Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A 'Monster' Rapist is in Detroit

I’ve been breathing a sigh of relief since the TX rapist of elderly women, dubbed ‘The Twilight Rapist’, was apprehended earlier this month. I thanked God and felt appreciation that his victims and others who lived in fear could now go about their life knowing he was in jail. Any person who violently abuses the elderly is the lowest of the human race to me and doesn’t deserve to walk freely with the good people of this country.

My happiness over the ‘Twilight Rapist’ capture was short lived after reading of yet another serial rapist. This predatory rapist is stalking the streets of Detroit’s east side, and he uses a gun to abduct, rob and rape his victims. Several young women, aged between 17 and 33 have become victims of this excuse for a human being. Earlier on LE wouldn’t give out the number of women this lowlife had terrorized and violated. But they reported in  that he’d robbed and raped seven women since January 1, 2011. These ladies, according to reports, abducted near bus stops were taken to a secluded area. Most of the victims were walking alone but one was in her vehicle when her car was bumped from behind. She exited her car to check for damage; it was then that he abducted and attacked her.

This rapist is terrorizing the women in Detroit’s east side and I pray the ‘Monster’, as the police chief appropriately called him, is caught soon. The police have distributed several sketches of him from descriptions his victims have given them. He is a black man believed to be in his 30s with a slim build and is about 5' 9" tall. The rapes occur between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.. Fortunately, everything that can be done to find him is being done. Volunteer citizens and activist groups are watching as their family, friends and other women go to or arrive at bus stops; so are the police.

I am appalled that such disgustingly violent people live among us but also well aware it's a fact they exist. These victims are trying to live an honest life the best they can, just as the TX victims were doing, but violence of a coward with a gun disrupted their life. I do not know what the minimum (or maximum) sentence is for rape in Michigan but if a weapon is used, I feel it should be, at the least, imprisonment for life. These women deserve no less. They need to know the justice system didn’t ignore or throw away the violence against them with a five or a ten-year sentence where the rapists can be paroled after 2 or 3 years to violate another woman. That, to me, would be re victimizing the victims.


  1. I am so thrilled the police are reporting the suspect in these rapes was arrested. Thank God! Hopefully, the women can breathe a sigh of relief and feel somewhat safer (although I'm sure they'll still look over their shoulders for a loong time) as they walk near the bus stops.

  2. The suspected rapist hasn't yet been idetified but a media conference is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 24 to update the case. He has violated his parole so LE can hold him longer than the normal 48 hours before charging him for the rapes. He won't be out walking the streets for sure!

    According to some of the victims have identified this suspect as the rapist. I hope the DNA and other evidence backs up that report. For sure the Monster doesn't need to walk free among citizens.


  3. Seems the family of accused rapist, Raynard Ceshawn Coleman, thinks he is a good man and not capable of raping women as he is suspected. However, Coleman has a record. He was out on parole. Surprised? No. I am not. Coleman is due in court for a preliminary hearing Feb. 4 but was arraigned today and is facing life sentences if found guilty on multiple charges. I think if convicted he will thrive in prison, apparently he has spent many years there in his life. One reason he was incarcerated is (according to Detroit news) for assault with intent to commit murder.

    He wore a black prison suit for his video conference court appearance today. I personally suspect that prison suit is as dark as his soul.

    But, remember he is a good non-violent boy and allegedly wouldn't kidnap anyone or rape 7 innocent women and attack an 8th..