the defendant’s family were acquainted and his family was kind, caring and supportive people. She did not verify their FB friendship.

The whole impact statement is very disturbing. I have to wonder why so soon after the attack Bayer was before a Judge and sentenced. I am worried that the victim had pressure from both families to agree to allow him to pay such a small price for his crime. And do it so soon, get it over with. He was violent, obviously knew who she was, and masked himself; probably in hope she wouldn’t recognize him. The Judge at the request of the victim and family sentenced Bayer to 6 months in jail, gave her a restraining order and gave him 5 year probation. He cannot contact her before 2019. The defendant stated she wanted him to have a chance to rehabilitate. The Assistant DA said the family wants Bayer to get psychiatric treatment; according to what I read he may have to go through sex offender counseling if the jail counselors feel he needs it.

Her impact statement details classic victim PTSD, including panic attacks and I pray she can go back to college and continue her education after they release him. She couldn’t read the statement herself, after a couple sentences her mother had to take it and read the statement for her.

This is a PDF of her statement:  

Although I believe in compassion in some cases, this ‘extreme’ compassion disturbs me. I think they should have given him a much longer sentence in jail and still be on probation after release. Bayer apologized, said he was sorry for the 'victim’s family' and his family for his actions. But that doesn’t read like an apology to his victim. Just her family.


  1. Not I, not me, not ever could I be that compassionate to someone who attacked me as he did her. She is a total wreck.

  2. To me, this case was handled in the courts too quickly. Bayer was charged, and pled guilty in Feb. and the March sentencing date was set. The attack happened in Jan. so I don't feel the victim had enough time to weigh the situation before she agreed to the plea deal.

    According to Assistant District Attorney Caroline Morrison, the plea was extended because the victim wasn't hurt.

    What does the DA think being hurt consist of? The victim was cut with the knife Bayer used when he attacked her. She is living with the trauma daily and has trouble going about her normal life. Including showering! The emotional abuse was and still is horrific.

    I just pray this deal doesn't come back to haunt either family or any other woman.