Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Accused Edwin Coello’s Violence and Tina Adovasio’s Death


This is a classic case with domestic violence prominent in the accused previous and present marital history.

Hello! Warning signs!

Edwin Coello lost his police officer job in 2000 due to domestic violence allegations during his first marriage.

In 2006 Tina Adovasio contacted police about Edwin’s violence against her, they charged him, but he was allowed to plea and got a conditional discharge. In 2007 he attacked her and she was hospitalized. UGH!

According to an article written in  Tina’s mom said Coello had beat Tina a couple years ago so badly she had to get stitches and had two black eyes.

In one of the cases of Edwin Coello attacking Tina she was holding their then one-year-old child in her arms; he grabbed the phone from her and threw it against the wall a couple times. His rage wasn’t abated yet so he proceeded to knock the stereo and trophies to the floor. He admitted to this later and excused his actions, including the hole in the wall as ‘I was pissed off.’ Yep, now  isn't that just the greatest of  reasons to cause such damage, frighten a baby and cause extreme emotional harm to his wife!

In Feb of this year Tina filed for divorce and got an order of protection.

Edwin Coello contested the divorce.

On March 11 of this year Tina disappeared.

On Monday 14, 2011 police picked up Edwin but released him hours later after they asked to search his car. The cops had wanted to search his car.

On Tuesday the police were able to seize his car for search.

On Wed Feb 15 Tina’s body was found in woods in Westchester County.

Folks, if you are in a violent relationship, know anyone who is going through abuse of any kind including emotional abuse then please, advise them or see they get a copy of the book: ‘Time’s Up: A guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships by Susan Murphy Milano
Many books exists on abuse and many organizations can help abuse victims. Including the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Yes, I do recommend you contact an organization. But Susan’s book is a must get, must read book in my opinion.

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  1. Something should have been done about this man years ago. The system sucks!