Thursday, November 5, 2009

Current Events: Disturbing Recent Trials

I haven’t been in the writing mode for a long time so I’ve neglected my blog. I still feel sadly inept with writing a new piece due to that lack of mode. So much has been going through my mind that I want to write that my mind refuses to allow just one to settle so I can focus only on it. I think it's because the trials are so disturbingly heinous and emotionally hard to watch.

One is the Christian/Newsom murders and the horrific way they were carjacked, violated and killed by five people. Letalvis Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidison, George Thomas, Vanessa Coleman and Eric Boyd. Boyd is in prison for his part in the carjacking, Cobbins was found guilty of the charges against him and was sent to a medium security prison. Vanessa Coleman and George Thomas trials have yet to happen. Thomas’s trial is in jury selection.

The medium security was an anger point for me and one reason I couldn’t bring myself to write about the Davidson trial as it happened. Since they transferred him (Cobbins) to that prison a Senator has taken charge and they moved him to a maximum security prison. If you read my other blog piece on Cobbins you know that I had, when they read the sentencing decision, felt a tiny bit glad they sent him up for LWOP - and I felt guilt for that glad feeling. When I heard he was at a medium security prison, I felt even more guilt and became angry because they sent him somewhere he could have a ‘good life’ behind bars. Cobbins does not deserve a good life behind bars or anywhere else. He should be behind lock and key for 23 of the 24 hours in a day and only let out for that hour to walk around in a cage for exercise. In truth, he should have gotten the death penalty.

Channon and Chris can’t walk around anymore. They can’t know what it’s like to breathe in fresh air or exercise at their leisure so why should Cobbins or any of the others.

Lemaricus Davidson was found guilty of all 46 charges against him, with three of those lesser degree charges connected to Chris, and they gave him the death penalty. Thankfully he will be shut up in a maximum security prison waiting for his death. Another anger point is all the appeals’ Chris and Channon’s families will have to endure before they finally put him to death.
People complain about the monetary cost of putting someone to death. I think that cost would go down quite a bit if we did not allow prisoners more rights than the victims. Victims are demoralized when they are killed and again in the court system. People like Davdison allow their attorneys to try and brand them as foul sewage-slime, useless people. The foul sewage-slime and useless people are the killers, not the victims.

Another reason I can’t focus on one blog subject is the Michelle Kehoe trial. Dear God in Heaven, the impression I got was that she, according to what an expert defense witness said yesterday, seems to have every depressive mental issue in the medical books. And it’s all because of thyroid medication. Ah, so since she took a dosage too high for her or something, it’s okay that she planned how to blame slitting her children’s throats on a ‘bad man?’ All I know is that, when I see her face, her little son’s words play over and over in my head. He asked what his mom was doing and he said, ‘she was hurting my little brother.’ I am worried about the son that survived. I’m worried about what his family is telling him. Are they saying, mom was sick, she didn’t mean to hurt you? I am worried about how he will view abuse as he grows older. Will he think it’s okay to hurt others if he feels sad some days? Will he be able to function in the real world? I hope he grows to become a positive influence on those around him and moves past these horrific events.

I don’t know if a defendant considered mentally insane at the moment of committing a crime can be sent to a mental facility for life. But, I sure hope if the jury decides she is insane and she is sent to one that she can’t stay there a few years and take medications as she should, convince some doctor she is okay to function in society and then released back in the public. She tried so hard to be a perfect mom, or so it was said. Anybody knows there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Does it mean that, in her strange sense of reality, she thought by saying a bad man did it, her children, husband and the public at large would still consider her a perfect mom?

We shall see (or hear) what the jury decides, they should have the case today after closings and they hear jury charges.

Many things are bothering me, running around in my head and wanting written. And because of that, I rambled in this piece and I apologize to my readers for that rambling.

Since I posted this piece earlier today the jury reached a verdict. Michelle Kehoe was found guilty of first degree murder and guilty on all the other charges against her children. I approve of that verdict.

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