Friday, October 14, 2011

The Topeka 8

The past few days I have been unable to put feelings in word with this horrific event. Even now, I feel I haven't expressed myself the way I want over this. I feel I could never really do so but thought I must try to at least say something on the matter - for the victims’ sake.

Due to all I have read and heard about the sham of a city council and the mayor I call these 8 persons ‘Enablers’. ( And it’s hard to call them persons) They need tee-shirts printed, declaring ‘I am one of the Topeka 8 - You Do Not Count. The 8 are facilitators of domestic violence and in essence have become abusers themselves. It’s not alleged but a fact -the vote the 8 cast this month takes away the victims’ right to assistance with the horrors they face. It’s said 30 abuse suspects were freed after the decriminalizing of domestic violence. And I am angry.  I hope the citizens of Shawnee County, Kansas are angry too. I have a right through the constitution to speak my opinion of these ‘things’ called Topeka mayor and council members and I am doing so. You, too, have a right to contact them and speak your anger about this demoralizing victims of domestic violence. The victims have been thrown to the wolves.

I laughed when I googled Topeka, Kansas and came across their city government pages.

Here is a list of what is on the page listed above:

Types of crime we can offer assistance with:

Domestic Violence
Identity Theft
Sexual Violence
Criminal Damage
Child Abuse
Hate Crimes
Workplace Violence

All the above can be struck through. Because You Do Not Matter. This list needs to be wiped off the web page because it’s a farce. None of the list is applicable now, not since the Topeka 8 legalized domestic violence in the name of allegedly saving money. Each one of the crimes listed are part of how abusers operate. Not all abusers, but far too many to not strike through the crimes listed. Women and children of Topeka Kansas and yes, even men are no longer protected.

I cringe when I think of a child in Topeka crying because mommy and daddy, or mom and her boyfriend are screaming at each other. I think, maybe the abuser hitting the child’s mommy- demoralizing her verbally as mom cringes in a corner. I think of an elderly person silently screaming inside, why are you doing this to me? I wonder if she is thinking, I am your mother while she is being screamed at, threatened or hit. Perhaps both the child or elderly citizen reaches for a phone then yanks their hand back as if being struck by lightning because it dawns on them- There’s No One to Help. No One Cares. I Do Not Count. You want the names of the Topeka 8 abusers who do not care about the children or elderly, nor the spouses, girlfriend/boyfriend who are abused? Warning! Be ready to be shocked, Women Are On The List. Go Here:

Keep this abuse by the mayor and members of the city council forefront in the news. Do Not Forget come election time.

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  1. Claudine Dombrowski rocks!
    One of the council members who voted to decriminalize domestic violence showed up and attempted to explain his vote. You have got to be kidding me!!
    Go here and read about his visit:

    Two of the city council members who voted against decriminalizing domestic violence showed up today at the Topeka, KS YWCA March Against Violence. Apparently the emails to the city council hasn't eased up. That's Great! You can read of Denise Everhart and Richard Harmon's assistance here: