Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bill Phillips and Fred Bailey's Domestic Abuse Assaults

These victims certainly need Time’s Up: A guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships by: Susan Murphy Milano

Bill Phillips was arrested for domestic assault Saturday, August 7, 2011. Seems Mr. Phillips didn’t want to leave the home after an argument and his wife asked him to because he proceeded to physically struggle with his brother. Mr. Phillips was summarily taken to jail and placed under a 10,000. dollar bond. The sad news is, allegedly Phillips’ son advised them he was scared his dad would get his guns and he feared for his own safety. Mr. Phillips had done so in the past apparently.

After his arrest, and free on bond Phillips went back to his wife’s home. This time he didn’t hang around to battle; he took her car without her permission. Again, LE was contacted and they came to the rescue. The police were still at the residence when Bill Phillips called his wife. Phillips allegedly seemed distraught (poor guy) and threatened to kill himself. The police put out a call to be on the lookout for him. He was spotted in Union Co., and police followed him to a bridge where he stopped the car, exited and proceeded to climb over the railing. An officer was able to get close enough and grab him before he jumped. Phillips was again charged, this time in Union Co., with Violation of Conditional Release then taken to the hospital for a possible mental evaluation. (Yep, mental evaluation - that works to solve the problem every time! Yes. I am being sarcastic.)

Mr. Phillips is an ex school board member. Sure glad to see he is an ex! I wouldn’t want such a man (I hesitantly use ‘man’ there) deciding anything connected to my children’s schooling.

Hopefully when he is released from the hospital his bond will be forfeited and his wife and son can breathe a sigh of safety relief. But I certainly will not hold my breath to see if that happens. Mr. Phillips allegedly has committed domestic abuse in the past: he also, allegedly had issues with drugs in both Knox and Union Counties. He admitted taking Ambien pills and Lexipro the day of the DV incidents.

Equally important is that it seems domestic assault in Knox Co. TN is nothing more than a misdemeanor!

I give you the alleged case of Fred Bailey's intimate partner assault as an example.

Fred Bailey and his girlfriend, Kelly Hoffman, began arguing in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Aug 9, 2011. Kelly attempted to leave the motel where they lived but Fred prevented her from doing so. At some point that day she was able to lock herself in a room but Fred’s anger allegedly hadn’t abated so he kicked the door in causing bodily injury to her and causing her to have seizures. Later that day, Kelly was able to escape and asked a neighbor for help. Police were called and Kelly was transported to the hospital. Mr. Bailey fled, allegedly taking a shotgun and 22 rifle with him behind the motel where he crawled under a camper.

LE called in K-9 but when the dog bit him, he threatened to shoot the dog. The standoff began and negotiators talked with him for around two hours before he gave up. Fred Bailey was taken for treatment for the dog bite then to jail and charged with domestic assault. He was placed on a 15,000. dollar conditional bond but didn’t bond out. (guess he was broke) Bailey goes for arraignment today but - What court division will he be taken too? Misdemeanor! What happened to the threatening an officer? ( A K-9 dog is a police officer too.) What happened to flight from arrest? Since when is domestic assault of any kind a misdemeanor?

A domestic assault that caused bodily injury is more than a misdemeanor to me! And I just bet many victims who have been physically harmed during an intimate partner violence attack would beg to differ with it being considered a misdemeanor too!

Please someone advise Bill Phillips’ spouse and Kelly Hoffman about Time’s Up. Susan Murphy Milano’s book is a roadmap for assistance with how to safely remove yourself (and your children) from toxic intimate partner relationships. It can help save lives!


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